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  1. I just stumbled over this today. Rend Someone likes a large portion of Crowfall's ideas it seems.
  2. I hate the Necromancy tradeskill as it prevents any emotional tie to my character whatsoever. This game is a constant checklist of pluses and minuses. I just hope the pluses can win by the time it goes live.
  3. Client download speeds atrocious

    Well, your internet connection can fluctuate. The internet isnt made up of "your machine" it consists of a whole lot of machines and connections between those machines. There are so many variables I couldnt possibly say what the issue is and other than running a traceroute from your system to the download destinatation, without that, Im not sure anyone else could either.
  4. Where is Dogget? Dont see him in the pic and havent seen him crossing through any live streams in awhile.
  5. In Crowfall any archetype can peel, as every archetype has as much or more cc than the tanks do. Also, what will mdps do on the front lines without tanks to support them? All of your tanks are on the back lines waiting for a stealth class to appear.
  6. Oh, for crying out loud, every damned person who played WoW was a gladiator if you ask them...nm, they will make sure to tell you. BTW, I invented the internet.
  7. Stoneborn

    They said in the last livestream that they were not remotely close.
  8. Vessels are most definitely alts. What else would you call playing another class/race? Maybe you dont "get it". The "Crow" is not your character. Can you fight with your crow? Craft with your Crow? Harvest with your Crow? cant do anything with your crow except choose what alt to play next. Yes, your trained skills are tied to your crow...but you dont play the crow, you dont adventure with it. Its pretty easy to see how no one can get attached to the Crow. And the Crow was not always part of the game. When I bought into the game in 2015 the vessel idea didnt even exist. Crowfall is persistent. The EK's never go away...The EK is where you and your friends hang out between adventures, or other people come to pvp, its your base of operations for as long as you play the game. The first thing you need to realize is that people that dont like the vessel system do not necessarily dislike it because they are too stupid to see its full glory as you have so much have said. I fully understand the system and i do not like it.
  9. Oh, I get the vessel system, But I dont like it and never did. I still remember the sickness in my stomach when I first read that they wanted to add that to the game. I don't enjoy playing alts, I play one character and that is my intention to do here as well. Years from now I would like to log in to the same character that I logged into the previous year and the year previous to that to continue my adventure....not some formless gas cloud or spirit crow or whatever the final avatar happens to be. Persistent fantasy mmorpgs should have persistent characters, save the disposable vehicles for Eve.
  10. Great update. I only wanted to play one character, a persistent character. it wouldnt bother me at all if necromancy was completely removed from the game. I'd prefer that it was, everything to do concerning it is a hassle.
  11. GW2's pvp scene has been dead has been dead for 2 expansions. I didnt know anyone even considered that part of the game still active or developed for.
  12. GW2 has some of the absolute worst combat of any recent game in the genre specifically due to designing it around removing the holy trinity. The meta has never changed from everyone building glass cannon dps except for raids which were added later. And here is an example of GW2 raid combat (GW2 dps raid ball) Every GW2 raid consists of people stacking on top of each other and performing their dps rotations. If you plan to advocate how successful and fun GW2 combat is, then we will never come to agreement.
  13. WTB real crowd control class

    A class like that will cost you roughly 20 million dollars. Because you will have to create your own mmorpg to ever see something that ridiculously OP again. Even then, you would have to play it all alone, because no one will accept 40s to 1 minute crowd control ever again.
  14. But it isnt pve style, maybe it was in the game you played 18 years ago, but modern games have fleshed out a proper tanks playstyle in pvp for almost a decade now (sample pvp tank abilities) Any archetype can wear heavy armor, spec for cc immunity, ect. All Archetypes have CC, and some of the ranged dps have better CC than the tanks do.
  15. Games where you risk losing your entire inventory on death or where there is high item durability loss on death only work when gear/items are extremely easy to replace. That is not anywhere near what Crowfall is like currently. One of the main reasons that people left Shadowbane and never returned was that guilds (large groups) of people would spend a month+ gathering materials and crafting their strongholds/villages. It took alot of work and effort. Then some random guild would come by, lay siege to your stronghold and destroy everything you and your friends worked so hard to make. People often didnt rebuild, they said screw this crap, Id rather quit than go through all of that effort again, just to lose it to the next group of people to wander by. So they left Shadowbane and never returned. The same thing will happen in this game if gathering and crafting are too time consuming and too tedious. If the game revolves around losing your possessions repeatedly and often, those possessions better be damned easy to replace or Crowfall will be scrambling to replace its customers. I was there. It was sickening to see good friends leave in disgust. History repeats itself.