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  1. Most likely going the tank route (Crusader if the names were switched around). Though that really depends on how tanking works, as well as how effective the Knight's shield is
  2. I doubt it... EQnext is mostly PvE and dynamic world events, with some building I think.... Unless Daybreak changes the focus to a PvP world war (which I bet lots of people will be disgruntled about) then I don't see anything to worry about Also, their combat system, or what they showcase their plans for, is quite different, though interesting. As for landmark, I thought they were using the players to build their world, as well as test the combat through it, while EQnext is still very early development. short answer: no
  3. now I'm getting confused...ever since the ACE news article...everyone is throwing out the phrase " borrow this type of combat", without actually explaining what they really want to see... See, who is to determine what a skill based combat should feel like? what if movement and animations are part of a combat system (which would make floaty movements a negative) - Skills? how much is too many? I know the news joked about having 35 is too much, but thats hyperbole, what is too many skills? 6 like ESO? some people didn't like that. 10 like GW2 (though half was fixed)? would som
  4. I like SMITE more then the other MOBAs, but there are other games I rather see crowfall take inspiration from. for starters, MOBAs usually have 4 or 5 fixed skills, with many passive items, I'd rather see 8-10 changeable skills, with less importance on items. Plus, I don't know if MOBAs would work in anything larger then 5v5 battles, go 10v10 or higher and I'd think you will start seeing problems with it's combat system
  5. I'm a little surprised on how little people liked (or would prefer to copy from) wildstar's combat. I thought it did combat pretty well, if not one of the best out there sure it had its issues like how your looking at the ground a lot, and large scale PvP its harder to tell whats going on, but I still found it really fun, fast, but enough time to react to events, and intuitive. I think building off that is a good idea. I also liked the idea of its points-tier system, but it did need refinement. AMPs....that did need work though. ---- I haven't really played Tera, so I can't co
  6. I don't want to see WoW-level complexity (so many buttons) but from what I understand, Combat is large portion of the game, with social interaction being second. I'd prefer to see many ways to build and fight with a character, something like GW2 and Wildstar combined (which Is close to what we are getting)
  7. Cheers! We'll have to see further down in crowfall development how a merc guild can work, like how diplomacy and trades Also, we should discuss about what we could do for an EK...I remember seeing one post about how all major guilds have a small section of land in one EK, that acts as a "shopping mall" with Mercs for hire being the items. anyway, hopefully ACE will have various options that help mercs get a footing out there
  8. This looks really interesting! I've been looking for a mercenary-guild, but didn't think I'd see one I'd like so soon. where do I sign up!
  9. I thought the kickstarter ones were unique ones, plus you got lots of other items too... even still, they were random number about based on the little information we have, so maybe it would be fair to others to increase them. Still, I can't really see keeps being $75 dollars without some really good benefits...
  10. Im more for whats a good value to the consumer, while still giving money to the devs... Seeing how large EKs can be...you can fit a lot (I'll try to get numbers later this weekend) of keeps and castles around...so imagine about 15 lands, at $75 each, thats $1150, for below-average items...not to mention no idea if they are affected by taxes or not To randomly guess fair prices (again, little information given, so these can change based on what they provide) Keeps ~ $40 Castles ~$70 Fortresses ~ $100 Citadels ~ $150 Palaces ~$200+ anything below keeps I don't think will be har
  11. that seems....excessive... I can understand a citadel or palace for $115...but a Keep? As Spectre pointed out, We need to see how...err, I guess we don't even know the properties (internal size, bonuses like crafting speed or something, marketplace values) to really grasp if this is reasonable or not... still, seeing how the order of stronghold progression is Estate, Fortification, Keep, Castle, Fortress, Citadel and Palace. and that Keeps are in the bottom half in the list... My first thought is that I don't like the pricing...that's a full game (at minimum) you could get ins
  12. Hmm...maybe because I have dance of the necromancer on my mind... but attacks/skills in a rhythm becomes stronger / more effects, where as spamming them does weaker damage / no effects...
  13. I was only able to skim through the comments, so forgive me if this has been answered... but my biggest concern is the amount of resources needed to pay the "tax". Is it something a player in a small guild / solo wont have to worry about after a campaign? Will it be something that said players can only really be able to maintain a few cells before the tax is too high? Though I understand it's purpose, I don't know if I really like the tax idea right now...seems like it hurts small guilds and players more then larger guilds, and, yes, I know that its the point to have a Large guild
  14. This was a large concern for me too. Though I thought that it was just for testing purposes in the videos. Now I'm just concerned about being able to dig under walls...but my guess will be a item that prevents ground terrain from being destroyed when active or something Still, Looking forward to the information Thursday
  15. Does it hold potential? sure. But remember... Guid Wars 2 had potential to deliver eSports...but semi-failed Wildstar had potential to deliver eSports...but failed PlanetSide 2 had potential to deliver eSports...but failed ESO had potential to deliver eSports...but failed WoW Arenas had potential to deliver eSports...but failed Am I'm sure other games talked about eSports...and failed Will PvP arenas happen? I would bet so eSports? I wouldn't get your hopes up
  16. I'd have to watch the video on EKs, but can you set rules? I don't know if we know enough about what you can and can't do in these maps. Other then a permissions system
  17. In order for eSports to kick off, it will have to be the main focus of the game, otherwise its just a side feature that few people do, and wont gain an much of an audience, which is what kills eSports. Crowfall's main focus is Large-scale Guild/Alliance battles over an objective that occurs at set times most of the audience I'd imagine would want to see the large-scale battles Crowfall will be known for, and if people wanted to see smaller arena-based combat...well if they did, WoW's Arena or GW2 or Wildstar's Arena would of been popular by now**. (though, I see GW2 has tournaments once
  18. Something with battlefield control, like summoning magical walls or barriers, slowing and separating the emeny, all while giving buffs and bonuses to allies, while not being completely useless 1v1 Having a sword and shield while doing would be preferred
  19. The only possible way I can see eSports working (and Im mostly against eSports) is to have some kind of PoI similar to mines and abandoned forts, that is an arena, where players enter and battle arena style. tournaments could just be a small world with a fancy arena. Guilds could "own" the arena and get fees from the battles or something.... It would be something to add on AFTER the game is released. Still think eSports would be a bad idea for this game, though
  20. wanting to echo what others are saying... eSports require quick battles that can start up at a moment's notice, as well a audience that knows whats going on. MOBAs also have a small map, that the audience can watch and see the whole action. Crowfall's maps will be too large to accurately show the action and individual battles. Not to mention the campaign length will be over a month long would you watch a football game if it was the same match for 3-5 weeks?
  21. One Thought about the Bolded statement... There should be ways for a Merc group to cancel or "end" a contract short should the guild or client doesn't follow some rules that could harm a Merc group (reputation wise?) or make them feel uncomfortable. Some Examples: e.g.1 - Guild A hires a Merc group to attack Guild B. The Representative of Guild A seems to be a friendly guy, and a deal is set for Campaign X that the Merc group will fight for Guild A. However, a week or so after, Guild A has many members that are misogynist or very toxic, and one day, start taking it out on the Me
  22. - Fair enough, I dont think GW2 does that. ESO has other features like +Damage / +Defense based on how many keeps you have - If the keeps cant be captured, then that may promote defending them a lot more, which is good It does sound like the devs are taking steps to prevent zerging, which is nice
  23. Like I said, I'm pretty new, and didn't see much talk about this kind of stuff, I'll take a look into those threads if I can find them for your first points: -I hope they make defending more viable and rewarding, most games try to do that, but most people rather be in the action of fighting / attacking rather then defending -GW2 and ESO has it where holding more items gives you more points, but yet everyone still zergs around. (Probably because Defending gives nothing, whereas Attacking rewards you) As I mentioned in my post, I'd really hate to see Crowfall fall into the same trap
  24. Err, I think the idea is that Interrogation in this sense can be accomplished by good scouting I think it has a place outside combat/mapping and more for a spying / political system, if anything. which could be cool if implemented right.
  25. hmm..do you happen to have other information on the caravans? those mostly look like event driven ones with little control over where they go maybe it wouldn't be hard to implement a player-controlled one for raiding keeps
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