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  1. Wait, there is support in the Vatican?!? If I take a tour of Europe, the holy gaming community of clergy will be on my last to visit!
  2. Tinnis just sent me two useful URLs. My apologies, stealth was a combat skill, but either way, there are plenty of useful skills that will be available beyond the normal class skills in order to further vary the playstyles of each character. The information he sent me is on his resource website for Crowfall, which by the way appears to be very useful for piecing together information​, you can find it by typing in sites.google.com/sites/crowfallresource/home Big shout out to Tinnis for making this.
  3. The cool thing about CF is that we get skills across all classes. In the general tab, it has been confirmed last year (I cant cite a resource, I cant remember where it was) that the exploration sub-section will have invincibility. Despite being a "specialist", I think we are going to have quite a lot of options. We make the best scouts/wayfarers in the game, we are THE siege class, we will most likely have a lore related merchant buff, we will have good interactions with items and mechanical stuff, and not to mention we are called duelists, we will be able to duel. All we need to worry abo
  4. EVERYONE, IT HAPPENED, JAMESGOBLIN MADE A COMMENT, look in the greybox flythrough video and scrolldown, you will find jamesgoblin with multiple comments. IS THIS THE END?!?!?!
  5. We brought up having a promo class specifically for tunneling earlier, but it kind of drowned away without much of a look, because we were looking at how the digging would happen, how it would be used, and why it would be used, not who would use it. I believe this is a good point to bring up however, because your comment on my alternate suggestion for how to combine tunneling and combat gave me an idea. I didn't mean for it to sound like a compromise, I meant for it to tie together the utility with the combat, i.e. a certain move tunnels in a specific way, but also does something in combat.
  6. NO, you have to earn that title, The Earlship of Guiness must be won in a grand tourney of duels.
  7. Of all the gods, only she knows the secret for breaching the wall that lies between this universe and others. Her followers revere her with the full knowledge of two certainties: that only she can give them hope of escaping the Hunger, and that she seems quite disinclined to do so.​ ​​Holy crap, do I worship the god of the fourth wall and only hope of surviving the hunger? Do I follow the goddess Gaea who gave my people our greatest asset, and thus our patron deity, or do I go for Malekai, the friend of crows? Too many decisions... How do I do this! Aghh, just went to Pantheon, Hero is a
  8. The duelist is mainly seen as a Reepicheep swordsman, or muskrat tunneler, but I think he can be a powerful defender, imagine building theses smooth boulders balanced on stubs atop a mountain where your castle is. Make some pitfall traps that are covered every once in a while along the slope, and other nifty tricks. When the enemies try running up the mountain to storm the castle, you break the stubs and they are either forced to jump into a pitfall trap or be squashed by a boulder. I'm looking forward to the trolling and trapping of these little guys.
  9. That brings up a really good point, we have been looking at only this skill, but not how the other skills interact with it. The burrow could be presented as a combo, right slash, left slash, etc. His kit could be set around digging, He could have a passive called claws or dig, letting him climb walls and ceiling of the tunnels he makes, adding more to the trapping. burrow might not even be a skill, it could be that all of his skills have the potential to do a special type of burrowing and you must use them all on CD. What do you think his kit would have to be to set him apart from a trapper
  10. Hello, My name is Guinego Nomtoya, you have killed my previous hamster vessel, prepare to die!
  11. Lol yeah, I meant that it should be an expansion because it shouldn't be something for them to focus on right now, I want CF to be awesome without waiting for add-ons
  12. Wait, In Zaleena's bio, it says she is unique among the gods because she is not of the All-Father bloodline, in Maeve's it says that Gaea is her halfsister. That means that gaea and Maeve are both daughters of the All-Father but Gaea has a different mother, I hope we are going to get a new lore drop on who their/her (if there is only one with a second parent) mother is.
  13. I think the big expansion with sea and Naga that we envisioned would be better than shortly after launch, there would be just way too much and no spacing if we got an expansion just after launch
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