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  1. Now a proud member of a guild

  2. I was watching your Crowfall vids and then I saw you post that song. It's a long shot but I reckon it would be awesome if they played your song in the credits.
  3. What drew me to this game was hearing of the game landscapes being completely procedural generated and I'm surprised no one has mentioned it yet. The thought of exploring a new world whenever a new campaign starts up enthralls me and gives me hope that this will finally be the MMO that I can play forever, always having a new experience and being able to be apart of a real community that impacts the game in a major way. I'm sure I'm not the only one but I saw someone back this game on Twitter so I went to it's Kickstarter and it didn't really catch my eye, then I saw a video on it and it st
  4. This game doesn't have too many followers yet even though it's the coolest MMO I've seen

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