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  1. holy poorly made socks. This is huge/ So much customization. So many options. I remember during the first days when people were disheartened by the limitations placed by archetypes. Hopefully this will make more people interested in the game. EDIT: New classes too! This is beyond awesome.
  2. All i am saying, is that we are pretty early in development, and anything is bound to change. Variety is a good thing, but i wont believe it till i see it.
  3. May i remind you that Centaur was another class that has shifted from a melee dps archetype to a heavy support archetype, so i dont think anything is set in stone yet. I also recall that the Centaur's icon didnt change, up until recently. Game's still in pre-alpha and i think we will start seeing more defined class concepts till the end of alpha phase. We also dont know how disciplines/promotion will impact the playstyle of the archetypes. Turning a class from a melee combatant to a fully range skirmisher seems like a stretch to me, but if they manage to do it, theorycrafting and build option
  4. Community, sieges and classes. I think in today's MMOs Community is word that gets thrown around a lot but with very little gravity. Back in the day, you had to get in contact with people if you wanted to get your arrows crafted, you had to get in contact with people to down a boss, you had to get in contact with people to siege a castle. I am not saying that old MMOs were the best, a lot of things were utterly broken and frustrating but community was actually a thing. I want a MMORPG that utilizes modern graphics and sophisticated mechanics, while bringing back that old-school Community fee
  5. Technically not new at crowfall, i actually have been a backer since day 1, but as of recently i started frequenting the forums. I am not the forum type of guy, but i feel like this is a game, i ve been longing for years, and i want it to be the best it can be! I am looking forward to testing the game (Beta Tester phase 1!) and to theorycraft around archetypes and promotion classes. edit: typos, English is not my main language.
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