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  1. Crowfall is a hardcore pvp game from the start and that's not going to change. The basic definition of that phrase for me means little to no: safe zones, Care Bear servers (campaigns), and forgiveness for death. That and the whole everyone killing everyone else bit. The rest is just details in sadomasochism. Why isn't there friendly fire and full loot yet? I don't know, maybe because it's disruptive to the game mechanics that need to be tested and it would hamper the high level progress that also needs to be tested. Frankly, I don't think anyone has good reason to complain about the game at all until it's in beta and a lot of the systems have gelled over. I don't have a problem with friendly fire. The jackasses who TK regularly will end up on a lot of KoS lists nice and fast, permanently too because their name is their account. I don't have a problem with full loot, like full loot. It sucks to be looted, and it's awesome to loot. Fair enough, sorta. Why do people have a problem with friendly fire? Because teamkilling really harshes the mellow of what might otherwise be a productive, cooperative, or "safe" period of time between rampant, fantasy murder simulation adventures. It's kinda nice to have at least a couple rules keeping things in a bit of order. Having to be extra careful in a battle to not do more harm than good is nice and realistic, but can be a bit tedious. Tedious games are as fun as they could be for most people. Why do people have a problem with getting looted? Because humans are possessive creatures, and it's adding insult to the injury of losing a fight. Sure, there's all that gathering and crafting that needs more reason to keep happening, but when you lose something you're not just losing all the time and effort put into acquiring the items, you're psychologically losing a piece of yourself and it hurts.
  2. That was gonna be my other point with the whole Throne War bit. Diplomacy! Trying to finagle alliances and enemies is part of the whole deceit and drama sales point. I'm just as excited about mature complex social interactions, and catching flies with my vinegar, as I am about hacking, slashing, gathering, and crafting my way to some kind of content mediocre footstool of power.
  3. How is free different from open? A cutoff time for prior registration maybe?
  4. I'm sure someone around here has read The Art of War. Good basic strategy is to, as often as possible, only fight battles that not only can be won with an advantage, but won quickly and easily for as little risk imaginable. Smashing weak opponents might seem like dishonorable bullying, but in a sense it's just a logical conclusion on how to survive / win. Even when the winning isn't quite enjoyable because there's reduced challenge and rewards, the simple conclusion of owning, winning, and being the best or last will create this situation constantly. Naturally, we're all concerned over a level of fairness out of horrid fear of being on the losing side of imbalance. But I think we should remember this is Throne War Strategy too. Oblong forces of power and influence are what makes the whole concept interesting. Otherwise, we might as well just go back to Planetside 2, I guess. I don't know, I only played the first one and it was basically a prebuilt stalemate.
  5. I think this is a grandfathered in situation from DnD and everything derived as such. Half-Elves are the half-assed race, blending the middleground, jack-of-all-trades / master-of-none versatility with the sexy confidence, pointy ears, and night vision of Elves. Not very special, and not even special at being not special. I'd say this is a good race to act as a newb trap. You know you're looking at someone who didn't do their research before picking a race, or someone who intentionally wants a handicap because they're so awesome.
  6. Found the news article. https://crowfall.com/en/news/articles/founders-update-about-kickstarter-rewards/
  7. What about the names of lore characters and places? Edit: Found it. https://crowfall.com/en/news/articles/founders-update-about-kickstarter-rewards/
  8. I wouldn't presume to suggest how you should perceive and think one way, the other, or neither (I dare to mention that ugly bipartisan bastard of both). However, I will state for the sole sake of hubris that my username is ironic, or not, depending on the circumstances of my mood. Furthermore, I fervently resist and desire the urge to abstain from proclaiming that I prefer to subscribe in a stance of anti-establishmentarianism; whenever not inconvenient, to such a degree that even considering a loyalty to disloyalty is uncomfortable, cognitively dissonant, and frustrating. Probably.
  9. Frankly, I don't really understand first hand what all you people are talking about, but I get the general ideas. By the time all those MMOs and pseudo-MMOs (Guild Wars) came out I had lost all hope that anything in the genre would hold my interest, until I heard of Crowfall. The only fantasy PvP I experienced in an MMO was in Asheron's Call, where every fight involving more than six people was a complete cluster. Sure, people could specialize their toon to be tanky, pure melee/archer/mage etc., but we called them gimps because they were effectively hobbling themselves into a tool that needed buff maintenance from others. Any minimally built PKer had access to all magic: healing, buffing, attacks; with the ideal option to have a melee or archery specialization (usually one of each over time). There were no roles, shoehorned or not, and rarely were there even live combat tactics, because this was before VOIP became so prevalent and free. If we think to the literal origin for the nicknaming of a tank, it's both very tough and very dangerous for anyone that can't avoid or neutralize it. The drawback being little to no variety of abilities, limited mobility, and it's a top priority for explosives. Keeping that in mind, the walking taunting stack of armor and HP we know from PvE as a tank is technically more of a decoy than an actual combatant. If we apply that essential function of battle bait to the versatile, skill based, dodge mania that it seems Crowfall is aiming for, then we're looking at a skill set which makes one extra evasive and extra dangerous / annoying. As everyone is concluding, a class with triple tons of survivability is probably going to be fighting with reduced movement and nerfed DPS.... doesn't sound like much fun. From what I've seen in the ACE videos so far, the devs are trying very hard to make all the classes distinctly unique first, sorta equal second. All the MOBA interpretations of tanks have the appearance of a seamless fit, especially from my experience in SMITE, but that's a heavily controlled 5v5 environment. I love the idea in having a classic Knight figure from the RPG medieval fantasy genre, I would totally want to fill that role for my guild: to be the DnD rock that everyone relies on as a meat shield. It just seems like too big an ask for Crowfalls combat now. I don't know, I haven't started playing yet.
  10. I love the sale pitch, it's totally my bag, baby. I'd join you if I wasn't planning on leading a guild myself, so I definitely want to ally up and hang out. Nice image mockups too, bro.
  11. Only played the AC2 beta for like an hour, certainly wasn't going to get my dad to spend thousands on a new PC just to get it running smoothly at the time. Started as a Wintersebb carebear in AC1 for a good while, then moved onto Darktide for the real game. By the time I was ready to commit to the game seriously, they had already started in the balance patch spiral of death between magic, weapons, and armor counter types.
  12. I thought I read somewhere a while back that items placed in a friend's EK became their property. I guess they changed that eventually, due to the ridiculousness of it.
  13. The lack of risk, including durability loss, is exactly half the reason why it would / should never happen. The other half being no worthwhile rewards from sandboxing play outside of the joy in screwing around.
  14. My impression of EKs is that they are the next evolution in player housing and ePeen decorative display, with the added utility of trans-campaign staging area for guilds. With that in mind, it's definitely a safe zone and the answer is a hard No. However, if there were activities available within an EK that could provide resources and play experience very similar to that of a campaign, then it ought to be a soft Yes within those activities.
  15. Personally, I could wait another year or so for them to finish the game, but patience is one of my strongest virtues, and I want them to actually "finish" the game before claiming some kind of release. I don't care if they hover in beta for a year, at least they'll be honorable in my eyes if they don't sell out on the payment system etc. I recommend playing Fortnite until Crowfall is finished. I think the PvE just released, it's FTP, and it's got some aspects to it that are very Crowfall-ish.
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