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  1. And this really sucks, i don't see the point there and you can clearly see the wrong side with the throwing hammers who have a clearer animation than other projectiles like arrows. The valid target in range of my reticle is clearly the one i target, not the one on the side, if i want to target the healer i don't want my projectiles go into the knight near him because some stuff decided for me it's the "valid target" I don't get why they put that thing in game, i can see some kind of assist for controller players but this is clearly wrong for a pc player, at last let us remove it in options.
  2. Cleric : Throw hammer behavior strangely when targeting in corner, probably due to the new "auto target" thing (video) it seems to behavior normally when you are facing directly the dummies, not when you are in a corner. So basically if you want to hit your target, you need to face them ? Human race passive disc : Power slot appear to be in the powers attributes menu, but not in the combat/survival tray https://imgur.com/a/cGA8a
  3. Bugs : Can't rebind Q/W as the game said it's "reserved" not practical for EU users. Targeting aoe skills have some troubles in the dummies zones, specially the archery ones (disciplines + ranger) Life leech loosk like damage (red numbers) Ranger (Minotaur) : Forest step doesn't work, won't blink forward No timer for "bloodthirst" so can't say when the crash happening Arcane archer : Binding arrows doesn't apply any roots at least on dummies Cleric Aiming down on top of a hills and using basic attacks, the hammers are flying instead of going down (video) Removing block from your power/right click bars make you unable to put it back again after (the cleric one) Edit for later
  4. Eye Candy - Official Discussion Thread

    Again a great piece or Art from @davegreco Would fit a place into my appartment near the rushing bull one
  5. Agree with Caenth there, first the safe zone into campaign made me rolleyes, didn't see the point in it except please those who were afraid of the world, and now this thing become something "official" Then now the spirit bank, who was a "patch" before the bank system become "the new way to go" for import/export embargo. What the people of Eve online think of this thing? Is their system a slippery slope when people can loose everything?
  6. This can go up to the funny videos of CF
  7. Why Dev

    We killed/looted numerous time @Tyrant on HD, and never we got insta killed in return for it. Sound more like a bug than anything else and should be reported in bug/feedback forum then as @Kraahk pointed out. I don't think devs have time to waste chasing some people who kills afks.
  8. Half Elf male ranger. Finally ! Glad to see it coming for 5.3 With those de-locked races for 5.3 would it mean that archery disciplines will be implemented too? Or you will wait until all of them are on?
  9. Funny because on a french side, where mainly people are harsh with Crowfall, the trailer was well received, so yeah like we say there "les goûts et les couleurs". @pang Did you think they would have reacted so bad on the greybox trailer?
  10. A Crow has Fallen - Coolwaters

    I've just got hit by the news and it's really a strange feeling, not knowing personally someone but "knowing" that person by being one of the more passionate and active here since more than two years now. I often encountered him in game and seeing him so active on the forums, that's make me immensely sad to hear about such a loss. I present my sincere condolences to his family and the Winterblades community, he will be missed, but still remembered Farewell fellow Crow
  11. Massive FPS drop when looking at a fort from rez point, dropping from 100+ fps to 19 with nobody around https://youtu.be/gd9ubPXZIfI
  12. Bug Class : Champion Realm : Tinytyranny Faction : Balance Description : it seems that when moving to left, the combo windows got interrupted, don't do the same when moving to right. Add : it's a clean new install of the test server client, i didn't removed my conf fiiles from documents so maybe it could be the cause of old conf? Anyway the left moving is still slower than right, reported some weeks ago already (seems it had no view except mine so yeah repost of it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uL1iTYZATfI ) Video : https://youtu.be/wJT0ezhpxM4
  13. A Murder of Crows: Eric Doggett

    hahaha good laugh, that Mellisa picture of twins ! I didn't know you were in fact
  14. Meet the Elken!

    Nice looking ! I like the model it looks really badass (specially with the two hand sword) I found the KD power little too much, because it's again one hard CC (count how many we have already : Champion, Myrmidon, Confessor, Knight, Templar, Duelist with expose status) I'm afraid this game will turn into a CC fest when everything will be in place (specially when we read the Assasin will be a stunlock class) compared to Shadowbane where CC were present but used with more caution (remember 1 cc was 2x time immune duration) Players don't like that kind of stuff where most of the time you can't do anything. But well, we will see i guess.
  15. No update nope, it's probably the reinvite from pre-alpha to others groups all along.