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  1. Games where you risk losing your entire inventory on death or where there is high item durability loss on death only work when gear/items are extremely easy to replace. That is not anywhere near what Crowfall is like currently. One of the main reasons that people left Shadowbane and never returned was that guilds (large groups) of people would spend a month+ gathering materials and crafting their strongholds/villages. It took alot of work and effort. Then some random guild would come by, lay siege to your stronghold and destroy everything you and your friends worked so hard to make. People often didnt rebuild, they said screw this crap, Id rather quit than go through all of that effort again, just to lose it to the next group of people to wander by. So they left Shadowbane and never returned. The same thing will happen in this game if gathering and crafting are too time consuming and too tedious. If the game revolves around losing your possessions repeatedly and often, those possessions better be damned easy to replace or Crowfall will be scrambling to replace its customers. I was there. It was sickening to see good friends leave in disgust. History repeats itself.
  2. Divine Sacrifice - Official Discussion Thread

    It doesnt change anything, however. You still cant get any of the sacrificial items without being in a group because they are obtained from group activities. Again, Im not talking about the 9 people logged onto the current crowfall servers, Im talking about a live population of 1,000+ people. People will not be gathering solo, fighting solo, destroying keeps solo, ect when the maps are full (1k+ ppl) of people that are in groups. Yeah, you might sneak a node here or there solo or find an afk guy on the edge of the map, but it isnt going to be something you can regularly count on as an activity. That being said, this is being billed as something that can be completed over the course of 1 weekend, where as hordcore player will probably have it done in hours. This isnt a replacement for passive training, and the benefit is stated as being so small as to be barely , yet hopefully noticeable. What will happen is people will still wait for their group of friends to log on to do all of the aforementioned activities to earn sacrifice items just like they wait for their friends today. The difference is that you might have 4 to 9 players logged in to Crowfall today, so you can do some things solo. That will not be the case when the game is live, unless its just before they shut the server off for good.
  3. Divine Sacrifice - Official Discussion Thread

    It wont change anything that you didnt already have the option to do. You could have harvested before. Now you still can, occasionally getting an item to give to the npc. You could have killed people before. Now you still can, occasionally getting an item to give to the npc. You could have crafted before. Now you still can, occasionally getting an item to give to the npc. ect.. It doesnt add anything of value, imo, no new gameplay, no skilled activity, nothing really except another looted item to deliver to the npc.
  4. Divine Sacrifice - Official Discussion Thread

    What makes me think its suicidal is Ive played PvP games since Ultima Online. You can sneak around now, because no one plays this game. Sure, when 9 people are logged on to the server you can get around a bit, how about when 1000 people are online? Also, doing Fed Ex tasks of bringing parcel A to Destination B is about as boring and mind numbing as it gets.
  5. Divine Sacrifice - Official Discussion Thread

    So, you cant go out into the campaign world solo, because your friends arent on and going out solo would be suicide, but this system would have you go out into the world solo to gather sacrifice items to pass the time until your friends log on. Am I misunderstanding how this works? How does that remotely solve the problem of having nothing to do when your friends arent online if going out solo is a suicide mission? Anyway, appreciate the thought process, but it seems boring. Really boring. After "one weekend" of effort your gonna soft cap on this minimal increase then this system will keep someone wanting to log in for 0.001% increase thereafter doing boring fed ex task. I cant see it.
  6. I guess, except that i wont play this game while full loot is the only option available.
  7. Ive been waiting since the initial model review to see the dwarf animation. Seems like 2 months have passed and nothing is to be seen. I remember the reactions to the dwarf still model where people complained about it being way too tall and having gorilla-like long arms. Adding the negative comments to the extreme time between the model reveal and now..... I can't think of what the hold up would be unless they were reworking the dwarf at this point. Edit> The stoneborn model was revealed on September 28th, so 2.5 months ago
  8. Well, the problem is not how each tank archetype can defend others, its that they dont have any base abilities in their kit to do it at all. Every archetype has access to as much CC as the tanks do and in the case of Rdps archetypes, theirs is even better.
  9. How exactly does a new person get the opportunity to learn what a guild leader is like before their crowns are donated to this guys guild? You dont know what hes like before you join, after you join its too late ...he has your crowns. I do not like this system at all, not remotely.
  10. But tanks do exist in pvp. Warhammer did it very well and it was explained how in this thread.. Every single archetype has cc, the ability to create kill opportunities and peel. All of them...none of that is regulated to tanks. Again the point of this thread and already explained.
  11. Question: Why would you attack a Knight? Answer: There are plenty of reasons to attack a Knight. ......moves on to the next question. In any other game with tanks, you are berated by your party (and rightly so) for attacking the tank unless there is literally no other archetype left to attack. Their damage is low, their defense is high and they posses no more threat to you than anything else. Could you guys explain why you expect anyone but the least experienced player or a small child playing on dad's account to be attacking the knight (or any other tank) unless there are no other archetypes left to kill.
  12. And thats what it really boils down to and I think would be the point we agree upon. I would much rather see varied playstyles between healing, tanking , ranged dps and melee dps instead of playing dps #1, dps#2, dps#3 and dps#4. If I wanted really bad combat like that I could log into Guild Wars 2 again, where everyone is DPS or GTFO.
  13. Well, it seems you didnt really read much of the thread. Warhammer Online has as big or bigger fights than Crowfall will. Tanks were extremely important in large battles 100+ as they were in small battles by using skills that were explained in the first post. This thread is about how the tank archetype can actually play as a tank, it currently cannot and should either have the name changed to heavy melee ( because they are literally nothing more than poor mdps) or brawler. Every single class can wear plate armor if they choose in Crowfall, so Im not seeing an advantage there. Maybe you might spend time looking at the tank skills presented in the beginning of the thread or familiarize yourself with the massive battles of Warhammer Online to get a better idea of what the thread adresses, its hardly a 5 man pve tank thats being questioned. Its about an archetype that can be played as the name "tank"suggests in small or large PvP battles...its already been proven to work and be fufilling in other games. Who needs 2 versions of mdps? Mdps barley have a spot at all in large battles as it is.
  14. Concerns about controller support.

    Elder Scrolls was designed from the ground up to be a console port.. Thats pretty much the jist of this thread. Elder Scrolls combat really blows, and you can 100% see that it was designed first and foremost to be controller friendly. So, you are right in that the PC version isnt any worse, they are both equally bad, and its because of the controller requirements.
  15. I almost forgot: Hold the line : You focus your defenses against enemy fire, increasing your chances to dodge and disrupt by X% for X SECONDS. You will also defend all allies behind you, up to X FEET away, increasing their chances to dodge and disrupt by X% as long as they remain at your back. Allies may have this effect stacked on them up to 3 times.This effect will end if you break your concentration, or run out of action points.) Warhammer Online treated tanks brilliantly. They provided the tools to pvp and support as a tank, not as a heavily armed brawler.