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  1. I would like this topic to mostly be about how Crowfall functions as a whole, and how parts of it could impede gameplay. Lets talk about how we as the community see this game functioning now, and what just doesn't sound like it will work. How I think "everyone gets an Eternal Kingdom and can have markets" will siphon the fun out of Crowfall for some players. In Crowfall every player has an Eternal Kingdom, they are the head ruler of that kingdom. You own and control everything in it, but everyone has one. The developers are trying to make a player driven economy (which I think is great). This idea of large social hubs and markets in a large city is complex. This idea will be drowned down with everyone being able to make one. The only people who gain from making there Eternal Kingdom public are those with the largest and nicest kingdoms. Who has that kind of kingdom? It would be those that have the most resources (or spent the most real money on parcels). This inevitably will result in only a few Eternal Kingdoms having a living breathing player run market. Those that don't have that kind of money or resources will get disappointed with there empty public cities. Can it work with everyone having an Eternal Kingdom? What do the developers think, what does the community think will happen?
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