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  1. Bugs : no training in craft/assembling etc... passive skills Experiencing with the necromancy disciplines on me, large rerolling the experience points seems to produce nearly all time Success and over it even at "Are you insane???" level, not sure it's intended (i doubt so) at least with green "common" vessel. Seems to produce only on green common ones After used the crafted vessel for a new toon, i was locked out promotion classes, even with the prerequired skill trained (ranger "bring me everyone") and 34 points spend in the talents tree https://imgur.com/a/fbT0B8p (closing, relaunching the game seems to fix the problem) Master of rapier disciplines still indicate that Assasin and Ranger can equip them but when crafted can't be used
  2. After 15 grey/white items are not worth it so you can't be sacrifice them, but you can before level 15
  3. Bugs : Chat is messy like hell, one time it's working as intended, other times you log to only have zone chat and this zone chat tab duplicate when you enter a new zone, general chat disappearing flare from mole hunter don't fire on the target you point but at your feet mole hunter root sometimes don't "connect" Rangers : rangers can't equip master of rapier, even if it's saying so on the discipline before crafting, when crafted it's stated only usable by DUEL forest step (warden) is still messy, sometimes working, sometimes not, and i got teleported upside the throne room in a fort when targeting another player in a fight and then died from fall damage just after it flare arrow don't fire on the target you point but at your feet sustain (ultimate) is kinda missleading, you can fire it even if not fully charged and the regen seems quite odd between melee/range Feedback Rangers (Warden/Archer) : basic arrows you craft can stack to only 500 and do less damage than arrows you buy for 5 gold and can stack to 5k so it's more effective to buy those 5 gold ones instead Archer : quite good dps, only if you stand still, who's nearly impossible in each fight i've done, even in keep defense you are still on the move. So the passive you get from the promotion class is kinda pointless and the dps you do is mainly rapid fire. I would suggest make the passive stick even if you move. I found that the class lack powers/diversity in stuff, i've had to take master of bows to be able to use another bow than the basic one and have more bow powers who's kinda stupid, the promotion class should give you all those options by default. (you can see footage of the difficulty of being immobile as archer in this video of a siege keep) Warden : good survivability if you have a correct chain armor, but the promotion is too much reliant on the daggers spin, i found the suppress on the daggers spin great for survive...but completely useless with the retaliation being so easily used now. The promotion class is kinda lacking powers too, you have forest step (kinda buggy and not really reliant), cross slash (bleed) , the knockback power combo (again useless with retaliation nearly always up) and daggers spin it's all, so basically not real damage powers except basic attacks. Instead of the aero spin passive, i would suggest a passive who buff your autoattack + you get cap to piercing damage/crushing damage but the only piercing weapon you use is the bow (and not so often since the promotion is based around close combat) and you can't use daggers or rapiers (since it's bugged). Crushing is good only if you use maces and again skullcrusher is good damage but again a stun who's useless, thanks to this retaliation. Retaliation This thing is really my big big big concern in the game, a game who's too much reliant on CC = bad but a game where's CC are useless = bad too. Actually retaliation is way too easy to use, give you a 2 sec immunity after using it (plenty of time to regen stamina) and if you take the right disciplines you can make it even more powerful. All the promotions around controlling are kinda useless now, for example Warden is based around daggers spin that put suppress on AOE but retaliate make it garbage, you spend your nearly full energy to 3 spin and...nothing everyone already retaliated. + if someone suffer a root and another CC, retaliate remove everything, snare/roots too. You really need to get attention on this CC/anti CC system because actually i found the game is really lacking in this domain. Shadowbane had a great one (i'll continue to say it until the end or until we have something correct ingame) Death Shroud Death shroud shouldn't be removed from disconnectd/reconnect and/or switching from zone, it make actually keep sieging/defense completly broken with a full team of people killed, get back on the spot and then disconnect/reconnect in houses to get back on field directly.
  4. Wiping : From my point of view i would say wipe spirit banks/characters but keep the training. Why? So you can test how a new player experience will be in joining a new campaign, i'm not that sure the points in skills training (health, crit chance etc...) are so huge between a veteran and a new player, the only huge gap for me is in the harvesting/crafting stuff. If you are not wiping the skills system, new players coming will be able to have access to vendors/stuff veteran players will put in the Free city. If you wipe them, then the free city is useless since nobody will have the training required to make decent stuff before weeks/month. A lot of new players are calling on the general how to get stuff, so it's a good thing, again from my point of view, to let the skill train go on the sanctioned campaign to have a good overview of the economy ingame. But if needed then wipe everything. Points/Capture mechanics : It seems that you have the right ideas to avoid the "Uncle bob" thingies, i'm not a game designer so i'll let that to the specialist. My only concerns actually about the points/capture things are : Forts are too easily capturable : A player alone with scarecrow can take a fort, even more if he's one of the FOTM promotion class (pitfighter, plate confessor, paladin) Some powers/glitches are abused to bypass the walls (blinks, teleport etc..) who add a sense of useless in building those walls. I'll suggest to put debuffs in the zone of the fort/keep, kinda the same way Towers worked in Shadowbane, it should be dangerous to go into a fort/keep, not just a walk in the park like it's actually Buffs/variance guards : as actually they are all ranger = scarecrow. Ever make them immune to this discipline or get some variances in guards, we had some of those variance in previous builds, make guards great again! (but not too much like OS guards we experienced before) Make it more easy to build defense when you own a fort, for example actually it's quite hard to find ressources to build those walls, it end with forts being abandonned with no walls because people don't care about it (add even more to the feel of cycle capture) Night caping : maybe make opening window to forts capture to avoid the night caping teams? Not sure about this one because it's not really fair for those who haven't the same hours of everyone else. More alerts we don't know what happen until it's too late as @Soulreaver stated, we need to be advertised more faster when a fort is being under attack, because actually we are only alerted when they are already caping it. Make it when walls are damaged, guards hits or such Some Faction wide chat tab would add some more dimensions in planning attack/defenses and could eventually help bring a sentiment in wanting to participate (instead of only some groups of organized players yet) i've seen for examples some dudes asking for group in pvp in the zone chat of the temple. After all, i enjoyed those 2 weeks of campaigns testing, i personnaly like when the time for defending the keep is coming and everyone gather to the zone to be part of it, it's great time and it's nice to see those big fights talking place (despite the issues around it but hey ! It's pre-alpha) We have a full month of January to test your tweakings so let's go !
  5. I know, i'm just saying that the ammo you buy for 5 gold are better than the basic one and stack for 5k. The advanced ones effectively stack only for 500
  6. Ammo you buy at vendor for 5 golds stack to 5k
  7. General feedback After 1 week of kinda "intense" play and testing, here's some feedback about the game, the pvp, the promotions classes and such. The world : I'm really impressed about the procedurals worlds, they are really good in shapes and variation, except some kinda weird stuff (like outpost on top of monsters spawns) everything looks really amazing, i really like for example the fog coming down, it add a very dense atmosphere on the game, specially when you are in a keep defense situation and the change into connections of the world zones (in this campaign) are really cool. The spiders cocoons things are kinda strange lookings (some textures troubles?) but globally it's ok. The monsters should have another pass in AI improvment, but in all i don't care, it's not really a game around PVE even if it could add some challenge for the people looking for it. Chat : Some new tabs would be nice, like faction specific ones to coordinate actions like defense, attacks and such, actually the zone one is cool for local but a global one would be a must. Exchange/Crafting one would be nice too for the people seeking for crafters, vendors, a recruitment too would be nice since we are starting to see guilds recruiting now (and it's great) Some languages ones? Not sure about this one, but i know sometimes people are upset to see other than English in the general chat. Maybe an help one for all the newb questions, but i think the general one is enough for this purpose. And the option to being able to leave a channel if you don't want to see it (even if tabulation to switch to another one is enough too) Mechanics : The loot window need some attention, specially when you try to loot multiple corpses stacking, i know i had troubles to loot multiple zombies, because the action was not correctly stated and was on a corpse already looted. I found mounts really alienate any of the bonus like trailmaster, everyone running the swift pack pig now. I like the introduction of mounts, but i found you should take a look at the run mechanics to compensate (i know for example disci are giving trailmaster, who's gonna take it now?) Some races are way over the top others, like Wood elves > Half elves just for the blink for example or Half Giants for the 60 const + racial who gave an iframe immune. I've made a druid half elf and i know i've made a mistake in fights, because wood elve escape is way better. Assasins are all fae too for example, it's kinda strange to see you splited the race/classes restriction and in fact people are nearly all playing the way it was before it. I see a lot of people running daemon's pact/power slots one (except humans) maybe add some passive slots/actives ones or everyone will abandon others disciplines in favors of those? But not sure, it's all about choices so... Combat : I have some serious concerns about the combat, the first one is the healing. You always stated that you will never have Firehose healers in the game, but you know what? You have them now. Put a cleric, a paladin, some pitfighters and you have a group nearly unkillable if put on some serious hands (and a lot of veterans are serious players now) And the second who's add to this "unkillable" things is the retaliate. Remember? retaliate was supposed to be "a choice you make to avoid one CC with a long cooldown" now it's an always up power, so you can retaliate whenever you want and so the CC mechanics are just....cluncky. The thing who could help you kill a healer for example is just useless now because retaliate is no longer a thing. You see those promotions classes who give you CC bonuses, durations and such (i'm thinking for example to the Champion one) they are kinda useless, who will take them when you can avoid CC so easily now. Since the beginning i miss the way CCs were working in Shadowbane (take a 10 sec stun full duration and then you are immune to stun for 20 sec) it was perfect i think to handle the hard controls, but this system there is clearly lacking real interest. I don't think any veteran is playing a CC build there. Classes/Promotions : Some people already stated it but Druid is in a very bad shape, the levelling until promotion class is a pain in the ass (for example i stacked a lot of gold to avoid leveling one specialisation), the essence is a real problem there. You have to sacrifice your life to have tools to fight and sacrifice your life in a PvP combat is kinda stupid and the power to help you annihilate this are on a long cooldown (68 sec for the healing buff who heal you on damage) Promotions are all a cool things, but really some are wayyyyyyyy over ones, i know it's the first pass and i hope you will take a look at it because actually everyone is running the same one. Add some specific powers to them, if i take the example of the ranger (the one i know most) : give archer some new arrows powers, less charging bow basic for example, some root trap etc... For the warden giving some melee powers because actually he's relying on the basic melee kit of the ranger and the spinning daggers For the brigand some sneak powers (he only have one ambush) boost his stealth speed because actually he's so slow and buff traps damage, for a build based on them it's kinda useless, specially when they unstealth you when triggered. For me promotion really need to be appealing, really need to say "oh my they are all so cool, what should i take?" actually it's more : "ok this one is way better take it" Hope to see some improvement on this side. Conclusion : A lot of text but i really enjoyed this week of testing, i really feel the interest to stay in Crowfall yet (instead of previous build where you tested new stuff then leave) the game is in a good starting shape now, i've seen a lot of discussions on general chat from new players and some are kinda lost but they seems to enjoy the game (yeah it starting to look like a game now) Some tweaks are still needed, but i think we are really on a good start, it' snice to see back those old names, i've just spotted @Tinnis yesterday on a 3 factions keep fights on EU and it was a fun one. I would like to thanks the Ace team for what you have done, i know there is still a lot to do, but Crowfall is starting to look great !
  8. Bugs : the loot window is messy when corpses of monsters stack over, you can't focus the right corpse to loot the animation from night > day cycle make the monsters you are fighting disappear and reappear full life and someitmes cause the monsters to been not lootable at all or changing position when dead Druid stormcaller : Is a pain in the ass to have essence without the last talent who give you a buff who regenerate essence overtime. So before 25 you are nearly screwed in fight until you sacrifice your life, wich is kinda dangerous in a pvp situation or even in a tight monster pack situation. Essence should regenerate easier way before this, specially if you maintain the fact that the dps spec is the default spec for druid levelling because actually levelling is a pain too. Feedback : Would be nice to being able to equip the crafted campfire to the survival tray so we can dropdown without opening inventory
  9. Duelist - Vanguard scout spec : Cheap shot distance is not correct, stated 15 m doesn't work at 15/14/13m distance only starting at 12 For a spec based on staying hidden the damage output is very low, the 15m range is kinda ridiculous (easy distance to cover specially when your powers are channeled ones you can't interrupt and punish you with dizzy if touched). I would suggest put some new powers to the spec (only one power and similar to Go for Broke) and some bonus distance (like in slayer spec ) + the spec seems reliant on pistols but we can't dual pistols anymore? Would be a good talent to put on and like in the pistol rune (who dissapeared too?) would add distance bonus + powers. Actually Dirge/Slayer looks more interesting than this spec. (like Pitfighter for Champion etc...) You'll really need to make every spec of classes appealing or it will finish like actually, full plate wearers/pitfighters everywhere.
  10. Bugs : Not sure it's intendend but you can stack camouflage (wood elf racial) + swift pack mount and so that make you a speedy gonzales invisible Timer and season information are bugged in the Ui element on bottom right Chat : sometimes when i log on, the general tab disappear, in the system chat it says i join the general chat then i leave the general chat, even if i've done nothing for it and so i loose the general tab. Relaunching sometimes fix the problem Had a disconnection, wasn't able to log back on character (saif no scenario was found), log on another char, used the runegate and was then connected to the other character who got disconnected. Master of rapier doesn't work for Ranger, it's still stated as a Duelist only discipline when crafted Duelist : Rapid fire is not working, when trying to use it said need a pistol, even if you have one equiped (rapier + pistol) Ranger/Warden spec : Not sure of the interest to give piercing/crushing bonus when we can't equip any mace/piercing weapons (except bow) Feedback : It seems that Plate wearers > all. Heals was not suppossed to be like in every other games, but in fact it's now like in every others games and the disciplines who are suppossed to be anti heals (like black mask) are too weak to be worth it. Poisoner still suck (poison tick for ~3 or 4 damage ) would have been a good counter to plate but no, it sucks. If you want to start sanctioned campaign you'll need to make a pass on some balance because some specs looks way over the rest.
  11. Bugs : Master of rapier state usable by Duelist, Ranger and Assasin but is not equipable on Ranger and is usable only by Duelist when crafted. Can't launch EK in EU, work in Virginia East Flare arrow from mole hunter or ranger are shoot at our feet, not in the targeted area Feedback : I understand the necessity of avoiding running back people without incidence, but this deathshroud need some tweaking like full healing after the timer is over, because it's meh actually. Factions chat would be great to communicate Attacks on forts need further informations, when the alert pop up the people are allready in the throne caping it
  12. Bugs : It looks like some monsters are playing combat animation but are not doing damage (spiders at starter zones for example) Sometimes when i harvest basic stuff (knotwood/cobblestone) there is an "empty" animation who play but don't do anything to the ressource, basic ressource need 3 hits to be destroyed but sometimes 4 animations play Not sure if it's a bug but the stealth speed from ranger "brigand" seems very low compared to assassin/duelist one General from chat seems to have disappeared but i have now multiple zone chat instead
  13. I'm quite stumbled about the confirmation of no wipes, knowing the sanctioned campaigns will have reward and if you let people import stuff from this "test session" in December, there will be abuse when sanctioned will start as @Belantis pointed, even with limits in imports (except if you put 0 import for the firsts campaigns) Kinda strange decision Specially with the holidays coming and some people who will probably be away from home/computers. Will see I'm excited anyway to see the patch hit the live
  14. Alpha Twoooooooooo!

    @Pann the embargo for friday is still on or are we authorized to stream/videos ? (didn't see any mention in the email like the first one)