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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for support on a discord feature that is critical for Crowfall. In siege warfare games, you often have multiple groups doing different task for the same objective, and discord currently doesn't support anything to help that. I know this is slightly outside of the exact Crowfall beta per say, but it would benefit the game greatly if this function became available in discord. Thanks everyone for taking a look and helping ancillary Crowfall VOIP applications. https://feedback.discordapp.com/forums/326712-discord-dream-land/suggestions/35848183-global-ptt-permissions
  2. Will you choose 1 sex/race, and then be able to swap between one of 3-4 vessels? Or will vessels simply have a race, sex and class attached to them now? The way the article was phrased and the character facial customization aspect seems to speak to the first option, as you'd be spending a lot of time customizing different races/sexes for different vessels. Anyone find any solid information on this?
  3. One thing I was slightly confused about after reading the article, and maybe it was just how it was phrased, but the vessel system still allows us to choose race and class, right? It's not we choose a race, customize it, and can choose from 3-4 vessels for that race?
  4. A) Gatherers has been and always will be a profession because very very few people want to do it full time, unless they have software doing it for them. This is a personal skill that you yourself should be valued for. Not your char. Same with combat. Good players will always be valued more than those with a 10% boost but can't play for sh**. B ) Even if everyone has mining, people who have the tenacity to do it regularly will always be in demand C) So the 95% of the population that aren't gung-ho miners shouldn't be able to mine unless they spend an extra $45? How does that preserve your snowflakey-ness? D) Materials into the economy? The economy is a glorified spread sheet. Swap some numbers around, and boom, there's an increase in material cost to compensate for the increase in supply. This shouldn't be a major concern. Of course it's not that easy, but numbers can be massaged. E) whether you have that small combat buff or not in a fight, if your play style is that of a dedicated miner, chances are you're not a l33t pvper. That 10% combat bonus isn't going to do squat to help you fight off the wolves. Bottom line, being able to train all 3 main skills at once doesn't lower you value, and allows other people to play all three aspects of the game without buying 2 more copies of the game. The more people that play the game, the more people there are to fight. The more gameplay your character has, the more likely you are to find something about the game you enjoy that makes you stick around. Everyone who is fighting to put players in a tiny box unless they buy multiple accounts... I hope you remember we talked about this when the population drops to "wtf happened?"
  5. WTF? The restriction is the basis for everything we've been talking about. The restriction of only being able to train 1 skill at a time. If you are looking for proof that you can only train one main skill at a time... I don't know what to say. I'm not sure how you can miss what he's talking about. That's the restriction that forces you to work with other players. The game mechanic you can bypass by buying 42 accounts. I don't understand how this can be misunderstood.
  6. Same here. But I can tell you if you need to buy the game three times to play all three skill paths, I won't be paying for VIP out of principle, and I can't imagine I'll be the only one. Forcing me to buy the game two more times to experience the crafting system in the game I already bought is not good business. You think people (casual gamers included) get mad about DLC that should have been included in the game? Wait until they get a load of this....
  7. I think we're on two different pages with the 3 accounts. It's very simple. You were talking about who sees what as competitive, which seems irrelevant to me. So lets say person A trains combat, because it's a pvp game and that's the point; to kill other players and make what they own yours. Person A wants to play the game on a Monday morning. He wants to craft and gather when his guild is inactive, because he, like the majority of people, craves variety. Unless you're in a giant faceless zerg guild where you don't know Tom from Harry, there are going to be downtimes for your guild, like Monday's at 10am, and you're still going to want to play. What are you going to do? Gather lots of teir 1 cotton at a slow pace, and make soiled loincloths with it? That sounds like fun. You can't be competitive or relevant when other players aren't around without training the crafting/gathering skills. I'm not talking about the large mining operations, etc, I'm talking about the stuff we all have done in MMOs during down times. Work on this, or work on that, or gather some more B to make C. You all know what I'm talking about. If person A can't play when they want because they have to wait for person x,y, and z to log on, that's no fun. So they either have to find something else to do like go ride a bike, or buy more accounts so they have something to do when person X,Y,and Z is not on. That's not a recipe for success. Now I can already hear "take advantage of the social aspect", "recruit more people", "farm mobs", "go play wow", or "easy mode something something nonsense", but those aren't viable answers or solutions to the core problem. There are going to be a lot of guilds that are happy with the people they have, are going to try and conquer the world with 30, 40 or 50 people, and aren't looking to mass recruit just so people can have something to do when it would normally be slow. So what are your choices? Play a different game, or buy more accounts. Seems flawed to me. If you could train 1 of each skill, you could have something to work on/ something to do with your 1 account when your particular niche your build fits isn't in demand. Otherwise, you're literally forced to buy more accounts to do something other than the 1 path you've chosen to be relevant in. That's $45 (maybe?) for each game mechanic you'd like to experience.
  8. So.... You vote 20+ times, and then say people "Flock to your position"? I mean... without you there's a difference of... 10 people? Also, the VIP subscription could have a direct effect on multiple accounts, both with and without VIP, so it's only a separate issue if you make VIP relatively meaningless.
  9. That's going to be the majority of your casual gamer feedback. Almost Verbatim. Maybe some better grammar. Who knows. In the long run, it's going to hurt the population. People want the variety. And if they get on at 10:00 am on a tuesday morning, and nobody else is on, or are busy with other projects, people are going to want to craft, or gather, or mess around, not log off because there's nothing for them to do with the one roll they've chosen.
  10. Oh. I didn't realize you cornered the market on casual gamers, and were the only one with experience. Everything you have said in this thread has been baseless while being argumentative and ridiculous. I think I'll ignore you from here on out.
  11. That's a red herring. I used three because there are three main lines. Substitute 5, or 15, or 42... whatever. The point is with 1 account, I can't really be relevant to yourself or your guild in the 3 different main game mechanics Ace has made. I can either train combat, train gathering or train crafting. The bottom line is you ARE going to be able to do everything. Whether that's one character training one skill in each category, or 3 characters training in three categories. The question is whether or not ACE is going to be able to make enough money off VIP to keep the game going longer than a year. Once I have those 3, 12, 42 accounts I'll have to get if I want to play all of the fighting/crafting/gathering aspects of the game, it's going to have to be a really solid offer to make me want to pay a monthly for something more than sentimentality.
  12. If someone doesn't want to train the three skill, they don't get a subscription. Then they run around and just do their personal playstyle. And the argument of "Not all people playing a pvp game see competitive the same"? Oh come on now. I'm not even going to get into that. I'm saying that forcing people who want to do more than just one aspect of gameplay effectively (earlier than 3 years into the game) to buy three accounts instead of making a monthly fee off of being able to do it on one account soley, simply to preserve a 10% combat bonus is silly and self destructive to the long term health of ACE. You'll have a lot more monthly subscribers at if you include letting people train 3 trees instead of 1, than you will if you give them some "whatever bonus" cause now they need at least 3 accounts to get the same variety of gameplay... So what do they really get out of the subscription they haven't already paid for? Seems to me there's nothing I've heard mentioned mentioned that I couldn't get from a couple more game packages. I don't understand how people think being able to train up one skill in each of the three categories is going to ruin diversity, or "being able to do everything at all times". Didn't someone say earlier here that it takes 1 year to become fully proficient in mining Copper alone? How is being able to train a single combat skill combat, learn to mine copper, and I don't know, specialize in making Gates, "doing everything"? So over dramatic.
  13. That's not "being able to gather" but okay. At least it's something. And I don't think the primary goals of the game have anything to do with what we're talking about. We're talking about the ability to have 1 character to craft/fight/gather on a subscription instead of buying 3 characters to do the exact same thing off a subscription. If the difference comes down to a 10% damage difference, it's going to be more about the player's skill than it is the training, so what's the difference? Answer; You're creating a large barrier to entry when the common practice all new players will hear about in the first week of playing, or on the forums before buying the game, is that you have to buy 3 accounts if you want to be relevant in the three skill trees.
  14. Fair enough. But again, you're overcoming the problem by paying more money one way or the other. One way is going to crowd the system, promote multiboxing, and lose casual players, while the other is going to promote subscriptions to the company and improve individual character options. That's how I see it.
  15. This doesn't make sense to me. Because now you've switched sides to the P2W camp. Choices matter... unless you pay $45 for another account?
  16. First, 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3 =1 so.... Think we're on different pages here. You need three accounts to be able to train each of the main skill sets. Second, because you go on a mining op, does not mean you are getting to mine. It means you are a guard. Forever a guard. A meatshield. Or atleast for the first year, as you say. You're assuming that everyone coming into the game is only going to want to do only one thing. So you get to diversify after playing for a year? That's the selling point for casual players? Really?
  17. But they do need three accounts to do some of everytthing. That's the point. What are they going to craft? Garbage? That sounds like fun. And players with different play styles are going to be boxed into one choice if they want to be competitive. If they don't want to be competitive, why are they playing crowfall? So it sounds like you're arguing for a more restrictive game, with less options for playstyles than being able to train 1 of each of the three main trees.
  18. I think this is still missing the point. If they want to gather, they can't. They are relegated to "scouting, direct protection, grabbing the doobers, stealthing back to base with the goods" no matter what. And they'll never experience the crafting system. Unless they buy more copies of the game. It's pretty lame really. I keep hearing easy-mode, so that must be a topic gone over multiple times in other threads, but I think this has nothing to do with "easy mode". It has to do with not having to buy the game three time to be able to fight, gather and craft. for a normal non super fan. I think most of the people on this forum fit that super fan category, and need to think from someone else's perspective, as hard as that might be.
  19. This still doesn't solve the problem that they're only getting to experience 1/3 of the gameplay unless you buy the game 3 times. People won't like that.
  20. If you want to experience the whole game, be a fighter, a crafter and a gatherer, you need at least three. Now, your OPINION and my OPINION on relevant may be different, and I can see by your posts, your views are highly "warped" as well, but the fact remains; it's a pretty big assumption to bet the company on. I find it interesting that you boiled the entire argument of casual gamers making up a portion of the population down to me wanting an easy wow-clone. I think that says more about you, and your style of arguing, than it does me. That being said, a large portion of some big guilds are composed of casual gamers. People who hop on to PVP. They don't spend their days on forums making 5000+ posts, or nights playing whatever was recently released on steam. They like to hop in a game the guild is playing, kill some people, do a little gathering, maybe some crafting, then hop off. How do you think they'll feel when their guildies tell them "Oh, yeah, if you want to experience the whole game, you'll need to buy it at least 2 more times." I know exaclty how they'll feel. I've heard it before. "Why are we playing somethign you ahve to buy three times? This is stupid". And they're done. People can swallow a subscription a lot faster than they can being told they need to buy the game 3 times to experience everything; crafting and gathering on top of combat. If you disregard casual player with your elitist "We're a niche game so F them" attitude, the game will be worse for it.
  21. That's a pretty big assumption to bet the company on. That people are going to want to spend $15/mo for that, when they already need 5 accounts to stay relevant.
  22. So, if I understand you right, we should find a way to make VIP worth $15 a month without giving any advantages to anyone, so ACE can continue developing the game, and we do this so we don't have a character that can fight, craft and harvest all at once, forcing everyone to manage multiple accounts in order to keep a 10% combat bonus on certain characters?
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