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  1. Its a mess. I bought the small castle years ago and it came in pieces. It cannot be assembled to look like the model it was sold from. The parcel is too small to place the buildings and walls unless you want a fence like you see in the city between two houses where there is one foot distance apart. I have the same experience as you in that trying to build a continuous wall is near impossible to to rocks, hills, ect. The fact that you cant even keep the Ek open to the public for more than 3 hours without spending 15$ and sitting at the keyboard at least once every 10 minutes to k
  2. That seems like a round about way of saying nothing has really changed.
  3. Well, thats a shame. It doesnt change the fact that the old debates are still relevant and nothing has changed to require further debates.
  4. Why would they be forced to change naming conventions? One name per account leaves many, many more free names available for people than traditional naming conventions where i have 16 different names tied up on one account.
  5. The standard amount of time is when the last character logs off. So that +3 hours. Assuming i wake up in the middle of the night to keep my EK open for business, my character will get afk logged out in like 10+ minutes of inactivity. So you are looking at a window of 3 hours, 10 minutes....
  6. Not going to happen. You only have one "character" in this game and it is a spirit crow with one name. That same spirit inhabits various unnamed corpses. That is why you have one name only.
  7. Am I allowed to have a merchant npc in my eternal kingdom and expect to sleep through an entire night without setting the alarm in 3 hour increments so that people can access it? Am I allowed to have a job that allows me to pay for this service without accessing a computer every 3 hours to refresh my eternal kingdom?
  8. Um, hamsters have been used for crafting and gathering for literally years in this game. One of, not the only reason, is for the extra ring slot. This is not a new discovery or revelation that is just coming to light. Its been discussed to death, like most everything that isnt a recent addition or change. Things dont exactly happen at breakneck speed around here where stuff falls through the cracks. Like, have you bothered to search for any of the prior posts regarding this issue to see whats already been talked about? Im guessing not. Here is the first example i picked up.
  9. Why would I expect that? Is the only factor in determining what race makes for the best blacksmith is if the have a blacksmithing racial bonus? I mean, because it isnt the only factor... In addition, you keep looking at one racial out of a package of racials and trying to make a stand that this one racial, in the one situation is the best for this situation, while totally ignoring all of the other racials that come in the package. You are 6 years late to the party. I forget the last time racials were rebalanced...maybe 2 years ago? All of that time, these crafting racials have b
  10. 4% is 4 pennies on the dollar. Its nothing. Other races get equivalent bonuses in other areas, Should we just remove all racials now to avoid every brand new player coming in and saying "hey geys, look at what I discovered, it needs nerfed"? Nothing is a surprise, my man, the racials have been like this for ages. You didnt discover anything. This has been accepted for years.
  11. Is it a big advantage to have +4.91 main stat when you already have +800 otherwise? Is it really? Nowhere do I see you mention what other races get that Guinnie and Elf give up to get that miniscule advantage. The point of racials is they excel in different areas.
  12. A couple days head start, not months and even then there is a wipe to start it off.
  13. Mortal2 is first person only, Crowfall is 3rd person. Thats literally where I stop caring as I would never play first person.
  14. It isnt even a bug and has been a part of their racials for years and years.
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