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  1. Move them inside the campaign bank, then disconnect on the lobby where you have your vault account bank, there you can see the banks you have access from the different campaigns, transfer from those to your vault who's you account based bank. Don't unlock your character until the campaign is finished or you will not have the rewards from it
  2. Funny to see all the trashtalkers on CF still on forums and now targeting the videos CF sponsored πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  3. Wartribe gear : 500 durability Crafter gear : at least 1500+ durability on crap craft And if you don't want to craft anything go to Aerynth Traders EK they have plenty of stuff for you
  4. TESO, World of Warcraft, Eve Online, etc... have all a PTS/PTR , it's largely common thing on a large quantity of MMO's. Complain just for complain right? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  5. Duellist Dirge Is this really a "love patch to sin and duellist"? You removed the inconceivable buff who was an active power with parts of luck on it to some random RNG around powers not even indicated somewhere on those powers. Actually i managed to proc some 1 buff only and on a 5 sec buff....pretty damn nerf to duellist instead of "buff love" As a Dirge i only have 4 powers with 2 powers on a 25+ sec cooldown another one (impale) depending on combos points and the last one usefull only to root πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ If i want more powers i need to put point on pistols (stupid idea for a rapier fighter) or take passives disciplines.... So i spam basic attacks and impale when it's up...what a gameplay..... Sometimes i wander what you are thinking about πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  6. So you are asking to people who play with friends to being blocked from joining them because YOU want to see it like that? Kinda selfish no? You tend to forget the faction tacit alliance, in the EU server (YS server for the frenchs ones) there was a passive alliance from hib+mid to fight "alongside" because alb had the upperhand in every maps. So you can have the nostalgia of DAOC all you want, there was the same exact problems as you can see in every MMOS with 3 factions or guilds versus guilds PVP. The only way to counter that is creating a Guild versus Guild arena like Guild Wars 1, New World's 50 versus 50 battleground (lol) or Albion Online 6v6 (and even Albion Online had the Zerg problem in it, they even put a tech on the map to say to players avoid this zone) For the 600 players stacking in god's reach it's : Because it's "safe" they only loose gold They are new They are not in a guild and probably solo players They don't even know a campaign is on actually (bad advertising Ace should put an alert on loggin to state there is a campaign running) Just saying that all those people are just waiting for a FvFvF campaign is presomptuous.
  7. It was already proved in Alpha that FvFvF don't solve anything, it was proved that when a faction get the most flow of players this faction just steamroll on the others and then the others factions claim it's unfair. It's the snake biting its tail. If you think FvFvF will save you, you are in for the wrong.
  8. Guild wars 2, The elder scrolls Online, Black Desert Online, and a ton of others B2P MMO do the same as Crowfall πŸ™Š World of Warcraft who make you buy the game + DLC even have a shop to buy services and it's even more costly despite the fact that they make a ton of $ πŸ˜† You joined on the 4 july. The loyal supporters are those who trusted the vision of ACE and got those shinny badges and banners because of their participation before everyone else (and for some with more than 40$), why the new comers should have the same tributes those real loyal supporters have? As some have posted before, the badges were participation for events scheduled ingame (staying more than 4 hours on the test server for example or the decapitathon) and they will probably become something on the next weeks/months to newcomers. I know there is a generation of "everything now and fast" but calling names on Ace because they need to have something to support their game is just πŸ™Š I didn't cry when i saw that my mount skin from 2015 KS pledge is just the same as the mount everyone can get from the vendor 🐴
  9. Where is the VIP a pay to win? Where is more characters slots a pay to win? Guild wars 2 is then a pay to win too if we follow you? VIP is not mandatory, it's just comfort you can still pay the game only and play as it, statues/banners and all the skins stuffs are just decoration the same as you pay skin with money on GW2 and you can craft parcels to put on your EK with ressources ingame. Pay to win is a concept where you buy stuff with real money who give you a huge advantage on others players, don't think my "nice banner" will make me a god in PVP "The majority of players have the same opinion" πŸ˜„
  10. Nope i didn't sell any of my VIP, dunno why i only have 22 counted, any informations @ACE-Tiggs ? it's not that urgent just some wandering
  11. Hello, you can check your rewards on your profile, if it says 36 + 3 as bonus it's 39 yes, on the rewards section you can search for VIP I'm surprised you have so much since i've bought a KS backer reward then upgraded too to a Saphire one and got only 22 VIP months, good for you I don't think we will got Crowns VIP directly, probably when the launch is effective and each month. @ACE-Tiggs @ace-tyrant ?
  12. Just give the possibility to erase the quest from the journal log, problem solved and people can start crying on something else πŸ™Š
  13. UI A lot of freeze with the lobby UI when starting the game or switching characters Freeze with the opening of friends/guilds/murder of crows window and even had a crash when i was grouped and opened it Crash when quitting the game, submitted countless of report with it today and yesterday Had a message when trying to invite friends in my murder of crows saying the murder is full even if i'm only 1/5 Craft Easy to level from 1 to 30 with only some woods, just craft batch of 500 arrows and then sacrifice them, it give 500 xp for each round of arrows crafted and 500 xp sacrificied, if you have enough woods you can skyrocket the levels. Tested until level 30 and give steadily 500xp each time no matter the level.
  14. Pretty close from what i have expected, sure the game have changed for some good (combat) to some worse (healers were not suppossed to be like fire hose) but it's normal for a kickstarted game in development with a large input from dedicated players who actively participated in those tests. Sure the game can still be perfectible, can still be like this or that, but so far it have made huge progress since 2015 and the roadmap is pretty solid. No game can be perfect for us because we all have different expectations.
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