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  1. Free for all, open pvp fantasy is a niche audience, history has proven that time and time again. The problem is the niche is so small (the niche themselves never seem to realize this) that they cant support any game and keep it income positive. This isnt any different for Crowfall either. There arent enough "give me full loot no restrictions" players to keep this game running either. The only saving grace is that there will be other "more restricted rulesets" that may bring in people outside the hardcore pvp niche in numbers that can support the game as a whole. If Crowfall were "The Dregs" only...it would be dead in the water before it even launched. History has proven this time and time again and the OP article only points that out.
  2. Right? If guinicean are going to be handicapped with a target reticule that low to the ground then they should have a smaller hitbox to match......and nobody wants that. As it is, every race has the same hit box, regardless of height, but the target reticule is a blessing or a curse depending on your height. You cant have it both ways.
  3. Normalize the target reticule between races please. Playing a guinicean is a bit ridiculous with how low the reticule placement is and heaven forbid you happen to be standing in tall grass trying to aim at something.
  4. It looks to me that no one will be getting mental fortitude by default anymore (except high elf) where as everyone gets it now. It currently doesnt stack with weapon finesse and its reasonable to assume it wont in the future.
  5. Dodge doesnt make you immune to any CC, you are hit by it or you arent. Block eliminates most all CC. Going in the same slot doesnt mean they are equal...it means they are choices. All major disciplines go into the same 2 slots, it doesnt mean they are equal in every situation. Block most certainly removes damage, it says so in the description....
  6. Dodge doesnt make you immune to CC (block does) dodge doesnt remove damage (block does) dodge doesnt heal your group (blocking crusaders do) You cant equate dodge and block
  7. This doesnt really change anything in the before and after scenario. Block and retaliate took stamina before, they still do. Dodge didnt take stamina, it still doesnt. The only think that changes is that you cant have both block and dodge at the same time now. Block makes you immune to crowd control, meaning you have less reason to retaliate in the first place.
  8. Then many other promotions are rubbish also 😉 I am supposed to look at the bottom of the screen for cooldowns, the right of the screen for a one line buff in a list of 20 other buffs while aiming the reticule in the middle of the screen and ensuring that my health and resource dont deplete on the upper left of the screen on a 30" monitor simultaneously? No thanks. Something as class/playstyle defining as mighty surge should be a clearly visible state to both the player and opponent.
  9. Mighty surge can proc off of any non-basic, non-shield attack and only lasts 10s. There is no way to tell when this has procced except for an added buff line on the side of the screen in a stack of 15-20+ other buffs. Ideally, the spec should be played by using eligible attacks until Mighty Surge procs and then switching to the basic attack chain for the duration of the buff. This is quite impossible currently unless the player is expected to monitor the buff list before during and after the buff procs so they know when to use basic attack and when not to. There should be a clearly identifiable indicator in the field of vision of the player. Strengths and weaknesses of the spec non-withstanding, I consider the spec unplayable in its current state of being unable to see if the buff is running or not.
  10. TLDR: Having to look away from the action in the center of the screen to see crucial information lessens the experience. The larger my monitors get, the farther away the cooldowns, pip counters, myrmidon crash meter, ect get from what I want to be looking at. Its a big reason why many people hate subtitled movies, because they have to continually keep looking down to see whats going on instead of being able to focus on the movie. Im not even asking for resizing elements, but being able to move things like health meters and class ability counters to areas that the player find more visible would help greatly. The main reason Ive stayed with World of Warcraft for so many years is that its one of the few games that allows me to place elements I consider crucial in areas my brain can recognize them. Edit> Yes, Ive seen the new UI design. Its nice, but in no way addresses having all of the info at the edges of the screen when the action is in the middle.
  11. No? It isnt at all. Before the "anyone can buy their way into beta" fad of the last 5 years, game betas were closed to the vast majority of people. The only thing we had were videos, streams and blogs about what cool things were going on that we could never experience ourselves until the game went into open beta a week or two before it was released. GW2 closed beta Wildstar closed beta and on and on and on.... We were introduced to the games and what was being added with zero chance to log in and experience it for ourselves....years in advance of the games being launched and it built hype just fine.
  12. IMO...the problem is with marketing. The frustration level with this game has done nothing but increase since they added a "marketing" person to choke information and yet the forum use and people who play the game have declined even further. Crowfall doesnt even appear in the "most anticipated" mmorpg lists anymore and hasnt for months. https://www.mmorpg.com/
  13. For how long will both they and you get a new campaign to try again when they would rather log out then play the game? If people would rather log out then play, they wont be inclined to spend money on the game. If people arent spending money....the game doesnt continue (servers, development, staff, advertisement arent free) Losing is one thing, someone has to lose...but allowing some players to create an environment so repulsing that other players would rather log out than play the game, will end the game for everyone....permanently. This type of player can not be trusted to police themselves (as you have said in your post) because they do not care about anything except their own enjoyment and are incapable of seeing the big picture (the game must have sustainable revenue). So the game must be hard-coded to not allow such behavior to occur in the first place.
  14. They arent being served because games that do that go out of business.
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