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  1. haha, i was gonna say ...what? then i saw Yowha necroed this thread from march of 2015, lol
  2. the subclasses (or promotion classes) are literally focused on 2 skills being better out of the same pool of skills the base class has. Its barely a difference at all from the base class im most situations.
  3. If you look at the concept art for minotaur armor: Minotaur Armor Concept Art Its amazing... The helms look great, the armor is impressive. Then you see what was produced in game and its really bad... Many of the races armor looks just like the concept art. The minotaur looks like it was done by one of the interns.
  4. Have I ever played the game? Yes, of course I have. I dont like the game as it stands today and the Frostweaver was my last hope for something to be produced I would enjoy. Then that turned out to be a regurgitated druid instead of the dual wielding pet class that was expected. When I invested 500$ into the game I was led to believe there would be different rulesets that you could choose to play in which included no item drop pvp, which is the type of pvp that I enjoy. As it stands currently, I dont know if that will even be an option. I find that the crafting is ungodly complex, the UI is not customizsable (we were told UI elements would be movable and re-sizable), there is no "tank" role pvp development (see warhammer online or my post history)and the combat in general is overly simplistic with a use-it-when-its-off-cooldown skill ceiling. People stay in gods reach because not everyone that enjoys pvp also enjoys dropping items. Why do you think Crowfall has <100 players online at the best of times and far less at the worst? It costs 5$ to play this game, right now, if someone actually wanted to, but people dont want to play it other than a small handful of people pushing to make this a game that wont attract enough money to stay in business after the initial funds run out.
  5. If the bulk of your games players prefer playing in Gods Reach, that should tell you that the design of your game has failed to produce what the bulk of your players want outside of Gods Reach. Im sorry to break it to you folks, but the game should be more like Gods Reach and not less like it. Keep gutting Gods reach and the 38 people that bother to even log on can shrink down to the 12 waiting outside Gods Reach to ruin the play experience of the people inside.
  6. I couldnt agree more. The crafting system is so bad, so off-putting, it literally makes me want to log out of the game as well. What's wrong with it? [1] the complexity is ridiculous. [2] The amount of clicking, dragging, searching ... did i mention clicking and dragging?
  7. I quit using the Razer Naga after 3 of them broke early and now use the G600 exclusively. That being said, what you suggest isnt possible. The software for the mouse changes the key output outside of the game, ie. the game (Crowfall) does not affect or interact with the mouse software in any way. Zoning in game has no interaction with the game software. There are other factors not related that could be causing the problem, such as: If a profile is set up for crowfall on the mouse software and is not set up correctly (ie, is set to be the active profile when X program is running (usually the games .exe) and the wrong program is chosen) it will use the default profile instead, which will most likely have different keybinds not set up for Crowfall. If the game has cheap anti cheat root kits, it will prevent the mouse software from working at all while the game is running, but that isnt an issue with crowfall. Lastly, the mouse could be starting to die (Razor is a crap product) and showing erratic behavior which he attributes to zoning because thats when he notices it because of a pause in the action. Guarenteed that actions in game, of the game are not causing the issues you mention.
  8. Its a measure of the interest in the game... And until you get promoted to forum police, i dont really care whether you think something belongs in a thread or not and i have no intention of PM'ing some random guy about anything.
  9. Games no one's heard of and no one plays aren't viable options. For that matter, Eve has a whopping 649 viewers on twitch at the moment and is hardly a poster child for anything successful.
  10. I hope you were kidding. These games might as well not exist as they are so unknown.
  11. Eve is a space-themed pvp game. Where would the players go if they were unhappy with Eve? There isnt any competition.
  12. I would like a "hide helmet" feature. There are many races I will not play at all because their helmets come with "fake" hair. The hairstyle doesnt match what you chose at character creation. Its particularly stupid when your character is bald, then equips a helmet, and now has long hair... I can even overlook that to some extent, because its a lot of work to make a helmet for each hairstyle that is a possibility for each race....i guess. But I cannot excuse that the fake hair attached to the helmet is a different color than the hair I chose at creation. For example, the hair colors of the stoneborn helms (there is a different color for mail and a different color for plate) are colors that dont even exist as a choice at character creation. So you cant even specifically try to match the colors of your chosen hair with that of the armor type you will be wearing.
  13. The illusion is that you choose how to build your character. The reality is that half of the choices are already made for you.
  14. Will we ever be able to move and resize UI elements? Will I be able to see spell cooldowns and life gauges near the center of my screen or will I forever have to keep looking at the bottom?
  15. That was my beef in the original post. The Frostweaver is a re-skinned druid, they share the same class core. We waited years for the frostweaver and got a better performing druid....and its disappointing. The druid should have gotten the re-work since it had that power set first and the frostweaver should have been an original class that brought something new to the table. Instead, you have a choice to play nature druid or ice druid....
  16. Lets not forget: the ridiculously complex crafting system EK buildings that dont fit on the parcels they come with Spell effects blanketing the screen targeting reticules 1 meter off of the ground for some races, hidden in the bodies of others
  17. Im not sure what that video is supposed to show? Your combat is exactly the same in animation and sound whether you are hitting a target or swinging at empty air. That is the definition of "floaty" combat.
  18. This addresses problems crafters face while stepping on the toes of harvesters in the process. Harvesters must be the people who procure raw materials. Crafters must be the people who produce items from raw materials. There are three separate and supposedly 🙄 equal paths to travel in Crowfall and that wont be realized by letting everyone be the best at at the other two roles specialization.
  19. Do you consider "combat" to be a mini game? Crafters should expect their own spell books with their own spells and skills. They should expect to be able to load out their bars with said skills to complete whatever challenge lies ahead of them in the production of their craft. They should expect an interactive play session just like combat players expect... Crafting is supposed to be a fully supported and fleshed out way for people to play the game if they choose that role. It isnt remotely that. It is clicking menus that cover the majority of the screen and literally nothing else. Would you or anyone for that matter accept combat in crowfall if all you needed to or could do was click some pop up menus? Crafting in most games is a mini game, so it can get away with a few crappy menus and people will let it ride. Those games do not promote being a full time crafter as being a supported playstyle. Being a crafter is supposed to be as viable as playing a combat role in crowfall and it absolutely isnt anywhere near that and there is nothing that I have seen mentioned plans to address that. Crowfall's crafters will be mostly alternate accounts, set aside and logged in only to craft for a few moments when needed. Thats how badly designed and developed the crafting side of character development is. There is zero reason to "main" a crafter and pretty much nothing for you to do in game should you choose to be rebellious and do it for luls, except click the menus blocking your view of the game world.
  20. Then why are they a part of the talent tree where literally everything on it costs points? If they are free they have no business being listed there.
  21. I believe that spell effects have long passed critical mass. Both the druid and now frostweaver can litter a landscape and battle in short order with their orbs and ice patches. Add in confessor tornadoes and frostweaver blizzards and on and on ... The visibility during battle is really pretty bad at times. Turning down spell effects might help, but you still need to see where these things are to engage in their benefits or avoid their negative effects. Do you think this is a problem (doesnt seem like it since the frostweaver was just released and is a major offender) and if so, how will you address it so that whats going on in a battle is easily identifiable?
  22. Even at that, with only 4 Frostweavers in large scale battles...you are looking at potentially 32 ice chunks littering the landscape.... Surely in large battles you will have even more than 4 Frostweavers with regularity, then add druids and their orbs for even more ground clutter... I dont see how this is going to be fixed without removing the ice patch and orb graphics and replacing them with a nearly invisible flat circle on the ground or something. Its like painting yourself into a corner with having not 1, but 2 classes capable of littering up an entire landscape.
  23. EverQuest II released in November 2004. It featured adventurer / crafter classes, much like Crowfall, in that it was promoted that you could play as both or either solely if you desired. Crafting Tutorial Quest : Notice the skills at the bottom of the crafting window. They are active skills, used at appropriate times and in real time....just like a combat class would do when fighting an enemy. The work station is animated to reflect what is transpiring with the crafting process (ie, faults, errors, successes) as well as the active crafting skills the player uses being animated.....this was done 16 years ago.... How to Craft in Everquest 2 Everquest 2 crafting Its just very sad to see that Crowfall thinks you can have a decent play experience as a full time crafter character in their game and there is nothing at all to support it except for clicking menus. Im not saying that even EQ2's system would be sufficient (16 years later) but Crowfall should have something similar that is expounded upon to give crafters a legitimate play experience as long as they intend to promote the game as playable as a fully focused crafter.
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