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  1. For those interested in joining us for Crowfall, please join discord and let us know in permissions request. As a release date gets closer we will be not only recruiting more actively, but also involving ourselves more within the game.
  2. Welcome to Crowfall! Flux is looking forward to playing alongside this wonderful group of people!
  3. I wish you guys would have had something going on inside the convention. Got conflicting schedules going on haha
  4. Hope everyone had a wonderful new year! Hyped for Crowfall
  5. Welcome to the Crowfall community!
  6. We are excited for persistent world testing! Always looking for more wonderful people to join!
  7. Haha I already have a lovely community and I'm pretty sure you already have a community manager!
  8. If anyone is interested in coming to hang out without a hard commitment, feel free to join our discord and say hi! Good company is always appreciated
  9. Thank you Reina! We look forward to playing with ya'll in Crowfall
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