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  1. Cheers......see you in a few hours m8.
  2. What are you guys going to craft when you get into the hunger dome?
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4swfL9VpLbw So Appalled Kanye West (explicit) ft. JayZ, PushaT
  4. The only way a pet thing could work in this situation if you ask me is if it's like on Game of Thrones where you leave your player's body helpless and take over the body of an "animal" in the area. Then you have full control of that "animal" and can go attack people without consequence to your self. Of course there would have to be a radius you can go from your host body before the spell breaks and your returned. Just a thought.
  5. The ranger is listed as a stealth specialist is the animal supposed to go into stealth also or just follow the ranger around giving up his position.
  6. Really looking forward to seeing another iteration of the original dream J Todd had all those years ago and where he and the Artcraft team take the future of MMORPG's.
  7. That's what happens when you post not signed in. This was me.
  8. Back then I played as ether JudasPriest, Neutron, SilentScorpion, or Siren but I been around since SB Beta. Way longer than both my attention span and memory
  9. Ah to wax romantic of days past.....I hope you find your posse.
  10. Greetings and good luck. Mats are going for 1 mil each from the people that will actually be playing the game. Start farming.
  11. Welcome Notey and everyone that has joined recently.
  12. Sounds like a separate best seller "Row To Crush"
  13. EDIT;" this just got slammed in here but as a side note naval combat sounds like crap. I was commenting on how water physics will effect group vs group combat in a lot of fun ways. P.S. I did a search on water and water combat before my OP, thanks." I was just swimming through the water in Shadowbane and I saw the "fly up fly down" arrows light up. To my dismay they did nothing but it got me thinking of how cool it would be to be able to swim up or down and how that would promote emergent gameplay since the mass of the water should deflect incoming "fire" like in real life therefore offeri
  14. I like the limit 2 simultaneous login's idea with possible exceptions (1 additional) if you jump through a bunch of hoops. That way big families are not SoL.
  15. @thenebrosity your tears nourish this community thank you and may one of your CPU's burst into flames and consume you and all you own in the night.
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