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  1. After 2 years im back. Its great to see more content added to this game, but whats going on with the choppiness of the game as well as the direction? They seemed to have change the original direction that was planned. Its almost the same choppiness wise as it was pre alpha albeit slightly better.
  2. Last day so doubtful of additional goal Proud to say I am now invested in a great company!
  3. I'm a Kickstarter backer what happens if I invest? Can I get all the rewards in this same account too?
  4. When I start the game I get error invalid client and that I need to patch, but patching has been completed
  5. Do we know how hard the resources and how much resources are going to be needed for buildings; such as, castles, forts, throne rooms, parcel pieces. For the best resources are we going to need to have high skill levels? Id imagine for like a citadel if gathering on your own would be years and also time to complete required training for high level materials. Do we have an idea what we can actually build and place in our builds at this time? Ive seen a little bit on this but not too much
  6. Right? I mean If someone wants to craft and be a fighter why wouldn't they make an Alt to craft? Its not a P2P game so they don't even really need VIP either honestly I feel like with VIP you should be able to train general skills (not same skill tree) if not I mean people are just going to buy another account anyway and then possibly not even bother with VIP. Some people may only want to play one Archetype, they wont need VIP, but if they also want to play that one Archetype and also craft, and train combat they would buy VIP to be able to do so. If not they will make another account and I b
  7. That's what I'm worried about the good fighters can always get good crafting gear by buying it and trading, but the good crafters cant buy good fighting skills to help them. So essentially if you're going to be a crafter you really shouldn't be fighting because you wouldn't have a chance against someone decent at fighting and having the skills. Sure you could have a second account, Its not a monthly p2p so someone buys its for a flat box price and has it anyway, they now can have dedicated fighter and crafter to me it doesn't make sense because of this fact, people would easily pay box price f
  8. the way I understand it is that you can only train 1 general skill at any one time even if you have another character. What if I want to craft but also want to be a fighter? Essentially I would be completly useless in fighting if I choose to go the craft path is that correct?
  9. Is there any ETA on this part of testing? This is the part im really waiting for
  10. I traded in my small castle and my large fort and VIPs for the Large Castle. It looks like from this I should of just gotten 3 Small castles. As we are justgoing to get the pieces for the castles right? Ill have so much more pieces to work worth if I got 3 small castles. What do you guys think??
  11. I have Kickstarter Amber package I bought also what do you guys think of using my VIP for that one and getting a Mountain Citadel? XD
  12. Ive tried to redeem the VIP for Credit but I dont know how to separate all 72 because I dont want to redeem them all. How can I separate them?
  13. Ah I see so trade in my small castle and large keep plus maybe some VIP to get a large Castle? As they will be alot more expensive later on? Do you know why?
  14. Do you guys think I should sell anything for instore credit? I have the sapphire kickstarer bundle and just recently came back its been awhile and I noticed that we can sell somethings. What do you guys think? Or what are you guys doing?
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