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Iridian ShadowWeaver

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    MMOs, hiking, reading books, chillin' with the kidlets.
    Professional: VR literature curriculum, mobile tech for teaching, online course design.
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    Galactic Sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha

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  1. Why is Illara's symbol a dead rat and not a noble cat? Iri~
  2. I'm back! Someone fill me in on the gossip 'round here.

  3. I'll be there To All: I think many of us early backers/testers are busy with work and family these days. It's summer, the kids are out of school, vacations are happening, and it's just hard to carve out time for testing. It's especially difficult with the test schedule. I agree with previous posters' suggestions that less frequent tests scheduled during evening and weekend afternoons and evenings, maybe twice a month, would be more time-friendly for the professional set. Heck, I'm sort of off for the summer, but I can't manage to find time to sit down and read a book or play a game. Life, it's an endurance contest with the universe. I tried to play Hearthstone, Don't Judge!, and I just didn't have the time. I want to play Overwatch, but I don't have time, I want to play DOOM, I want to farm a certain Rat in the Spiral, but I don't have time. I will, however, MAKE time for my Druid healer. Oh yes. I seriously need to catch up with updates. Cheers, Iri~
  4. Ooh! Todd, you continue to surprise, and please, this Crow. First my Druid girl comes to life, and now this. My inner linguist is dancing
  5. Welcome Jonathan So, you're our espionage engineer, eh? Seriously, nice to see a fellow Spiral Geographer here in the Land of Crow. Iri~
  6. Spring! O' how my sould does sing!

  7. Welcome to the murder, Assistance! I think you'll find the Crowfall skill training model satisfies your idea of "fun" Lovely to meet you, Iri~
  8. I must refute that claim; I did get a ride from a very nice centaur(ess) from Shadowbane via role play a few months back. You just gotta ask with courtesy. Er, and don't give 'em any whiskey. But I will say that I prefer that my Centauress in Crowfall NOT carry a saddle of enslavement, or at least have an option to refuse taxi-ism. Cheers, Iri~
  9. Just in time! I was thinking the other day that we need some games around here to liven things up. Thanks, Pann
  10. Hi Lantern Watch! Good to see you keeping the tradition, and keeping a flame ablaze to light the path Iri~
  11. Yep, Fenris is right. The upload option has been broken for a while now. Iri~
  12. I'm sad to see Tully and Larissa are gone. It does seems as if we've lost favored family members, and I'm somewhat surprised they didn't stop by the forums to say goodbye. Please keep that handsome astrophysicist Bill Dalton Iri~
  13. - Forum/Profile Name: Iridian ShadowWeaver - Preferred "Crow" Name: Moira - Guild Affiliation: TBA - Campaign Worlds & PVP: Of course! - General Alignment: Balance MEOW x purrs x
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