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  1. We know what Ace thinks, its clearly spelled out in the ToS. I was under the impression every other post in this thread was opinion.
  2. I think its unacceptable. You are paying extra for a mobile bank. Its very much the mining, passing loot to the stealthed alt character that logs in and out so you are never in danger of getting ganked for your resources.
  3. What clarification do you need? The ToS is posted in this thread Clearly saying it isnt allowed.
  4. Maybe you cant force them, but you can greatly encourage them. Warhammer Online pretty much solved this by having their tanks taunt function as normal in pve and in pvp it would place a debuff on the enemy that would greatly increase the tanks damage vs that target until the taunted person struck the tank 3x. This left the decision of what to do up to the taunted target. Did they continue to attack their original target? or did they pause and hit the tank 3x to take 30% less damage from them for the 8s or so until the tanks taunt refreshed? Then there was the "guard" mechanic. Where tanks could target a person in their group and take half of that players incoming damage. The tanks block, parry, dodge all reduced the incoming damage. This allowed tanks to further play a pve support role in a pvp situation by protecting their group from damage while not forcing the enemy to attack the tank. Tanks were the target of knockbacks (punts) and other CC as a means to separate the the tank and the guarded unit (it was fairly short range). This again "encouraged" players to target the tank, while not forcing them too. All non-ranged archetypes that were traditionally melee were given a "throw" of some sort to allow them to pull mobs, it was very low damage. The tanks version also acted as a ranged "execute" doing hundreds of damage when the target was below 20% life (i forget) when the ability did like 15 damage otherwise. This encouraged the target to stay and fight the tank at low health instead of running away like they would from a dps class like a rogue. The choice whether to do so or not was always in the hands of the player and with terrain, ect there were times it made sense to run...but, for the most part, players were "encouraged" to target tanks in pvp. And it was awesome.
  5. Your gap closer is stealth.... I mean, you seem to blow off the strength and power of being invisible and choosing your fights pretty handily.
  6. But arent they also widely regarded as OP and desperately in need of a nerf? Do they benefit more than a dps with upgraded vessels and gear? Shouldnt it be a wash? Doesnt every archetype have access to CC as well? This is something id ideally like to see....in that tanks would have the CC to go with lesser damage. As it stands, every class has a CC specialization, from healers to dps. This was invented in Warhammer Online (or something similar, tank taunts caused the tank to do more damage to the target until the taunted person hit the tank3x) and was probably the key single skill that allowed low damage tanks to produce decent/good damage while maintaining a tank role in pvp without forcing the opponent to target the tank like a pve mob.
  7. Tanks are pretty crappy as far as filling any sort of what most people consider to be a "tank" role. No game did the pvp tank better than Warhammer online. I wish Crowfall would use that as the foundation for what tanks can be in this game.
  8. The first post of this thread is dated July 22nd. It was commented on 10 times with the last post as July 24th. 10 days later it is re-posted as the August 1st "News" in the following month. I mean, at least it isn't another War Story, but, why not just cancel the news if you guys dont want to do it anymore??, because clearly you dont. All it is doing at this point is souring me on the game as it is a total let-down anymore.
  9. Except that you cant move your trained points around. Spent points are spent points and I believe the OP was referring to skill training and not equipped items.
  10. I agree with this, particularly the crafting. Its obviously a system that a lot of time, thought and love was put into, but its way too complex for my tastes. I can and will look everything up online and spend a ridiculous amount of time figuring it out to make it work, but I bet a lot of people wont bother and I wish I didnt have to go to that effort either.
  11. I agree. Different weapons used for the three different specializations seems like a great step in giving each spec a unique identity and play style. Resulting in short medium and long ranged combat.
  12. and making the game tedious doesnt make it better either. I will log back in and time it later today, but clicking the food every 5 minutes (or whatever it is) adds absolutely nothing positive to gameplay....nothing. Its just one more annoyance. As I said in my post, food wasnt necessarily hard to find. So let it be automatically eaten from the inventory and remove the tedium or better yet, do away with it entirely. Is it fun for you to keep clicking on food throughout your play session? Does it add some extra layer of challenge or skill?
  13. Ive been logged into the test server for a couple hours on a few different days each this week. For the first time in ages. Granted, the characters I spent the most time on were minotaurs, but I also had a stoneborn for comparison. The rate that the food decreased was just ridiculous. I pretty much stood by the campfire looking at how the skill trees have changed and reading the skill descriptions. I did a bit of logging as well, but not much. The chicken ticker would drop and drop and drop. Im thinking to myself, "who the hell would find this fun?" Its not the issue of food being hard to get, I got some apples and cooked some meat from the chests. But the constant click food to fill the ticker.......so freaking annoying. And this is after the supposed "FIX" of this article i guess.
  14. It was literally 3 minutes of random 1-5 second clips strung together... Is this supposed to be the "big beats", juicy information with wide appeal to the masses? I know that there isnt always big stuff to report. But news should be things that are being worked on, or progress reports or screenshots of an artist working on a new mobile or landscape item. Something....showing how the game is progressing. The last two weeks have been these player videos (which would be fine if they actually showcased some new game feature in action) that have nothing to do with news at all. Frankly, they are generally so poorly done, it seems like you had two submissions and you had to choose one or have nothing to put up at all.
  15. But they dont get all of those? They have to be slotted on the bar and take the place of another skill. So its not like a race has more or less skill slots on the bar, except humans. And every race gets a passive as well. The two races I compared to minotaur both get trailmaster (moves you quickly as you pointed out) vs frontal stun immunity. Yet the minotaur is the only one with -30% to food rate. I seem to remember larger races (mino, hill giant, centaur) were supposed to have a mass advantage at one point and not be able to get pulled or punted as far. But hasnt that all been given up on at this point?
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