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  1. and disp runes and vessel quality and sacrifices to the gods
  2. Noon to 2 so you only want people without jobs to play? Oh well, stream please!
  3. Also on the hard counter argument, if everyone can carry multiple counters in their bag and switch it will then it may not be such a sure thing if you scout out a druid farming but when you come back it's a champion.
  4. @JTC stay the course your doing great. Also just a suggestion it would be cool if the vessel retained a history of all who I used it. I would love to get a hold of the vessel that was owned by someone noteworthy.
  5. In the C&C Q&A they stated that you can "hold" or claim a graveyard so if you want that free knight every time you have to own that graveyard or find an on unoccupied one
  6. This mentality is due to the "everyone is a winner" type attitude kids are raised with now a days. Not everyone gets a trophie.
  7. @Psyentific Even if it provides a .00000000001 advantage we will all have top end duh!
  8. TBH all that shallow power curve poorly made socks is just for the "on the fence" peeps so they can feel froggy enough to leap. You and I both know once you factor in the in game knowledge of environment and use of vessel the curve gets much steeper so splitting hairs over gear curve is pointless.
  9. I will let you know. I'm sorry I don't share your enthusiasm for that mechanic. It really seems to exist to justify crafting and the new system does that very well. I, on the other hand, hope that finding that super rare orange vessel you've been looking for makes you feel almost super human compared to a base model. Attain a preset stat level I'm assuming here because that's the only thing left on the vessel. And then talk to the right NPC to "Enlighten" your vessel with the knowledge of the gods. Can a promoted vessel be separated from it's promotion class is a question that that answer sparks.
  10. Cool idea. Seemed to be explained well and it will def help out all of us FOTM build freaks. Kind of disappointed they are going so easy on the outer world bands as far as lootability goes but hey we'll see.
  11. and under that umbrella you house all your bad ideas.
  12. I think that the idea that players will get weaker as a campaign progresses is an awful one. The thought that anyone would like to slowly get worse as they train up their skills and craft better gear so that essentially you never really make any progression in the game and end up doing the same exact damage as day 1 is absurd. But I hold my tongue and let you share your idea. I'm sure your opinion is very important to.......someone so let's all share in a positive way, OK?
  13. nice creativity but it seems a bit too steampunky for CF
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