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  1. I have 1) Bloodwine Drinking Horn Relic (extra small size) 2) Woodland Grove Parcel (rank 1) 3) Arkon Greatsword Relic (Large) For gift. Wont play the game so i dont care about. First come first served. Just post: "Woot, i want 1)" or "Dude, i want 2)" or "Peweeee i want 3)" One per post.
  2. So, will be possible to build a roleplay EQ, with ''klngdons'' with open pvp and storytelling? Like a ''private shard''. So you put dungeons, monsters, and nobles with armies..fighting to control the kingdom (like medieval japan)? Nice enough.
  3. Fiddlestick: Frostweaver + Scarecrow + Plaguelord. You run and summon a death aura of doom and despair.
  4. So, to hold a Thrall, you will need a Villa +? Hope for some cheap buildings
  5. So, we will have Tier 1 resources within EK. Good to know. Sad, we will not have, with Early Acess, Worlds with Export's Crates to use crafted things from EK, no?
  6. Too, lol. Do you need an army on demand? Just call Dr. Vollmond Horror Circus.
  7. The Medium Fortification from KS Amber is the Medium Fort?
  8. Uhn...Greek/Byzantine Flamethrowers? (Metal Dragon Heads Spitting Fire?) Disease/Plague Catapults? (Infected Necrotic Meatballs with plague/disease?) Harpoon with Chain? Everyone in the line will be snared for some time and vulnerable.
  9. Me Your succour will temper the weapons used to reclaim the forsaken worlds.
  10. So...we will slot active skills..and passive? Its like TSW, you will slot passives too..or like TESO? Or we will craft the vessel with passives?
  11. Passando para dizer que estou vivo e que provavelmente voltarei a vida no final do ano.
  12. And remember: One day he will farm for you.
  13. @baska Colocarei em breve, hahaha. Primeiro tentarei deletar a conta anterior e mudar o nome para o antigo.
  14. Eu continuo aqui, hahaha. Mas final do semestre dá uma esfriada (Lembrando que eu sou o Finnelhir)
  15. Well, just need to buy the first ks pledge, gift and the friend will upgrade, no?
  16. Teoricamente eu estou na Ebon também, mas não ando logando. Estou na guilda BR
  17. Hahaha, sim, mas perdi toda a história, etc etc. Buenas, não interessa para o futuro glorioso da guilda.
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