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  1. 100x agree with the harvesting sinew, muscle etc. Harvesting a specific body part for a specific creature just seems like a nightmare. Something akin to the following: Blood should only be collectible from animals since that is the first thing to dry up upon death.. Also, Sinew and Hide. Surely take bone out of There. that needs to be in grave digging From grave digging you harvest Bone, Skulls, and Mortal essence (Some kind of DNA fragment) Reasoning is Bone decays much more slowly than your other internals and you can find DNA fragments from just about any leftover part of body. You combine Skulls, Mortal essence (DNA fragments) an alchemy item, then optional Alchemy stuff to determine what kind of vessel it's going to be. Human, Myr, Elf, etc. So you combine these things and then you make an Elf head. (The alchemy Item determines species) You use Bone, Sinew and Hide to create the various body parts except for the torso. These parts are generic. You make a left arm but that left arm could be combined with an elf head or a Myr head. Torso you combine Bone, Sinew, Hide AND Mortal essence ( DNA Fragments). Reason behind this is you have to account for Internal organs. We will pretend that "Mortal Essence" are like stem cells. So technically you grew all of the internal organs from Mortal Essence. You could even use Hide as an optional feature like armor layers. Reasoning is you can grow skin from the stem cell idea/ DNA Fragments / Moral Essence. Though being only fragments the skin doesn't work out correctly leading to poor quality vessels. Adding fresh tough hide the recipe yields quality vessels. You have all the body parts, torso and the head which determines the type, combine them with blood and you get your Vessel. If you REALLY want to enforce that Bones are harvested from animals you can put some insane number needed to make a torso. So the torso recipe would be: 100 bone, 10 Sinew, 30 Mortal Essence, 5 Hide(Optional) Adding organs, Heart, stomach, liver etc, would make things a little to complicated.
  2. I support this idea. I could see it useful to me in the following, Example: I need 10 skins to make a piece of something, I want to make 3 of those, and have 10 grey quality, 25 white quality, 4 green quality and 2 blue quality. I don't feel like collecting blues/Greens or going out to get more white quality skins at the moment. I just want to make a piece of gear. "Whatever works button" > Warning message: "Quality will be of lowest material quality" > "Adjust slider bar White<X<Blue ( To leave out grey) > How many would you like? > 3 > Make.
  3. I can see this tank to be the least agile of the tank classes. As mentioned above he will probably just be really hard to take down via health and regen. He'll probably have some slows, and good CC's So that if he gets close to you, you are probably in for a lot of hurt. Then A charge ability so he can get where he needs. I know some people don't like it but I'm hoping he has a some type of roar buff/debuff,
  4. That's exactly what I was thinking. I'll proably Main as a harvester of some sort and off for either tankiness or support. This role would suit my playstyle perfectly! Now I just need a little more motivation to drop that 500.
  5. After a long fight with playing countless MMO's WoW, Tera, Neverwinter, Rift, Age of Conan, Maple Story, Archeage, DarkFAIL Unholy FAIL and others I came across this... It took me a while to figure out that the constant fight for gear from dungoens and such was not what I was looking for anymore. Archeage ALMOST hit the mark, if it wasn't for their combat system and super Pay to win. DarkFAIL was pretty close too, if the devs could more faster than slugs... I wanted economy driven, PVP centered, seige warfare. If Warhammer online wouldn't have shut down I would still be there... So I came across this potential gem. It look almost perfect. I'm really digging the world destruction thing. It seems neccesary to keep the game fresh and I think it's going work out great Anyway Hello forum warriors I'm looking to try and be a part of this community so I can have a guild once the world is relased. I'm going to play a harvester, probably a knight or minatuar... Still not sure how that's gonna work. I'll figure it out once they release more details. I'm gonna specialize in going out protecting and supplying my crafting overlords with materials. If the information they release gives me enough motivation I may drop that $500 for alpha accsess, it's already gonna be ~200 for phase 3. I look forward to meeting and seeing everying in game -Frozenant
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