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  1. Now a proud member of a guild

  2. I was watching your Crowfall vids and then I saw you post that song. It's a long shot but I reckon it would be awesome if they played your song in the credits.
  3. All I'm really looking for in a guild is a friendly community that understands the importance of real life and knows to have fun, of course aiming to win is apart of having fun but when it comes down to it enjoyment is more important than winning. This guild ticks all the boxes for me.
  4. I never knew I wanted a Minotaur archetype until they announced it, before that I was not sure what archetype I was going to play until I laid eyes on that minotaur stretch goal. It was at that moment that I knew the Minotaur was the archetype for me.
  5. What drew me to this game was hearing of the game landscapes being completely procedural generated and I'm surprised no one has mentioned it yet. The thought of exploring a new world whenever a new campaign starts up enthralls me and gives me hope that this will finally be the MMO that I can play forever, always having a new experience and being able to be apart of a real community that impacts the game in a major way. I'm sure I'm not the only one but I saw someone back this game on Twitter so I went to it's Kickstarter and it didn't really catch my eye, then I saw a video on it and it still seemed like just another MMO. It was only until I gave it some thought that I realized this game is creating a concept that has the potential to revolutionize MMOs and get them past that WOW clone phase.
  6. The hunger dome would make a great campaign gamemode, over the span of the whole campaign the hunger is slowly seeping in and taking down players until there is only one person left, representing their entire faction or guild. However if you're going to make it a separate gamemode outside of EK or CW then you're destroying the whole point of the game being PVP focused.
  7. ACE seem to be really interested in not providing a pay to win environment while also giving people that option to pay if you're interested. So unless they change their ways I doubt we will see too much of a disadvantage between paying and free to play.
  8. This game doesn't have too many followers yet even though it's the coolest MMO I've seen

  9. I'm so hyped for this game! So hyped in fact that I would love to see the communities fanart wallpaper community creations to keep my hype going. Even if it's not yours please post it below and give credit to whoever the artist is if you're able.
  10. If I could draw like that I would never stop drawing
  11. Minotaur is my favourite Archetype to be announced and since it was a stretch goal they had no desktop wallpaper worthy photos so I got their first minotaur concept design and photoshopped him into a badass Bloodborn background.
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