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  1. Question: Why would you attack a Knight? Answer: There are plenty of reasons to attack a Knight. ......moves on to the next question. In any other game with tanks, you are berated by your party (and rightly so) for attacking the tank unless there is literally no other archetype left to attack. Their damage is low, their defense is high and they posses no more threat to you than anything else. Could you guys explain why you expect anyone but the least experienced player or a small child playing on dad's account to be attacking the knight (or any other tank) unless there are no other archetypes left to kill.
  2. And thats what it really boils down to and I think would be the point we agree upon. I would much rather see varied playstyles between healing, tanking , ranged dps and melee dps instead of playing dps #1, dps#2, dps#3 and dps#4. If I wanted really bad combat like that I could log into Guild Wars 2 again, where everyone is DPS or GTFO.
  3. Well, it seems you didnt really read much of the thread. Warhammer Online has as big or bigger fights than Crowfall will. Tanks were extremely important in large battles 100+ as they were in small battles by using skills that were explained in the first post. This thread is about how the tank archetype can actually play as a tank, it currently cannot and should either have the name changed to heavy melee ( because they are literally nothing more than poor mdps) or brawler. Every single class can wear plate armor if they choose in Crowfall, so Im not seeing an advantage there. Maybe you might spend time looking at the tank skills presented in the beginning of the thread or familiarize yourself with the massive battles of Warhammer Online to get a better idea of what the thread adresses, its hardly a 5 man pve tank thats being questioned. Its about an archetype that can be played as the name "tank"suggests in small or large PvP battles...its already been proven to work and be fufilling in other games. Who needs 2 versions of mdps? Mdps barley have a spot at all in large battles as it is.
  4. Concerns about controller support.

    Elder Scrolls was designed from the ground up to be a console port.. Thats pretty much the jist of this thread. Elder Scrolls combat really blows, and you can 100% see that it was designed first and foremost to be controller friendly. So, you are right in that the PC version isnt any worse, they are both equally bad, and its because of the controller requirements.
  5. I almost forgot: Hold the line : You focus your defenses against enemy fire, increasing your chances to dodge and disrupt by X% for X SECONDS. You will also defend all allies behind you, up to X FEET away, increasing their chances to dodge and disrupt by X% as long as they remain at your back. Allies may have this effect stacked on them up to 3 times.This effect will end if you break your concentration, or run out of action points.) Warhammer Online treated tanks brilliantly. They provided the tools to pvp and support as a tank, not as a heavily armed brawler.
  6. Possibly, but im stuck on TBlair's "Minimum Viable Skills" design philosophy. Tanking skills dont exist in the minimum set. This would lead you to believe that they do not think they are necessary to play the tank role. What i see in the Crowfall Tank design is damage prevention through block, stats, ect. But if Tanks do not have skills to force/encourage being targets, or crazy CC abilities or stupid high damage (any one of these)...why would they be priority targets? In fact, they become low priority targets because they do not have stupid high damage or crazy CC ...and they are harder to kill. The exact opposite of what you want a tank archetype to be.
  7. Stoneborn have knock down that going to cover knock up as well?
  8. Elken Cleric Theory Craft!!!

    You dont have Elkin charge or see invis slotted after saying that was a large portion of why you chose the race. or anything slotted from master of hammers.
  9. Hunger in Crowfall

    Food and Hunger were a part of every mmorpg.... That is until it was finally decided upon that food/eating for the sake of just staying alive brings no positive game play, just hassle and tedium ( should we add a button to press so we can breathe as well? ). Thankfully designers removed the need for food and instead focused on food in the form of buffs, illusions, roleplay, ect. Bringing back food as a passive stay alive/stay at full strength mechanic isnt innovative....its ignoring history.
  10. It was confirmed in the original charcter story background and again in this very article: "the younger races call them Dwarves. This name is odd, for they are massive creatures, almost as tall as men" Yes, they are shorter, but not much shorter. Which translates into they are about the same size as humans.
  11. Well, All races need a defining silhouette on the far as my laymans understanding of game design goes. If the stoneborn dont have the gorilla arms, what separates them from looking like a human or half elf? Considering they are as tall as both the aforementioned races. The beard, i guess would be the only defining characteristic. Im not sure that's enough to make a race look distinct. So either the stoneborn get shorter or the gorrilla arms have to stay or we have three humanish races that look practically the same. With the half-giant being a real close fourth.
  12. That Stoneborn model is going to live or die depending on how its animated in my opinion. Its definitely not a traditional dwarf look, nor is it a traditional dwarf height. Thats two strikes against it right there to anyone that enjoys playing dwarves. But I think thats ok if the animation can round the complete package. Lord help ya, if the animation is lacking, however, because that would get my vote for least played race in the game. PS. Please have a bald option for stoneborn as well =p
  13. The problem with relying on skins for revenue is that they take manpower to produce where as the VIP training model takes no effort at all to generate revenue. That is greatly compounded by the amount different races Crowfall has ( ie, a centaur costume is good for no other race ). Time and again you see cash shop game devs having their time allotted to designing a never ending treadmill of cosmetic items instead of adding new things to the game. This doesnt benefit the games longevity. Lets talk about convenience in non-sub games. How convenient is it to play a game with 15 inventory slots open? Its annoying as hell, but also standard practice in non-sub games. Much more annoying than logging in for a few minutes at 3am then going back to bed after you train a skill. People that do not pay subs or do not spend money to play games expect to be annoyed to some degree. As long as the people spending money arent buying power they cant get for free in game they are usually quite alright with it. In the case of having to log in to train, missing that training time by 5 hours....does it really make a difference? You might be talking a difference of 5% to 10+ skills at the end of an entire year of training for someone who spent zilch on the game and couldnt be troubled to log in for a few minutes in the middle of the night ( my dog wakes me up at 4-5 am to go pee and takes longer ) vs someone who spent 180 bucks on a VIP membership. Who doesnt expect some inconvenience when you pay nothing?
  14. Name a hardcore fantasy mmorpg that didnt die out really fast. Ultima Online lasted a long time, but it was also the first and only graphical mmorpg of its time. That kept people around, but when other options appeared even UO had to add Trammel ( a pvp free area ) to keep people playing. Warhammer Online died very fast. Darkfall Online died faster. DAoC had their pvp confined to pvp zones so i really dont consider that hardcore =p Shadowbane did alright, but it had a really bad design flaw in that people would work for a month or more building guild strongholds and it took a lot of effort. They would get sieged and the guild lost everything they worked for during the previous month if theye didnt successfully defend it. Most people didnt rebuild, they quit the game instead. Those were hardcore pvp games i remember off the top of my head. They either added saftey valves to limit the hardcore pvp for the semi-hardcore players or they didnt and went belly up. Hardcore pvpers always seem to think that there is this large underground society of die hards out there that would all magically appear if only there was a game out there for them to play..... In reality, there just isnt that many of them and they dont spend the money to keep hardcore pvp games in business. Hardcore games have been made, many times, they just always fail.