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  1. I can see the attraction in Zombie Colosseum between CW, or as a break, and I can see the attraction for controls to allow me to make my EK more hazardous with monster areas. If it uses CW tools and doesn't suck up to many dev cycles, and there's less reward than playing in the core game (if any), why not? I don't believe the devs will fall for vision-creep based on vocal minorities on the forums wailing for more pve
  2. Isn't it most likely that the burrowing mechanic is a) slow and b ) requires degradable tools? This would stop the Swiss cheese problem from happening too much, without magically respawning dirt. The whole point of Dying Worlds is that we *can* make a mess...
  3. I take your point, and I'll try and rephrase mine; say we're talking about an archetype that uses two handed weapons, you could have three animations slash/stab/smash for those 2h weapons, *and* assign more than one weapon to each animation. There's not going to be a huge animation difference between a maul, a warhammer and a tree-root club, even if animated seperately. So they'd all use the smash animation set, but there's a big flavour/feel difference when you look at a character using them. The overall effect is that you'd get your animation feel difference between a sword and an axe, I'd
  4. Could do animation groups; Two handed axe could easily share animations with a two handed hammer and a two handed mace, cutlass/hand axe/mace could share, and both be separate to the shared animations for stabbing weapons.
  5. Cannot remember the game, but my favourite stealth mechanic was based on draw distance; going into stealth mode reduced your draw distance for others to spot you. High stealth skill, shadows and not moving reduced it more, perception skills, lights and high movement speed increased it. It meant that you could sneak up on people, but you had to do it carefully and plan your route and tactics, rather than invisibility button and roflstomp.
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