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  1. I've just watched the replay of the video and seeing the HD get back the game hype me so much, i had so much fun back in the time and i think it's a good move + it will open pvp easily for new players and they will maybe stay after some matchs to go on the MMO side. Good move
  2. Just for fun, fast edited video with the amazing video editor of windows 10 (don't want to pay another 4 years of adobe without using it 😛 )
  3. Sadly the problem is the same in all PvP game, even in the New World preview people complained about big alliances. Hence even in Shadowbane there was massive alliances.
  4. It was the same when Ranger was FOTM, when fessors were FOTM etc... People tend to play a class who can handle in fights, actually for a solo ganker Slayer is the way to go it's all, until the Balance patch come in it's totally useless to roll another class and try to make video of it, you will end facerolled by others Slayers/Titans/DPS Druids anyway. The video is enjoyable, it show aspects of Crowfall and the pvp side, it's all the matter, off course everyone is entitled to their opinions but don't blame Zybak for playing a class who can handle in fights in the game state, he even
  5. It's because you get killed in it 😜 Macron decided to remove it to avoid seeing french players being martyrised by @ZYBAK Jk offcourse
  6. Wall bashing is on since April 2016 and Siege Perilous testing. @26:47 on this video you can see people hitting walls, i recall at those times that you needed to use magics (spells, catapults powers) to break the magical shield before the wall himself. Seeing those old videos make me feel that Ace need to put back the big numbers in heals/damage to make the feel of combat better, i found it was more entertaining at this time @jtoddcoleman @Tyrant Damn that made me nostalgic of the old tests, even if the game is 100x better now, we had so much fun at those times.
  7. Ranger : Brigand Spec Ok i knew it, but seeing it from myself show how stupid this is. The traps really need to be invisible when the brigand is invisible or it make the class completly pointless. See the video to see how much it's stupid Being able to drop away the traps would be a good alternative too, i know on old build we were able to put traps from distance and not on our feets.
  8. You can craft basic one with 4 mushroom, open your crafting menu with J and you have access to basic alchemy If you want advanced toxins you need to have Alchemy discipline or an Alchemist friend
  9. Bugs Blackout trait from Vandal assasin specialisation is not working properly, should give backstab a suppress while hiting from behind but don't work (see video). It seem the power work only if you don't have CCed (stun) the target before, so it's kinda useless Poisoner discipline completly obliterate toxins mechanism of the Assasin by getting over it, passive Toxin won't proc because of the poison you place and diffusion won't do any damage, so it make this Discipline completly useless and it's stupid since the assasin is the only one who's able to use it now (before ranger was
  10. Bugs : Respawn rate of treasures chests in camps are kinda too fast, sometimes even after looting on treasure, another one pop directly Dazzing blades from the Blade Master discipline have a weird bugged animation (see video)
  11. Sad to see you go @Pann you were present since the beginning, responding so kindly to our interrogations, promoting us when needed. I hope everything is fine with you and to see you again in another round in another game maybe. Best wishes and take care And in French : Tu nous manqueras. Regards
  12. So there's my limited feedback since i've limited testing phase. As a solo player actually (people in my entourage don't want to test yet and are waiting more for persistance) it's pretty hard to test anything fort related so i can't give feedback on that even if it's the priority. I was eager to see the Nations system like in Shadowbane, but it seems it's something lost in the "maybe" so 'ill have to watch for another guild if i want to test anything else than running around solo. The world feel small, but the zones are quite nice, the seasons looks really nice in the aspects and it
  13. I play the 3 ranger classes and so i play the brigand/traps one too with stealth. Stealth is not instant restealth since you need to be out of combat (except Ultimate of the Duelist and Assasin) + you already have antistealth mechanic, it's called perception. Stack perception and Stealthers are not a problem anymore, get an Elken and you get a racial spell to anti stealth and get a Elken Ranger buffed with Perception disciplines (Mole hunter for example) and perception oriented vessel and you get the ultimate scout. I know a lot of players don't like stealth in MMO, but it's no
  14. UI : The new UI is looking really nice and the new "pips" interface too. One thing : should remove the "behind" window open when you close your inventory and come back into the "world" because when you loot one corpse, all the window open in background open up too and it make it freeze for 1 second or more. The new traits chart is really nice too and the equipment zone is really nice too, specially for the harvesting tools, the mount and the consumable things. World : I found the new zones nice, but a little too much "shinny", will wait until other seasons to see the difference,
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