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  1. I'd imagine in non-dreg campaigns you could have areas you team you could craft in, so the faction war I'd imagine you can craft in any of the keeps/castles ect that your faction controls. dregs and possibly GvG would be harder for crafters to go solo. Or just going solo period.
  2. That's true...but then that would hurt trading and economy (in-campaign) wouldn't it? probably something for the crafting forum, but crafters would be scarce because every guild may need 1 - 3 of them (depending on the size). Its possible larger or winning guilds will only take so many crafters (skill or guild-size restrictions?). There also wouldn't be much trade because no one would sell to anyone that isn't their ally or on the winning side, in turn, could create a snowball effect where the larger guilds have better crafters, which then causes them to be more supplied and better geared (if gear makes a noticeable difference) There is also EK crafting, which I believe players can go to EK markets and buy player-made stuff for campaigns... I think I'll research more on how campaign economy will be though.
  3. correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't it be possible to play solo as a crafter? I mean, you could hire players to get mats, or if they get supply the mats themselves, make items for others and start up a trade business? don't really need a guild for that (though it could help)
  4. I would like to be part of a Merc group of any size from small to medium (something like 6-15 people or so?) I never really liked being part of a really large guild, but that of a smaller, closer one
  5. Well..depends on what you mean by "Stopped". If you mean the dodge/charge is just ended abruptly with no punishment, then I would disagree; because it feels like the knight is being punished for having a shield at all (piercings and shield-breakers), you might as well just replace the shield mechanic with a dodge. personally, the Legionnaire should be punished for dodging into the knight, and the Knight rewarded for being in the right spot and using the shield well. Maybe not a full on knock-down stun, but something like the centaur can't dodge again for a few seconds...or reduced rage build...or maybe some skills are put on cool-down / locked for a little bit. Or how about both of them get knocked down at reduced or no damage(that would be funny actually) Have the Knight get defending / tanking rewards; The Legionnaire should risk hitting that shield rather then "oh I'll just hit the knight twice instead of once like the others"
  6. I haven't really heard much about him, to be honest I did read that this may have to do with those death threats he gave out a month or so ago. Still, Everquest next / Landmark wasn't in a good spot anyway, since they fired that Dave-whats-his-name guy, I think the one calling the shots... doubt this would change EQN much, or rather what little was developed for it. Honestly, Landmark and Next had so much potential, if only it was being lead by the right team.
  7. hmm... I feel like dark...darkness is really good for Single player games for immersion and challenge but in a MMO, especially one that focuses on PvP, total darkness only hinders those who don't know / graphically can't get around it. Similar to the stealth idea where the idea was players could turn down their graphics to see "cloaked" opponents easier, I think there would be many graphic settings that would brighten the night, giving some players a massive advantage to others. Fog-of-War could work however...but that would be a different mechanic Overall, I would vote against it, and have semi-dark (the blue tint kind) for all players
  8. Most likely going the tank route (Crusader if the names were switched around). Though that really depends on how tanking works, as well as how effective the Knight's shield is
  9. As Adall was saying, it could kill the espionage part... If I was "Avean Light". and "Light" was my unique surname, then all of my alts will have "X , Light", and anyone will know who I am. After giving it some thought, I think the best option is character names to be non-unique, which appear for chat/display, but account names/ID unique for friend lists. Though these still have some problems: 1) Guild "X" requires every member to be on a friends list, negating the whole point of non-unique gameplay 2) with non-unique names, you could get an opponent or ally to look exactly like you (though unlikely) I think we would also need the ability to change names often...paid feature probably, but would that help or hurt espionage? unless ACE comes up with something really unique to espionage, Its going to be tough to make it work
  10. looks good! Not necessary my playstyle, but always good to see information about classes! my first thought: What happens when the Legionnaire dodges (right-click ability) into a knight that's shielding? -Would the Legionnaire push/knock-over the knight (which would invalidate a core mechanic of the Knight)? OR -Would the Legionnaire get stunned/knock-over (from the Knight's description) when he hits the knight (which may be weird because of the different mass sizes) IMO, I'm hoping that the Legionnaire would get stunned/Knocked over and the knight not getting pushed as much.
  11. hmmm right...fair enough. In that case...might as well just allow duplicate names... ..or maybe some way to disguise your name? IDK, just chiming in on the topic of names
  12. I've played Dragon's nest. Its combat makes wonderful PvE gameplay. Thing is...Crowfall isn't PvE. I only watched a few mins in that video, and kinda skipping though. Probably not the best one to show, that was a ton of CC and juggling (also a crap ton of health). sure you were having fun killing the player, but I bet if you were on the other side, getting your butt kicked and nothing you could do, I doubt you would be saying that same jingle.
  13. Why not have each character have a surname and last name? First name can be anything, last name is tied to the account (maybe player choice or given account name). Every account only gets 1 Last name that will be forced on every alt. In game chat can be the character's first name, but friend list and player contacts can be by full First+last name (or just Last name)
  14. I'm going to echo what yoh said about GW2, that its just too much of a clusterF'k. Though it less about yomi, and more so about: -Cant see opponent's animations because of all the visual effects going on -TTK is extremely fast -Boons (aka buffs) and strong passive effects, with little indication. -Some classes have very little counter play (cough* Theives and Mesmers cough*) combining these together, even though every class+weapon skill has a unique animation, you just can't see it without really high reflexes / attention to detail. If GW2's TTK was halved (as in everyone did 1/2 damage or so) I bet you'll see more "yomi"-like tactics and skillful gameplay. In short, my suggestion for Crowfall, is less of a bursty-flashy gameplay, and more about striking at the right time. I don't really know what the TTK should be, but I would like something not as brutal as GW2's miss-and-your-dead. ^one comment about this: 97% of Fates in that game could be solo'ed by any class/role, and it really didn't matter.Most Fates were zerged to death. There were a few Fates, however, that had 0HKO moves, even for tanks, and I think only like 1 or 2 (chimera comes to mind) that required actual coordination. Players still fail at that event too. Wouldn't recommend using Fates as an example for group cohesion. Don't know how their PvP is however. EDIT: forgot to mention: on the topic of passives / hidden abbilities: while it shouldn't be too heavy, I actually like being able to hide something from my opponent and make him guess what I could have up my sleeve. Having an opponent that, at a glance, knows everything about you is kinda...poor design I guess? doesn't always makes for fun gameplay. If we're talking about spys and all that, have the spy find out what that player's build is (maybe by befriending him) and when he says what he is running, you can relay that to your allies
  15. I doubt it... EQnext is mostly PvE and dynamic world events, with some building I think.... Unless Daybreak changes the focus to a PvP world war (which I bet lots of people will be disgruntled about) then I don't see anything to worry about Also, their combat system, or what they showcase their plans for, is quite different, though interesting. As for landmark, I thought they were using the players to build their world, as well as test the combat through it, while EQnext is still very early development. short answer: no
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