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  1. Hey currently having an issue, says HTTP invalid response when I'm loading the Crowfall launcher get seem to update or play currently any ideas?
  2. Welcome I never knew Einstein was so buff
  3. And i think it would come more under the area of creative rights, as in painting a picture inspired by X, rather than copying X, things are always going to be similar but if everyone made the assumptions all the time people would be sueing people 24/7
  4. I think when they refered to game of thrones they were merely using it as a reference with it being such a global product even people who don't watch the show know of game of thrones, much like if you utter the words "world of warcraft" everyone has heard those words whether they have played it or not
  5. Honestly not surprising, EQ next is a shadow of its past
  6. http://crowfall.com/en/archetypes/ranger/ the Ranger is a specalist yes
  7. Watching this has just made me even more excited for the stalker, quick question about customization will we get different antler styles to choose from?
  8. Lies!!!! how dare you attempt to stain the name of the might James Goblin!! offffffffffffff with hisssssss head!
  9. Well seeing as warcraft makes around 60$ million on subscriptions per month, and it cost them 63 million to make it doesn't take you far, i recently saw a post on facebook about kim k bragging that her "game" app had made 50 million over two years which compared to other games is hardly anything, especially compared to games like candy crush, but 700k won't buy you a new game however it could buy you a team of workers to work on a new/existing part of the game, it could buy you new software, like a "copy" of the unreal engine was like 15k but im sure there is other software out there that costs a lot lot more, like everything it depends what you spend/invest the money on. on a side note Unreal Engine is now free whaaaa?!!?!?!
  10. Yeah hoping they will accounce what will happen, and I meant if the character data is in a seperate database to world data
  11. Yas winged boobs plix, and hopefully they maybe rather similar being a dodge tank but we shall see
  12. 300-500 testers PER wave! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas more scrubs to slay, when we go to alpha 1 will our skills reset from pre-alpha?
  13. OnyxOctopus


    Tauren plainsrunning, not sure it would be cool seeing them run on all fours as they could get lost behind things, the worgen are quite large but can you imagine the same on a gnome would get lost behind rocks
  14. The gear progression is horizontal, you can have the bis gear at level 1 if you wanted to
  15. Well it's the community staff that transfer findings back to their higher ups, games like League of Legends take notice of threads that have a lot of community support however there are ones like blizzard who don't i.e the demon hunter being suggested since the burning crusade, yet it not even making it into the game till 10 years later, and I mainly play ranged classes like Bard in RIFT, Hunter in WoW, I was going to suggest a shaman but I have a feeling the ideas that I had of how it could work may end up turning out to be how the druid may be, and i can 110% say that the developers are not reading this thread thinking ohhh we have to make this class, oh the ranger archetype now stuff that we gotta work on this one, like i've said to you before this section of the forum is to suggest post launch features/ideas/archetypes/etc no-one has ever said that they need to stop working on A and work on B start away, yet you seem to believe that people are.
  16. Likewise, i think some localized humour doesn't portray very well across regions which is why I went back and deleted the captions I had previously put, but yeah congratz to those that won
  17. I say that as when we spoke to blair about it he said the druid would be the straight up generic healer, but like i said it could be similar to what you guys are saying with the preview i guess we shall have to wait and see then they do a full preview
  18. Yeah I agree crowd funding is a great thing for games these days, just wish more people would back games as i've watched many amazing new ideas for games not meet their targets by a few % and it's really sad to see that, do you think anyone will take over the fable ip? maybe a league of legends style fable moba would have worked better for fable legends
  19. Highly doubt it, druids will be the generic healer of the support classes, however I do think they will have a little offensive capability from the preview on the druid page it talk about the world being dead and they are no longer warm they are cold so i can see where the death vibe comes from. but im not sure I would go as far as they swap life for life
  20. Raiding? it's a PvP mmo there is no raiding or even dungeons in the game, the only source of "pve" is the world bosses And it's not cool at all, like most korean mmos its a big grindfest, enjoy a good grind but its like soul destroying in this game
  21. Sad news indeed today, Lionhead Studios based in London, England as well as in Denmark is being closed down by Microsoft if you don't know who they are(you must have been under a rock for the past 20 years) but they are the creators of games such as Black & White as well as the legendary Fable series, and are even cancelling their latest game Fable Legends a moba style game where you can play as a team of heroes or play as villan and spawn mobs into the area, having played the latest game it is a far far step away from the orginal fable games, but who knows someone may buy the IP and we might see a massive reboot in the series in years to come. Offical statement from xbox website is below in case you want to read it, would love to read your thoughts on this as Fable is very much a genre defining game for rpgs in my opinion
  22. Well it's part of the black spirit quests so you're hindering your overall experience if not, as this is prior to the black spirit evolving and be able to empower your gear
  23. Without pay to win? lel £30 to hide your name which is "needed" for PvP, and another £30 to get a 10% xp boost and 100 extra stamina, don't forget about spending that extra £15 to get the bird that goes and loots for you, you know just incase you can't loot yourself, the game foooking sucks, i've tried it mutliple times through early access to just this morning spent an hour trying to get the kill credit on a mob to gain an item from it, basically i spent an hour trying to get one dagger from some imps which lead my to out level the quests in that area by 8 or so levels, and it's very grindy
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