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  1. Definitely a pug. Can't unsee it.
  2. Glad you enjoyed it, and we'd be happy to have you stop by future streams. We like to have a good time.
  3. Hello, everyone! Here are some great plays, not-so-great plays, and LOTS of trash talk from my last Crowfall Pre-alpha stream! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bb1EgY5vSMg
  4. Hey man, saw you tonight : ) I tried to dive you but your team was there...
  5. Just wanted to thank the community for the support of my first Crowfall Pre-Alpha Video! Below is my 2nd! Unfortunately, the lag made it a bit unplayable, but I think I still put together what I hope will be an entertaining video! This video features: Battling the Lag Monster PVP Shoutcasting Tips to Win With A 19,000ms Ping Log-in Boss Too Strong Suggested Gameplay Improvements Crowfall as an E-Sport Franchise Surprise Ending! Thanks for watching! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gXUX3YaXYo
  6. Much appreciated! Hope to see you tonight! If not, I'll pull some more highlights out and get them up.
  7. Thanks for the kind words! I'm always looking for people to team up with.
  8. I think some really great small time streamers might have been missed in the list... *cough*
  9. Thanks! I had a blast last night learning the game, was just sad it got cut short. Really looking forward to tomorrow's test so I can actually learn the names of things : )
  10. As long time and die hard Shadowbane player, I've been waiting a FOREVER time for a game like Crowfall to come out! Here are some clips from my first night of Pre-Alpha! More videos to follow! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiMPoRcAhdA See you in the Hunger Dome!
  11. The one thing I will say about WoW is that the responsiveness and fluidity of the movements and actions were amazing. I'd like to see Crowfall emulate this.
  12. 1) Lack of fun and engaging things to do in endgame 2) Frustrating, obnoxious or non-fluid controls, UI and/or PVP 3) Anything that appears "moneygrubbing"... 4) Seeming lack of passion, commitment or engagement from the dev team
  13. There was one SB video with the "Nuclear Launch Detected" that I can't seem to find. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
  14. I'm going to pick it up and probably stream it. We have a small streaming/viewer community that enjoys games like this such as Reign of Kings, Don't Starve Together, etc...
  15. If "Lord Commander" is not the highest rank of crows, then we know the whole system is a sham...
  16. Ehhhh, I know in ArcheAge the 10v10 was decently balanced, but the 1v1 was over in seconds. I understand Crowfall is supposed to revolve around larger scale battles, but it's extremely frustrating to be out gathering/farming and be killed in less than 2 seconds by someone that gets the drop on you. It's really not that satisfying to be the guy that got the drop on someone else and kill THEM in less than 2 seconds either. I'm hoping Crowfall can find a balance.
  17. Since the Crowfall development team is refusing to add dedicated healers, thereby spurning the female gaming population, the least they could do is design an elaborate, engaging and enjoyable cooking profession in order to attempt to win them back. Imagine a cooking building or kitchen in your castle or kingdom? I kid, I kid...
  18. Everything about chess is absolutely about being better than the other guy, does that mean that 100% of players who enjoy games that are absolutely about being better than the other guy are going to enjoy it? No. Since you're speaking in absolutes, then you would agree that it doesn't matter how trash the combat system is, the character building system turns out to be, no matter how clunky the combat is, as long as it is all about being better than the other guy, you're happy to play it? That's what you are saying?
  19. I disagree (but only slightly) with your assertion that cc revolves around DPS. More specifically, I believe the amount and type of CC the game can reasonably sustain is directly tied to at what scale of combat the developers intend to balance around. As previously mentioned in this thread, long, hard CC is probably fine when balanced in 10v10+ where there will be tanks, supports, and peels, but will generally be auto-win at the smaller scale 2v2-5v5 range. As for the types of CC, I'm pretty against anything that is "thoughtless", and more in favor of CC that has to be landed with aim. I think that any type of "slow on attack" or "slow aura" or "chance to stun on hit" or "chance to knock back enemies when hit" CC makes for a clunky and non-fluid PVP experience. I guess in theory, I'm fine with hard CC, I'd just like for supports to be able to either preempt the CC or reasonably remove it.
  20. I fully agree. However, the poster I was quoting seemed to be under the assumption that Crowfall was a "competitive space" and that little to no RNG should be allowed. This is an argument I've had hundreds of times throughout my MMO history, particularly in WoW. People seem to want the sterile, balanced and competitive nature of MOBA's and FPS's in their MMO's, and it's just not possible. While I don't particularly agree that there is anything inherently "fun" about RNG, I do feel that the lack of it is "un-fun".
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