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  1. I see them using the god selection as like the RP ruleset in Shadowbane but baked in. For example if your "God A" you get a bonus if you live in the woods but a debuff if you live in the desert. Also "God A" grants bonuses to certain archetypes and negative effects to other archetypes. Kind of like the SB boon system but baked in. Also here is my storyboard of the comic so far:
  2. Exactly which is why I am totally happy knowing that it's a limited toolkit of minimum viable powers.
  3. One of my big fears for this game is the composition of the audience that ACE chooses to surround itself with and therefore take feedback from. You can only hear a bunch of kids cry for [thing A] for so long before your mindset goes from "definitely not" to "maybe I can, what would it hurt and it would shut them up". -people cried about the wild star combat style --- they changed it, you hate it, now their slowly walking it back that way. -people cried about obsessive CC in the industry as a whole and begged ACE to go super light on CC --- now you can't even land a hit on a fleeing opponent and kids are crying for a universal CC kit I'm sure there are plenty more examples of how this community has shot itself in the foot but I'm sick of writing this so you must be sick of reading it by now...
  4. Here is a link to some footage from the last few days. [Mature language]
  5. TL;DR. = I wish everyone had the same skill toolbox so no arctypes are unique.
  6. The lack of interest in 1v1 combat balance shown by ACE is the right move in my opinion. You will never be able to balance 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1 AND maintain a feeling of individual different feeling archetypes. The meta of this game is to be on the Nation vs Nation level with Huge clans clashing like in Game of Thrones. Even a group of players is small by that comparison. "You will be able to make a bad character" -ACE
  7. Ok it's tuff talk time from your good buddy krip. To be plainly stated the fact is this: Some of us will find that this game is not for us and in fact we do not "belong here". ACE has stated as much themselves. We are a cross of many different gaming cultures, locations, and ages! As the vision FOR the game turns into a vision OF the game some of every one of those 3 categories will look and go "ewwwwwww I'm not playing that". The ugly truth to business is that the longer those details remain vague the longer they have the entire conglomerate population. Criticism is essential in this process as that is the yardstick by which they will measure their success/failure on a micro-development level! "The sqweeky wheel gets the grease" as the saying goes. Also and more importantly the development process is a giant spider web. Going back later after everyone is throughly displeased with the result is nearly impossible.
  8. Biggest fear is a hand holding zone called the ek that players can hide in forever and run their lips. Consequences for your actions is a big draw for me!
  9. Salt Truck Approved! Welcome to the fray.
  10. I'm having mic problems and it's pissing me off but enjoy yourself muffin.
  11. Don't foolishly assume your the only SB vet m8. Your skill set ain't poorly made socks here. Play to crush is the new norm and just having a bunch of players (like myself) that know how to GvG in a persistant world doesn't make you special here! But good post Peeka.
  12. Did you just learn that on DiscoveryKIDS or something? Oh well, good night muffin.
  13. Looks like you left us just enough salt to survive the night. See you tomorrow.
  14. Finally the try-hards are starting to show up.
  15. Raine is Salt truck approved!
  16. Ranger pet thread incomming
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