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  1.          For those of you talking about there only being one build, you are forgetting the archetype, promotion class, runes that lower and increase your stats (char specific), the relics in your EK, the fact that increased axe skill will do crap for your confessor, the fact that you cannot equip every single skill all at once, and not to mention that you can only train a maximum of four skills at a time and you probably wont have the exact build as that guy who is investing time into stealth rather than jumping

    and disp runes and vessel quality and sacrifices to the gods

  2. Vessels will be available in graveyards, so even if you don't have any more of your own, you can grab one at the appropriate graveyard. It may not be a very good one, but you'll have something you can use. You can also spend time during the campaign collecting vessels.


    From what Blair said on the podcast, it doesn't sound like people will have a problem sticking to one archetype if that's what they want, though there could be campaigns where there is a limit on the available vessels.

    In the C&C Q&A they stated that you can "hold" or claim a graveyard so if you want that free knight every time you have to own that graveyard or find an on unoccupied one

  3. Very cool. Also makes it easy to add archetypes later without forcing people to reroll to play them.


    My only concern is too much RNG in the vessel crafting process. If I and some other guy put in the same components to craft a Confessor, and he comes up 15% better than I do for no reason other than luck, that really sucks.

    This mentality is due to the "everyone is a winner" type attitude kids are raised with now a days. Not everyone gets a trophie.

  4. Yay


    Edit:  The ramifications of this system on the dregs will be very interesting.

    I will let you know.


    While reading the FAQ question after question popped in my head. But it seems they covered all of them.  :) 


    Bit disappointed there is no info on the warmth conversion (yet). Still hope our avatars need food and other mechanics to stay warm!


    Edit: Still unsure when we will pick our deity. On a crow or vessel level? Does this mean guilds are useless on the outer bands? Lots of questions still.

    I'm sorry I don't share your enthusiasm for that mechanic. It really seems to exist to justify crafting and the new system does that very well.


    Neat concept.  I hope the power disparity between a common and legendary vessel isn't huge -_-

    I, on the other hand, hope that finding that super rare orange vessel you've been looking for makes you feel almost super human compared to a base model.


    I REALLY REALLY like this...like a lot!


    I was worried about having to constantly re-do character progression but once I read that even the archeype specific skills are account based I got pretty happy. 


    It's a pretty genius system. You have the permanent character progression (the crow itself) and you've also got a ton of reset mechanics that will keep the gameplay fresh. I have a feeling that when people die they'll try out something new and it'll lead to all kinds of replayability.


    Maybe I missed it but did they say how promotion classes work with the vessel system? Do you just pick the promotion class you want (if available) when you start up your new vessel?

    Attain a preset stat level I'm assuming here because that's the only thing left on the vessel. And then talk to the right NPC to "Enlighten" your vessel with the knowledge of the gods. Can a promoted vessel be separated from it's promotion class is a question that that answer sparks.

  5. I think a class change would be so awful and casual (like overwatch) but some of the wording and pictures could be interpreted to indicate such a thing.

    I think that the idea that players will get weaker as a campaign progresses is an awful one. The thought that anyone would like to slowly get worse as they train up their skills and craft better gear so that essentially you never really make any progression in the game and end up doing the same exact damage as day 1 is absurd. But I hold my tongue and let you share your idea. I'm sure your opinion is very important to.......someone so let's all share in a positive way, OK?

  6. I can see something.

    Its a bit vague, but... . I can see the Crow flying across the land, to a place with a giant fountain. This fountains doesnt have water but instead spirit particles, its breathtaking beautiful. And the crows all fly there, to drink. But instead of drinking, the crows are the ones that are getting drank by the fountain. And the fountain is a big magical machine inside, and under it is a whole big mechanism going on, but the fountain is really huge itself already.

    And the players are getting spawned then...   mmhmhm I dont know.



    Wow, over 5.000 profile visits.

    Thank you guys!

    The international otter community is still strong and upstanding it seems, very good!

    Merry Christmas.

    nice creativity but it seems a bit too steampunky for CF

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