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  1. When a person is having a heart attack, they need immediate and swift treatment for the heart attack or they will die. A new outfit, dinner and a movie is fun, but mostly pointless if you are dead.
  2. You seem to lack reading comprehension. The quote was "full scale" mmo, not just "mmo".
  3. And what will make them stay? A pre-made character that someone else designed?
  4. This is not the answer the game needs. Pre-made, limited choice characters is not what people want and is not going to be what gives them a connection to the game for any length of time. You need to stream line the NPE while allowing people to create whatever class, race, spec character they want. This is a shining example of another poorly designed system in a very long list of examples.
  5. Is it really a full scale mmo? No questing No Dungeons No Raids No Auction House No persistent world Barely functioning chat system I mean, its really just GW2 RvRvR which is a tiny portion of that game.
  6. I cited the source.....you even quoted it. Feel free to do your own google research if you want to know more. Im not spending my time searching the web for a years old statement at this point for some "source" spammer.
  7. It was redone no less than 3x during beta. I wouldnt say it was rushed, but it definitely was not what they promised. From the beginning they said the UI elements would be movable and resizable... There are elements of the UI that are so egregious as to be inexcusable, however, buff/debuff effects taking up 20% of the screen real estate is one and the custom player frame art being 4x larger than the actual player frame is another. These are mistakes you would expect from an intern and to have been prevented from going live by the creative director.
  8. 80% of Eve's playerbase never gets involved with pvp (developer quote) Can Crowfall change enough to allow 80% of its playerbase a meaningful play session not engaging in pvp? I think we both know that it cant.
  9. This is because the "beta" crowd told the designers ad nauseum that the dregs were the only thing that mattered....the only "real" game mode and that everything else was substandard. and the devs listened to this advice.
  10. Youre kidding, right? [1] New World has Amazon backing it, Crowfall has ..... [2] New World isnt forced, mandatory, item drop PvP ..... New World is not a particularly good game either, but the above 2 bullet points means that the potential audience willing to play the game is about 10,000x larger than the ultra-niche pool of players Crowfall has to draw from even if it didnt suffer from all of the problems it has.
  11. What they would do ideally is what FFXIV did. [1] Stop selling the game [2] Allow current owners of the game to play for free (ie no VIP required for what VIP offers) [3] Rebuild the game from the ground up [4] Re-release the game. That isnt remotely possible as they dont have a mega-corporation to back the funding, but anything short of that will require a miracle.
  12. Sorry, every company and its brother jumped on the battle royal bandwagon. Everyone had a take and produced their own......its over. Yes there are a few popular ones, I didnt say it was extinct. Starcraft is still an extremely popular RTS, that doesnt mean that RTS genre is thriving. Crowfall focusing on being a battle royal 5 years after the popularity of the genre peaked is about as good of advice as releasing in the stage they did was.
  13. You mean the entire foundation that the game is built upon? Hunger Dome was literally a fast to throw together test mode, its a Battle Royal, that the ship has long sailed for that genre.
  14. They arent getting updates to take it from worst in the industry to functional. Please stop embarrassing yourself. You got called out by numerous people for a ridiculous comment.
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