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Iridian ShadowWeaver

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    MMOs, hiking, reading books, chillin' with the kidlets.
    Professional: VR literature curriculum, mobile tech for teaching, online course design.
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    Galactic Sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

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  1. I'm back! Someone fill me in on the gossip 'round here.

  2. Spring! O' how my sould does sing!

  3. I'm sad to see Tully and Larissa are gone. It does seems as if we've lost favored family members, and I'm somewhat surprised they didn't stop by the forums to say goodbye. Please keep that handsome astrophysicist Bill Dalton Iri~
  4. I'm doing the NO MORE SNOW dance now.

    1. rowannyx


      Your dances seems to have a bit of a chaotic effect Iri

    2. Iridian ShadowWeaver

      Iridian ShadowWeaver

      I generally have that effect on weaker beings, such as weather elementals, cats, and Guineceans. I'm hoping it also works on Crows. But for now, looks like my previous dance remains in effect; 3-5 inches of snow for me and mine. Send libations!

  5. On NO! Not another ice storm. I specified SNOW in my dance.

    1. rowannyx


      Sometimes the weather makers get their wires crossed. Send a complaint to the manager ;)


    2. Iridian ShadowWeaver

      Iridian ShadowWeaver

      It's a grave error. I will speak to the admin. I clearly requested SNOW.

  6. Thanks Canth! I totally missed the August gift of a guild hall name. Iri~
  7. The Force Awakens is awesome fun! Go see, go see :D

  8. Early viewing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens tonight!

  9. I am freed from the Ivory Tower for 4 weeks! Ahhh...

  10. Finals Week! Winter break, here I come!

  11. Would y'all hug your kids just a little tighter and longer than usual tonight? Please and thank you

  12. Can't wait for the next test!

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