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  1. haha, i was gonna say ...what? then i saw Yowha necroed this thread from march of 2015, lol
  2. the subclasses (or promotion classes) are literally focused on 2 skills being better out of the same pool of skills the base class has. Its barely a difference at all from the base class im most situations.
  3. If you look at the concept art for minotaur armor: Minotaur Armor Concept Art Its amazing... The helms look great, the armor is impressive. Then you see what was produced in game and its really bad... Many of the races armor looks just like the concept art. The minotaur looks like it was done by one of the interns.
  4. Have I ever played the game? Yes, of course I have. I dont like the game as it stands today and the Frostweaver was my last hope for something to be produced I would enjoy. Then that turned out to be a regurgitated druid instead of the dual wielding pet class that was expected. When I invested 500$ into the game I was led to believe there would be different rulesets that you could choose to play in which included no item drop pvp, which is the type of pvp that I enjoy. As it stands currently, I dont know if that will even be an option. I find that the crafting is ungodly complex, the
  5. If the bulk of your games players prefer playing in Gods Reach, that should tell you that the design of your game has failed to produce what the bulk of your players want outside of Gods Reach. Im sorry to break it to you folks, but the game should be more like Gods Reach and not less like it. Keep gutting Gods reach and the 38 people that bother to even log on can shrink down to the 12 waiting outside Gods Reach to ruin the play experience of the people inside.
  6. I couldnt agree more. The crafting system is so bad, so off-putting, it literally makes me want to log out of the game as well. What's wrong with it? [1] the complexity is ridiculous. [2] The amount of clicking, dragging, searching ... did i mention clicking and dragging?
  7. I quit using the Razer Naga after 3 of them broke early and now use the G600 exclusively. That being said, what you suggest isnt possible. The software for the mouse changes the key output outside of the game, ie. the game (Crowfall) does not affect or interact with the mouse software in any way. Zoning in game has no interaction with the game software. There are other factors not related that could be causing the problem, such as: If a profile is set up for crowfall on the mouse software and is not set up correctly (ie, is set to be the active profile when X program is running (usua
  8. Its a measure of the interest in the game... And until you get promoted to forum police, i dont really care whether you think something belongs in a thread or not and i have no intention of PM'ing some random guy about anything.
  9. Games no one's heard of and no one plays aren't viable options. For that matter, Eve has a whopping 649 viewers on twitch at the moment and is hardly a poster child for anything successful.
  10. I hope you were kidding. These games might as well not exist as they are so unknown.
  11. Eve is a space-themed pvp game. Where would the players go if they were unhappy with Eve? There isnt any competition.
  12. I would like a "hide helmet" feature. There are many races I will not play at all because their helmets come with "fake" hair. The hairstyle doesnt match what you chose at character creation. Its particularly stupid when your character is bald, then equips a helmet, and now has long hair... I can even overlook that to some extent, because its a lot of work to make a helmet for each hairstyle that is a possibility for each race....i guess. But I cannot excuse that the fake hair attached to the helmet is a different color than the hair I chose at creation. For example, the hair co
  13. The illusion is that you choose how to build your character. The reality is that half of the choices are already made for you.
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