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  1. I would look for new faces and hairstyles in the cash shop if things last that long. Why put them in the base game for free?
  2. 1 Yes 2 yes 1 time. You submit 3 choices and they choose one of them if its available.
  3. Developers water it down because pvp centric games rely on a population of gamers to play them. If you cannot attract people to play because you are solely "hardcore or bust" they you dont have the population to make the game enjoyable and the game dies out. Sounds a lot like the current state of Crowfall, doesnt it?
  4. None of them complained about the combat?
  5. When you go out for dinner, do you sit through a horrible meal with terrible service just because the restaurant is rumored to haver the best desert in town? Most people wont suffer that long to get to the desert. They will cut their losses and get out asap and go somewhere where the entire experience is enjoyable.
  6. yeah, lol, pvp centric games are all the rage until people get dumped on repeatedly and just stop logging in. There are no safeguards to speak of in Crowfall to keep bad behavior in check and there is yet to be any proof that the game can retain new players. You put those two things together and it spells disaster.
  7. Probably because its free to do so now and at launch its a 40$ gamble.
  8. I died inside when this was first announced to be added to the game. Ive never cared for this system.
  9. Those are after my post. Before my post was made you will see most of the people are unique.
  10. Troll EKs? So now having a vendor in your EK is something only a troll would do? I really see no point where further conversation with you is necessary.
  11. Of course Im aware, its been mentioned numerous times in this thread alone. Its asanine. Try to place yourself in the position of these nobels/vassels as well as the owner of the EK. Every 3-4 hours you have to stop what you are doing and log into Bob's Ek. All day long, track the EK status and log in. Bearable maybe, maybe if its just one EK. But imaging you are the vassel/nobel for more than one EK in your guild..... This is acceptable for 15$ a month? To perpetually stop and start your gameplay to check and re-boot yours and or other peoples EKs? Yeah, if that was a non-VIP player mayb
  12. Its a feature as much as any single other item it entails is a feature. As a matter of fact, it is the only feature that I particularly care about as it is literally the only way to open your EK to the public. Many of the other features VIP offers are available in game without VIP at varying levels of annoyance. Opening your EK to the public is not possible period without VIP.
  13. This 3 hour benefit is just one more reason not to play this game. I have no problem spending 15$ a month to play a game. I have paid 10-15$ subs for over 20 years (paying since the first year of ultima online through WoW today). Im not going to pay 45$+ a month to play a game in addition to running 3rd party software your you have chosen to do to get a functional vendor in place to sell my wares. Even F2P Korean garbage mmorpgs allowed for personal stalls to stay open while you were offline without fear of being logged out. Everquest 1 allowed your character stall to stay open the entire
  14. Its almost as if this problem wasnt solved 20 years ago with the inclusion of multiple hotbars on the screen at one time.
  15. Problem is you need a group to gather the rarest materials as well. Multiple gatherers all hitting the same node. Seeing as you cant do it alone, you might as well expect guild protection also. If all you want is the lower end mats, you can try to do that solo with a build focused on escape.
  16. Are you daft? You think all people shop in the same block of time? Its that kind of thought process that has this game heading to a very grizzly end. Telling people they can play as a crafter or gatherer but cannot have a shop to sell their wears, even if the pay 15$/month that doesnt auto-close and log out at various points of the day. Let me give you an example. Have you ever placed an auction in a game like WoW or FFXIV that took longer than four hours to sell, but sold afterward? Of course, you dont know when the sale is going to happen, but it will for sure never happen if
  17. Its a mess. I bought the small castle years ago and it came in pieces. It cannot be assembled to look like the model it was sold from. The parcel is too small to place the buildings and walls unless you want a fence like you see in the city between two houses where there is one foot distance apart. I have the same experience as you in that trying to build a continuous wall is near impossible to to rocks, hills, ect. The fact that you cant even keep the Ek open to the public for more than 3 hours without spending 15$ and sitting at the keyboard at least once every 10 minutes to k
  18. That seems like a round about way of saying nothing has really changed.
  19. Well, thats a shame. It doesnt change the fact that the old debates are still relevant and nothing has changed to require further debates.
  20. Why would they be forced to change naming conventions? One name per account leaves many, many more free names available for people than traditional naming conventions where i have 16 different names tied up on one account.
  21. The standard amount of time is when the last character logs off. So that +3 hours. Assuming i wake up in the middle of the night to keep my EK open for business, my character will get afk logged out in like 10+ minutes of inactivity. So you are looking at a window of 3 hours, 10 minutes....
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