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  1. A Guinecean, named Coin stands tall, using her back legs, and waves her paw 'Hi people!'
  2. Coin blinks, 'You're married?! No! No, don't like him, shifty eyes, can't i just shoot him now?' Coin aims instead for the males feet.
  3. Coin pops up under the table, and scurries over to Tayeko's feet, and says 'Hello My lady, sorry i am so late, i was gathering my winter stockpile of food for the coming winter months, i hope i didn't miss much ...' Coin peers at the other pairs of feet under the table, and pulls out her pistols, taking aim.
  4. (oopsie ...) Coin blinks, and puts another sunflower into her mouth, and scampers closer to the group, and hugs Kearie's leg 'You brought friends, woo! Okay, uhm, can i train Shawn and Sara? The way she says the names is a little muddled, and she gives a small giggle, 'I like their names, it's like a tongue twister!'
  5. (LORD OF THE RINGS!! Fellowship of the ring!!)
  6. Coin skids to a stop, spotting the twins, and cocks her head to the side, 'Uhm ... hi' She pops a sunflower seed into her mouth, crunching it, 'Who are you guys anyway?' she looks around the cavern room, looking at the two males, the three females, and itches at her ear slightly,
  7. Coin blinks up at Kaeari 'you're being too nice ... why?' she looks up at the human, eyeing his hand 'Yeahh ... i have twin pistols, never bring a sword to what would become a gun fight,' she snatches the sunflower seeds, and scampers off sniffing around the tunnels trying to find tayeko
  8. A Genucian tunnel bumps show up on the cave floor, and Coin pokes her head up 'Hey guys, Did ya miss me? Ooohhh ... it's dark in here ...'
  9. Coin the Genucian, scampers into the pub, and wanders over to the barkeeper, and asks 'Can i have the cherry soda pop please, Shaken, not stirred' She takes the thimble of drink to a table and starts sipping, watching the door, ((All yours guys! looking for more players to join my guild, c'mon, it's fuuuuun))
  10. 'Woo Adventure time!' Coin scampers off to find friends
  11. Coin grins up at Kieran 'Damn straight you should! I'll bite your toes off!!!' she scampers out of the arena.
  12. Coin puts on her 'game face' and starts shooting at the monster she is up against, she grins as it shrieks in pain, and she scampers up it's leg and around it's back avoiding it's grasping hands, and shoots a silver bullet in the back of it's head, she leaps off and takes a bow as it makes a loud groaning sound and starts to fall, 'Timbeeeerrrr' Coin yells,
  13. Coin yells 'And anyone who touches my popcorn will get a star in the head!!'
  14. 'My turn!!!' Coin scrambles down to the pit, rubbing her paws together in glee, she has her: Throwing stars, silver pellets and slingshot, pistols, with silver, iron, copper and steel bullets, and poison gas, and a cookie.
  15. Coin claps excitedly, and munches on the salted popcorn, pointing at the small acorn shell with a buttered popcorn kernel, 'That's for you'
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