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  1. This can not be emphasized enough. I feel the same way.
  2. This was the death knell of Wildstar Online. It had the foundation of an incredible game. Awesome, innovative combat, unique races. a unique setting....but they catered to the hardcore to the point that the game lost all of the casuals and imploded. He who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it.
  3. Do you honestly think the campaign will bring people to play this game or keep the ones that do try it? Yes I believe the Battle Royal is played out at this point, but the campaign is not going to keep this game afloat. Honestly, I dont see anything that leads me to believe this game will be successful if launched this year.
  4. I dont think it should. Crafting was advertised as a path you could take as your main focus for your character, but how many people have you seen that are main crafters? Does a "main" crafter have a place in a 5 man hunger dome team? What I see is people buying multiple accounts to craft on and logging them out to play their main "combat" characters. Why try to balance the entire game (unsuccessfully imo) around trying to make crafting a viable main profession when 99% of people just log in alt accounts to cover that and promptly log them back out? Stop trying to fit a square pe
  5. Eve is a space exploration game, pretty much the only pvp space exploration game. Crowfall is fantasy pvp game number 24. Eve does well, because its the only game available of its type. You have a lot of options for fantasy games. They are not comparable.
  6. Because they said there would be rulesets without looting...
  7. This stuck out to me as I watched the stream. The UI was redesigned at least 3 times. Why in the world was it not designed the first time with a foundation to move, resize and hide the UI elements? Customization was mentioned as far back as kickstarter. I cannot go with the excuse that the UI has to be redesigned a 4th time so that it can do what it was supposed to do the first time.
  8. Well, thats why pure pvp games are ultra niche and while hardcore pvp players think they are some large community, history shows they are very small and can not or will not support hardcore pvp games. Yes, there are freak examples like Eve that are contrary to this, but Eve is the only game of its type and there is nowhere else for that type of player to go. There are lots of places for fantasy gamers to go conversely. I dont remember when I backed the game anymore, but it was a few weeks after kickstarter closed. I dont play this game and have no desire to as long as the playable ruleset
  9. The game is becoming a spreadsheet. I need a spreadsheet for ability stats, a spreadsheet for training, multiple spreadsheets for crafting......come on guys, dumb the game down and focus on making it fun to play. I dont mind looking some stuff up to play here and there, but its to the point where its too much. What is your target audience (outside of the 50 ppl that play in beta) that you think is going to look all of this stuff up to create a character all of the time or to learn to craft? When i was a kid, I would spend hours looking stuff up in the D&D handb
  10. Its clear you never built a city or maybe didnt even play Shadowbane. It took a long, long time to build a city and rank everything up. It took so much effort that it was easier to quit the game than to do the work over again. These were not a small group of my friends. I saw this repeat over and over again until the population could no longer support the game. But hey, I was there and you werent.
  11. As someone who played Shadowbane, this is mostly true. However, I remember vividly, to this day, the guilds I was in that broke apart and the people that quit the game permanently (never to return) when their city was destroyed after putting that much work and time into it. It was basically a self-destroying aspect of Shadowbanes design. It killed the game. A niche game cannot afford to alienate its niche population.
  12. haha, i was gonna say ...what? then i saw Yowha necroed this thread from march of 2015, lol
  13. the subclasses (or promotion classes) are literally focused on 2 skills being better out of the same pool of skills the base class has. Its barely a difference at all from the base class im most situations.
  14. If you look at the concept art for minotaur armor: Minotaur Armor Concept Art Its amazing... The helms look great, the armor is impressive. Then you see what was produced in game and its really bad... Many of the races armor looks just like the concept art. The minotaur looks like it was done by one of the interns.
  15. Have I ever played the game? Yes, of course I have. I dont like the game as it stands today and the Frostweaver was my last hope for something to be produced I would enjoy. Then that turned out to be a regurgitated druid instead of the dual wielding pet class that was expected. When I invested 500$ into the game I was led to believe there would be different rulesets that you could choose to play in which included no item drop pvp, which is the type of pvp that I enjoy. As it stands currently, I dont know if that will even be an option. I find that the crafting is ungodly complex, the
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