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  1. Sad to see you go @Pann you were present since the beginning, responding so kindly to our interrogations, promoting us when needed. I hope everything is fine with you and to see you again in another round in another game maybe. Best wishes and take care And in French : Tu nous manqueras. Regards
  2. So there's my limited feedback since i've limited testing phase. As a solo player actually (people in my entourage don't want to test yet and are waiting more for persistance) it's pretty hard to test anything fort related so i can't give feedback on that even if it's the priority. I was eager to see the Nations system like in Shadowbane, but it seems it's something lost in the "maybe" so 'ill have to watch for another guild if i want to test anything else than running around solo. The world feel small, but the zones are quite nice, the seasons looks really nice in the aspects and it's really cool to see a change in the environments while in other game it's stuck on the same thing everytime, kuddos to the art/engineer team for that. The divinities cards looks like a great stuff specially when you see that you can do stuff solo or in small teams with landless cards, nice touch. The scoreboard is really looking good, i just had some lag when watching it and scrolling down the guild list sometimes i get up the list with no reason, it seems the scoreboard is refreshing himself. The hitching in the camera spanning is annoying, losing a lot of fps when turning for no reason.
  3. I play the 3 ranger classes and so i play the brigand/traps one too with stealth. Stealth is not instant restealth since you need to be out of combat (except Ultimate of the Duelist and Assasin) + you already have antistealth mechanic, it's called perception. Stack perception and Stealthers are not a problem anymore, get an Elken and you get a racial spell to anti stealth and get a Elken Ranger buffed with Perception disciplines (Mole hunter for example) and perception oriented vessel and you get the ultimate scout. I know a lot of players don't like stealth in MMO, but it's not for that that you have to annihilate classes to have spot in Crowfall because of it, stealther except for harassing and scouting are already limitless in Siege fights and even more now with those anti stealth shrines. For myself i'm more concerned about the healers. For the rest i agree with all your feedback, great one, it was my Thoughts too about a lot of it. Except the free of building where @jtoddcoleman already explained a while ago why they didn't choose to go like in Shadowbane for city building : in Shadowbane free building gave a lot of empty space around, with nothing other than flat land. You can't have that in Crowfall with all the POIS (warband camps etc...) and ressources spots. Maybe they will in the future, but it's not a priority yet.
  4. UI : The new UI is looking really nice and the new "pips" interface too. One thing : should remove the "behind" window open when you close your inventory and come back into the "world" because when you loot one corpse, all the window open in background open up too and it make it freeze for 1 second or more. The new traits chart is really nice too and the equipment zone is really nice too, specially for the harvesting tools, the mount and the consumable things. World : I found the new zones nice, but a little too much "shinny", will wait until other seasons to see the difference, but i found that all the grass is a little too much? Combat : The new combat with the removing of the useless tray looks much smoother, i was afraid of the "in combat out combat" thingy but it's seamless and it work quite nice. But still the combat lack "impact" you really look like sliding in close range and the distance feel meh. Dunno how to give it more impact, visual or animations? Dunno it feel kinda awkward. Performance : That's really my point of concern here, i know the team can do a great work at it and i know it's a new build and it's not the main focus yet, but still i'm worried that if you open the game like this to beta it will be burned down by people who don't have a clue of real testing. I really have huge loss of FPS near the temple when there is people around and the keep in duchy of marconia (dunno if it's all the vendors zone who make it drop like that) I'm pretty sure the team will do the magic things again to correct it, but i hope it will be before opening to beta. At last : great work team, it paid off and i'm pretty sure people are waiting the campaign without any doubt, it's cool to see old names online. Keep up the good work, we are near !
  5. Zone : Character get the pathfinding buff when approaching a PVE zone (hill city for example) and so interrupt Trailmaster buff Near Zeilig Aracoix die without anything hiting them when they attack you and then you can't loot them (not sure you gain xp even) video here (I think it's the guards on the fort who kill them even being at 100m !) Misc : Thralls respawn really fast at night Artifact item seems to stack strangely even with the same quality & name (see image)
  6. Some of the Frostweaver buffs are visible even for not being in a group Discipline : Spirit Whip seems to not work correctly, should attack all enemies around but hit only one ennemy near and with a very low damage and hit the same target 1 time more (see video here)
  7. Retention rate on a game not even release, in a buggy state? Yes sure, it's a valid statistic yet, but being a tester since 2015 i can say the retention rate is pretty good, i still see names of people who are still there since the beginning. Does new people come and go? Yeah for sure, testing a game in pre-alpha is not for everyone and a LOT of new people are just there because they are bored, have seen one video on youtube and paid the game because they were "thinking" of a style of game and when ingame found this was not for them (example) LazyPeon was one of the youtuber Ace has given an account (like Towelliee, etc...) some years ago, he was just part of the "youtuber program", since then they clearly abandoned this idea and turn over their already build community instead who know what they are doing even if they don't have the same massive audience. Does the game need more friendly starting experience? Yeah for sure, Ace already stated they are working on it, even if with the actual live version of the game and the starting zone, it's pretty obvious what you have to do (remember all the popup Durenthal asked to be able to remove on options?)
  8. So a lot of people figured what to do ingame since kickstarter but one youtuber can't and it's doomsday? Mmmkay
  9. Thanks for the update and keep up the good work + stay safe !
  10. Sorry but they won't remove things only because you don't like them. Crafting/Survival aspects of the game are in since Kickstarter, @thomasblair is one who take part of the crafting system in SWG, we tested the crafting/harvesting systems for 3 years + from now and because you just got into the game you are asking how we can remove it? I must say 🤣 It seems you only focused your attention on one part of the game and clicked the buy button without knowing all the other stuff around it, it's not their fault that you made this mistake. The leveling part is way easy and if you don't want to craft just be part of a guild and have Crafters working for you, simple as that.
  11. As @Jah and @KDSProm expressed, the active community are not really the target of those News, it's more for the people outside who are just keeping a distant eye on the game. So yeah those news are not sexy as a Frostweaver/Guilds Alliance system/Dregs would be, but at least they didn't put a Colossal Update with a new game done in our back (hope tomorrow news won't change that sentence haha ) But i found you hard with Ace, they just got silent for 6 months + because they wanted to focus on the last part of the game we are waiting for, previous to that they were very active and kind, responded to a lot of questions on forums or emails for 4 years, it's not the end of the world to wait a little more especially when the deadline is really near. Off course you have the right to be upset, i'm a little too, but it's not really the time to get on them like that and getting the torch and forks (yet)
  12. Chill if it' too much they will rework it, they already reworked a ton of stuff, the game is not launching tomorrow
  13. Man all the drama since Friday about CU, i hope Crowfall won't announce they are turning into a BR style (even if Hunger dome was a damn lot of fun and i miss it)
  14. There's nothing wrong with criticism, i was just stating that the game was only 5 years old (soon) in the making and they were very active on the first years of the development, but it's offcourse part of the dev that at some point, you won't have that much to say when the game is nearly done (wich is +/- the case in February). Offcourse too it's frustrating to not have informations about the next patch, specially when they get from very active on forums to nearly silent in 8 months (but they told us it would be that way too) but we can only hope it's for the better. And when i was refering to the free version of the game, i was not talking for you, but for quite some people i know on game forums talking about Crowfall who are waiting for the beta to get a free view on the game because they don't want to spend money on a game being builded. + the news of the funding is a good news for the game too and for the after, offcourse there is always room to do better, communicate better and such, but you can see that they are more focused now and more "framed" in their work (look at how Todd need approbation before saying anything on Q/A now) It's part of the evolution of the company too. Let's see the next devdiaries this week and hope for some juicy thing (but i bet the more juicy things will come near the end)
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