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  1. Hyjaxx protip #213 ...the average IQ in the united states is only 20 points above down syndrome...let the professionals do their jobs whilst the rest of the folks dine on bologna sandwiches cut in triangles. make no mistake...the buzz being generated about the game is exactly what they want.and aside from KS funding they already have huge revenue streams...this game is being made. If I had to guess..the amount gathered on KS was to reach the set percentage that the banking institution needed as a stipulation of the remainder of funds being dispersed from the bank. hyjaxx
  2. Ok...you guys are all joking right...they said they are changing all the combat from the of intro videos to remake a new exciting combat system. Hence the new combat team they just put together. Hell...that super early combat they put in the intro for ks looks better than most other combat systems out there...and if they are willing to dump that to make something even better....you can bet your last Nickle its going to be good.
  3. If you only have 30 min or an hour to play,do some roaming,work on your build,mine some nodes. Or.....stock up on Dramamine,dose the family and play for the evening! Sadly this mentality of "well I don't have a ton of play time,but I want it all" just isn't fair or viable. Short game time calls for quick tasks. As always...imho Hyjaxx
  4. Ive already posted my thoughts but to see this thread take off I think its important to note that....gamers are everyone and everything..but we cant have a forum section for everything because next we will see..... New crowfall sub section. "gamers with irritable bowel syndrome"
  5. I think I wasn't clear with the point . I'm not saying one is going to be better . It just felt to me that eqnext was waiting to see where crowfall exceled with the tech so they could save money of making errors. as always imho and thanks for the thoughts!
  6. voxel tech and destructable enviornments are fairly new features for a MMO so a company waiting to see how someone else does it so they dont waste money and derail the Hype train is totally different then saying .....they both have health bars. and while the above mentioned things arent the main reason you would purchase or stick with a game it is something that sets these games apart from every other mmo on the market...again...not magic and blue colors. But as always , thank you for your opinion.
  7. arent there ways to make mouse macros to 'grab all"? could that be restricted in game? with groups of people who dont know eachother I can see one person killing someone and other people grabbing the loot and it causing a poop storm. Besides eve ive never played a game with lootable corpses....what is the PC way to handle the loot?
  8. different game? the voxels,destructable enviornments ect are all quite similar. ( IMHO) EDIT to replies- yes one is a pvp game the other is a pve game. That doesnt mean that Enviornments couldnt be extremely similar. You can have an Alley with a bake sale in it or an Alley with a gang fight. EQNext made a huge deal about their game having the voxel tech,destructable enviornments ect..this is mainly what i was speaking about. To be honest, this stuff is super new and game changing for a mmo so im sure everyone thinking about doing it is a smidge weinie shy.
  9. No way they will be global, there is too much emphasis on caravans, embargo runs...and having to move coins by hand. I feel having a global system would really kick the game in the meat flap. And as someone else mentioned, it would be cool to add permissions ect to move things for other players. That would be very "Bluefrog,Redfrog esque. I could see some people creating a smugglers wells fargo with a system like that....I love it!
  10. Salutations folks. Something has been eating at me now for quite some time and while i have zero proof or links I thought i would get the opinions of the community. So...here we go. It seems to me that the past 6 months or longer that SoE ( now daybreak) has let EQnext sit unmentioned while they focus on Landmark. If im not mistaken they really broke off from EQnext and started heavily on Landmark right about the time Crowfall popped up on KS. I have a feeling that with them having a smaller budget now they are working on the safe assets and design while totally steering cleer of EQnext voxels,destructable enviornments and combat and waiting for Crowfall to blaze the trail. With everything being non NDA Daybreak is able to see what works and what doesnt before they part with their time and coin. So...do i need to get some fresh air...or is there something to this? as always IMHO hyjaxx.
  11. ok..all these new names...Ahem..hence forth I shall be known as teradactyl! Skreeeerawr!....thats a bird...right? 8P
  12. I think this is a bad idea. Its just another way to split the community for something that shouldn't be split. Tons of gamers have children and if someone feels inclined to discuss their family in an anecdote ECT it can easily be done in general or the off topic section. In finishing, if the posts are on the "how to raise your kids" basis, its probably best not to post it as it will surely turn into a " trollish dont tell me what to do with my kids" or a L2P "learn to parent" nightmare. as always IMHO Hyjaxx
  13. I know that every couple days I like the post ideas or thoughts I have regarding the game. I always do a search to check for similar posts. But I'm certainly not going to necro a post just because its similar because chances are my thoughts will differ even though the topic title is close. But maybe only allow new members to post in the new member section for a few days to get the silly questions out of the way.
  14. The forward camp system in eso was pretty exciting. A group of people push forward and build a "forward camp" and it can be used as a spawn point as long as its up. But it can be destroyed fairly quickly by enemy forces. It would add a neat dynamic to drawn out battles.
  15. Im a sad panda. I was a rook and now Im a peckerpeeper or how ever you spell it. good thing i didnt get that "Rook" tattoo ...sheesh.. 8P
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