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  1. holy poorly made socks. This is huge/ So much customization. So many options. I remember during the first days when people were disheartened by the limitations placed by archetypes. Hopefully this will make more people interested in the game. EDIT: New classes too! This is beyond awesome.
  2. thats true. It is defo not what i had in mind for the dwarf either. They also mentioned at some point during the stream, that some promotion archetypes will open up new roles for the archetype, so we might find something that suits us there.
  3. hey bois! They just revealed that the forgemaster will be a defensive "pet" class, spawning turrets and sentries. The developement of the forgemaster has been pushed back, because they wanted to have certain mmo aspects (e.g. terrain and wall destruction) in the game before throwing the archetype in, for testing. Quite interesting, if i may say, the whole thing reminded me of engineer back in WAR which was one of the most interesting classes of the game. Also Torbjorn
  4. This is, truly, the first "real" high risk, high reward archetype for crowfall. Its funny though, that Myrmidon is still listed as a mitigation tank, i think we need to change that xD
  5. That's an... interesting approach to a rampage mechanic. I like it.
  6. Its all speculation at this point, but i think they would want to tie the new archetype with the newest module, Siege Perilous, and have it be a very siege-oriented archetype. Since this is Alpha, it wouldnt surprise me if some of the class mechanics, switched place. Also when i saw the armor concept, i couldnt help but think of the Trolls in Minas Tirith siege, banging the door with huge hammers.
  7. Some of this art concept is one of the best i 've seen so far in this game. I didnt even plan to touch minotaur (very beastline races aint my thing) but all those images left me asking for more. I am guessing, that they are planning into testing enviroment destruction abilities with this archetype. I was kinda surprised when didnt see those sooner with the Champion archetype, cause the idea of a giant banging on a castle gate with a massive hammer, really fit the archetype theme. Lets hope we will get to see some intense siege action with ironclad Minotaurs spearheading the assault.
  8. I doubt Bioware/EA will go for the MMO route. Their previous MMO ventures were lackluster, to say at least. They can make great single player RPGs but developing an MMO is a different thing and i dont think EA/Bioware has the experience to handle it. As much as i would like to see a Dragon Age MMO, some things are better left untouched.
  9. Thats one of the reason, i wouldnt alpha test, even if i had the money. Alpha testing is a tedious job and requires a lot of patience. Making the combat feel right, is a monumental task. Also the devs have been pretty open with their intentions so far, and how they will progress from now on.
  10. i kinda wanted to see her using Nature's Avatar on Champ. Oh well, effects look very cool and the new icons are so nice! Any news tho on the centaur legionnaire update?
  11. I watched the video too and you really showcased the ranger's arsenal. It also shows the improvement of the combat system in general. It might not be perfect but the gameplay has improved quite a bit. Also 680 people signed up via your link? That's pretty cool, since it helps boosts the game's population. We know that this game appeals to the small crowd of rvr fanatics, we might as well do our best to boost our numbers.
  12. i like the fact that as we are progressing on, archetypes are becoming more and more sophisticated.
  13. Forgemaster will defo be in the rooster. As people have said, its too vital of an archetype to NOT make it to the live release. My speculation is, that since Siege Perilous is around the corner, we will see him much sooner than other archetypes as a saboteur type of archetype, in order to test terrain destruction skills on characters.
  14. yes! Now thats some badass armor concepts! Props to the artists. Wolf helmets is my thing.
  15. Knowing that the game is closer to an old-school MMO, spell consumables are pretty much a given. Seeing the ranger image, this has to be your most elaborate armor design up to date. Keep up the good work!
  16. wow...i dont think anyone expected something like this. This is innovative on a whole new level. I cant express how much Vessel crafting intrigues me. I am definitely going to stick around and see more of this. Even if it ends up not working, this is something worth working for in a genre that seems to lack innovation.
  17. Thank you Artcraft for the transparency. Imho this is the right decision. Everyone who has been a dedicated MMO player knows that, this type of games dont get built overnight and when you built a PvP MMO with action elements, Combat is the foundation. If the foundation is weak, the whole thing will eventually collapse.
  18. oh yes! This is what i was waiting for. A sophisticated progression system for your character is vital for a game that doesnt rely that much on alt-ing.
  19. He certainly seems more primal than his female counterpart. While the female looks more "priestlike" and "ethereal", the male on the other hand looks more barbaric, more battleready. Could this be a tease to the druid's promotion classes? One being a backline support, the other taking a more offensive approach?
  20. That would be a great thing, if they implemented portals like this. You have voiced my thoughts on the subject. The portals in that way would hold great strategic importance. Being able to bring more troops to the battlefield (CW) is a huge thing and i can see a lot of epic battles happening around the control of these "stargates". Also if you remember correctly there is an image in the "About the game" section of the site that shows opening portals in the Campaign world (at the bottom of the page). We are onto something here. With all this rampant speculation i cant wait for December to c
  21. The artwork is amazing, i really like the new look of the site. As for my legacy, i am willing to take the path to Glory. Battlefield is where its at. Unlimited RvR combat is what i was longing for so, so long. I am also very interested in the crafting gameplay, but it has to blow my mind.
  22. came for the q&a, stayed for the Mane of the Living God.
  23. The Ultimate Warrior mechanic sounds like a very interesting one but i am bit concerned about his slow swings. Since this is an action-combat oriented rpg, people can easily kite the champion. I hope you offer him good gap closers to make him a threatening opponent.
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