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  1. Sorry but they won't remove things only because you don't like them. Crafting/Survival aspects of the game are in since Kickstarter, @thomasblair is one who take part of the crafting system in SWG, we tested the crafting/harvesting systems for 3 years + from now and because you just got into the game you are asking how we can remove it? I must say 🤣 It seems you only focused your attention on one part of the game and clicked the buy button without knowing all the other stuff around it, it's not their fault that you made this mistake. The leveling part is way easy and if you don't want to craft just be part of a guild and have Crafters working for you, simple as that.
  2. As @Jah and @KDSProm expressed, the active community are not really the target of those News, it's more for the people outside who are just keeping a distant eye on the game. So yeah those news are not sexy as a Frostweaver/Guilds Alliance system/Dregs would be, but at least they didn't put a Colossal Update with a new game done in our back (hope tomorrow news won't change that sentence haha ) But i found you hard with Ace, they just got silent for 6 months + because they wanted to focus on the last part of the game we are waiting for, previous to that they were very active and kind, responded to a lot of questions on forums or emails for 4 years, it's not the end of the world to wait a little more especially when the deadline is really near. Off course you have the right to be upset, i'm a little too, but it's not really the time to get on them like that and getting the torch and forks (yet)
  3. Chill if it' too much they will rework it, they already reworked a ton of stuff, the game is not launching tomorrow
  4. Man all the drama since Friday about CU, i hope Crowfall won't announce they are turning into a BR style (even if Hunger dome was a damn lot of fun and i miss it)
  5. There's nothing wrong with criticism, i was just stating that the game was only 5 years old (soon) in the making and they were very active on the first years of the development, but it's offcourse part of the dev that at some point, you won't have that much to say when the game is nearly done (wich is +/- the case in February). Offcourse too it's frustrating to not have informations about the next patch, specially when they get from very active on forums to nearly silent in 8 months (but they told us it would be that way too) but we can only hope it's for the better. And when i was refering to the free version of the game, i was not talking for you, but for quite some people i know on game forums talking about Crowfall who are waiting for the beta to get a free view on the game because they don't want to spend money on a game being builded. + the news of the funding is a good news for the game too and for the after, offcourse there is always room to do better, communicate better and such, but you can see that they are more focused now and more "framed" in their work (look at how Todd need approbation before saying anything on Q/A now) It's part of the evolution of the company too. Let's see the next devdiaries this week and hope for some juicy thing (but i bet the more juicy things will come near the end)
  6. March 2015 was the Kickstarter, we will be at 5 years mark soon and the next bunch of gameplay will be in next month. I don't get what people are expecting as good timeline for a game to being developped, i'm on the side of people who get a pause in the game until the next patch because i don't want to be bored of the gameplay until we have the full game (and even i've already passed 2 years more in the game) Wait until the beta for those who don't want to support the game and get the view into it for free and the community will bump and we will see more promotion for the game, until that it's kinda pointless to market the game.
  7. In fact, Crowfall Kickstarter campaign was launched with this system of packs and access already in place so it's kind of confusing that you are saying you were that much interested in the game and suddenly changed your mind because of something who was in place since the beginning? Sound more like something else to me.
  8. Bye survival tray, it was good the time it lasted 🙋‍♂️ All those changes open to a lot of questions, specially around powers (passives, actives, specific to survival tray etc...) and i hope we will have a good bunch of responses in the next Dev Diaries (still thanks to @thomasblair to have given us some responses there yet) Can't wait to test it on February, this seems to have a large impact on a lot of things even if it's not one of those poletent thingy Oh and i can dump all those tutorials videos about those trays, damn !
  9. They stated there will be drop of informations in the next weeks. I know people are hungry for stuff, like videos, more informations on guilds/alliances systems, the freedom of construct, and i am too, but they are behind a marketing wall now, so just keep your patience and wait until they are more ready to pull out those informations in public. It's not that far from now until we have more real informations so it's just a matter of patience, we are on a soon 5 years walk (in march), some weeks in more is not that hard to sustain.
  10. It's not brigand specific, it's all ranger traps, i had already reported it on 4 july, seems it was forgotten. Glad they are working on it
  11. I've never needed a visual feedback of the target i have in front of me aka in front of my crosshair. It's plain stupid, like Blazzen said it's just ignorance of the system. Bugs When you start charged bow attack, the animation of an arrow fired launch making you feel like you actually fired it before charging
  12. Bugs (so far) Ranger traps procs an insane amount of time and do crazy damage then (at least on dummies, don't have time yet to try outside) Feedback I really don't like this auto targeting crosshair, where is the game where skill prevail anything else? With this non sense thing you don't even need to care about having a crosshair anyway since everything will hit if the mechanic is linked to it. This suck and need to be removed, who the hell came with this idea? is this a call from players? because i don't think veterans ever asked for this. I know you try to make new players cumfortable but really this suck. The feel of the new world without faction is so satisfactory, i like the design of the earth temple and the amazing work of @davegreco art put in perspective ingame. Really looking forward the new stuff in 5.10 (except really this new targeting stuff)
  13. @nblottie Great stuff, really looking nicer and so much cleaner than before, i like it, you have done an amazing work there Way to go for the next part : ingame hud Oh and confirmed Frostweaver is still a thing 🤣
  14. You are all talking about vessels, farm, gear, it say a lot about how the game turned.
  15. Funny to read people crying about crafting/grinding and citing old games like DAOC, UO. DAOC (at launch) was a damn PVE grind fest before even thinking about going into pvp. UO was a training dummy grind before even thinking going out the city Even Shadowbane was a PVE afk grinding game before going into pvp. I don't know any MMO games focused on PvP were you wouldn't have a boring experience before enjoying the PVP. If you want pvp right away go into MOBA style or FPS like CS.
  16. Wiping : From my point of view i would say wipe spirit banks/characters but keep the training. Why? So you can test how a new player experience will be in joining a new campaign, i'm not that sure the points in skills training (health, crit chance etc...) are so huge between a veteran and a new player, the only huge gap for me is in the harvesting/crafting stuff. If you are not wiping the skills system, new players coming will be able to have access to vendors/stuff veteran players will put in the Free city. If you wipe them, then the free city is useless since nobody will have the training required to make decent stuff before weeks/month. A lot of new players are calling on the general how to get stuff, so it's a good thing, again from my point of view, to let the skill train go on the sanctioned campaign to have a good overview of the economy ingame. But if needed then wipe everything. Points/Capture mechanics : It seems that you have the right ideas to avoid the "Uncle bob" thingies, i'm not a game designer so i'll let that to the specialist. My only concerns actually about the points/capture things are : Forts are too easily capturable : A player alone with scarecrow can take a fort, even more if he's one of the FOTM promotion class (pitfighter, plate confessor, paladin) Some powers/glitches are abused to bypass the walls (blinks, teleport etc..) who add a sense of useless in building those walls. I'll suggest to put debuffs in the zone of the fort/keep, kinda the same way Towers worked in Shadowbane, it should be dangerous to go into a fort/keep, not just a walk in the park like it's actually Buffs/variance guards : as actually they are all ranger = scarecrow. Ever make them immune to this discipline or get some variances in guards, we had some of those variance in previous builds, make guards great again! (but not too much like OS guards we experienced before) Make it more easy to build defense when you own a fort, for example actually it's quite hard to find ressources to build those walls, it end with forts being abandonned with no walls because people don't care about it (add even more to the feel of cycle capture) Night caping : maybe make opening window to forts capture to avoid the night caping teams? Not sure about this one because it's not really fair for those who haven't the same hours of everyone else. More alerts we don't know what happen until it's too late as @Soulreaver stated, we need to be advertised more faster when a fort is being under attack, because actually we are only alerted when they are already caping it. Make it when walls are damaged, guards hits or such Some Faction wide chat tab would add some more dimensions in planning attack/defenses and could eventually help bring a sentiment in wanting to participate (instead of only some groups of organized players yet) i've seen for examples some dudes asking for group in pvp in the zone chat of the temple. After all, i enjoyed those 2 weeks of campaigns testing, i personnaly like when the time for defending the keep is coming and everyone gather to the zone to be part of it, it's great time and it's nice to see those big fights talking place (despite the issues around it but hey ! It's pre-alpha) We have a full month of January to test your tweakings so let's go !
  17. I'm quite stumbled about the confirmation of no wipes, knowing the sanctioned campaigns will have reward and if you let people import stuff from this "test session" in December, there will be abuse when sanctioned will start as @Belantis pointed, even with limits in imports (except if you put 0 import for the firsts campaigns) Kinda strange decision Specially with the holidays coming and some people who will probably be away from home/computers. Will see I'm excited anyway to see the patch hit the live
  18. I agree there, but i need to see how the crafted items are contributing to the XP curve before jumping on the forks and torchs If crafted items contribute to annihilate the need of PVE (for wich i did not backed Crowfall) i'm ok with it, even more if others activities give you xp too (exploration, capture, etc...)
  19. Low activity on forums and in game have nothing to do with passive skill trees or harvesting/crafting. Not everyone is willing to test a game with bugs/crash and halfway features ready, we don't even have guilds system in yet and i know a lot of players are waiting for it to become really "active" on testing. + it's summer vacations for a lot of people Did the tests actually are turned for harvesting/crafting more than pvp? Sure ! Because they need to see if the system is robust/good enough for the game they want and we don't have even all the full crafting loop in, we are only on phase 1 (thralls, mass productions are still in work) I'm pretty sure mass production/thralls will alienate all the problems about getting stuffed and such since you will be able to buy the stuff instead of going farming yourself. And so people who would like more to focus on PvP will be able to do it. I've never focused on anything else in Shadowbane than pvp when others created a full city of merchants. Early tests was all about PvP combat (HD/SP) and it was fun, but now is the time to build the others systems too. I'm not a crafter/harvester i don't enjoy those kind of gameplay and so personally i don't test anymore the game yet, except login sometimes to see changes like 5.7 and i'm pretty sure a lot of others backers are doing the same. But as Todd already stated in precedent news, better step aside until we have something in we want to participate to, instead of being bored and leave for good. They are still working on it and when we will hit Alpha/beta i'm pretty sure the discussions will turn around to anything else that all about "is this a crafting game or a pvp game?" They know what they are doing, they have a plan and a clear roadmap
  20. If you can't understand why they let 5.6 in such state to push 5.7 forward, instead of losing time/ressources ($) on maintaining 5.6 in a better state, then sorry, i can't do anything for you. The original post is a rant about the state of 5.6 and why the devs have focused on 5.7 instead of correcting 5.6. Dude, seriously, learn how development works. Todd will say "if the juice is not worth the squeeze" and it's a good analogy to understand why they don't have put efforts in an obsolete version when 5.7 was just around the corner.
  21. It's not a game yet. It's a product in development. Ace have been clear from the start, it will not be enjoyable, it will be rough and not everything in those tests will be of your liking. If you can't deal with it, wait until the product got more evolved. If you can't wait, then you have trashed money away stupidly and maybe next time, next product, you will restrain yourself before...or not.
  22. Well, it's still amaze me how new Crows seems so uninformed when Ace is so informative about their game. So i'll just point you to the news explaining the difference between Live and Test since you seems to have missed it.
  23. Be careful with one thing : your resolution. I've bought a UHD4k monitor 2 weeks ago and was thrilled to test games with it, i found that at 4K resolution, Crowfall got a hit in FPS, even on the actual test client. On 1920*1080 resolution i'm at 160fps beachhead and 80fps on zone with a SLI of 980GTX (but SLI is not supported in Crowfall i think) On 3840*2160 resolution i'm at ~30fps on zone and 80 fps on beachhead. So it could be that if you have that kind of resolution too, try the client in windowed mode at 1920*1080 if it's the case.
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