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  1. welcome W, your secret discord access for death alliance should be all set
  2. Thanks for the update Pann! I'm totally in agreement with @veeshan and @miraluna, while annoying- blind is fine by me
  3. Many discipline granted powers should now have screenshake FX. I wanted to make a post about some of the screen-wide effects that have been implemented so far but have been biting my tongue, however the most recent patch notes convinced me otherwise. Please let us reduce and/or alter some of your visual impairment effects. I have suffered from vertigo and severe motion sickness (to the point of medication) for the past 15 years, and it was actually triggered initially by the FOV/camera effects of another MMO. (Fun fact, do NOT go on Star Tours at Disneyland if you have vertigo.) A few weeks back I took a swig of alcohol in game and started to get the spins (both in game and out) and said to myself “ok, guess I’m not doing that again.” Now with more of these type of effects being added to the game in ways that can’t be avoided, I need to start reevaluating how much I want to continue playing. I understand that these effects are supposed to distort you so that your enemies can gain an advantage, but I’d love to see the ability to either reduce or change them. One example I thought of quickly was that instead of blurring or shaking my screen, I could have it set to reduce (or increase) my brightness so it’s hard to see. In the spirit of accessibility, there’s gotta be another way to provide the intended consequences in a different format for those who have issues. Thanks!
  4. Is there any love planned for Guineceans?
  5. Running Full Screen Window at 3440x1440 only seems to partially work. Alt Tabbing doesn't minimize the window anymore, but I cant move my cursor off to another screen.
  6. Had this thought while fumbling through my 2FA the other day, but I'd like to see some integration with password managers (e.g. 1Password) for the launcher. One of the best parts of these tools, especially in a browser, is you can just click the icon and it will either autofill your information (and 2FA!) for you or let you select your login (and then autofill) from a dropdown. Having something like this added to the launcher would be a nice value add especially if managing multiple accounts or using complicated passwords.
  7. I've been in hibernation since before the class/race split so maybe I'm missing something, but what is my incentive to play a Guineacean on any class when literally any other race combination brings more to the table (duelist aside obviously)? On paper hamsters would appear to excel at surprise attacks, keep/POI infiltration, and targeted support thanks to their mobility and innate burrowing ability. But burrowing is almost completely useless as it stands. I cannot add any powers to the burrow tray and having to swap back to use powers negates the ability to launch a surprise attack. To make this a more appealing racial choice, my feedback would be to allow me to place regular skills on the burrow tray. Any skill with an active component (attacks/heals) should cause you to unstealth and put the burrow ability on cooldown. Passive abilities (chants, auras, bard songs, friar buff, etc.) should be usable while burrowed without revealing you. With this change, I could see the race be a solid choice for a spec group in siege situations as well as in open field combat.
  8. bank/vault issue- The first time I used the bank I was able to drag items in and out of the bank. In subsequent tries, I could no longer drag items into the bank. Right clicking works for both in and out.
  9. My guild of roughly 75 testers will be splitting evenly across all factions, but especially balance, chaos, and order.
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