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  1. For anyone that ever did any instanced raiding you will find this one funny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yKqKg6DfTY
  2. You will never understand his crowd point blank because you never have been/will be part of it. Your a sheep waiting for slaughter.
  3. Ok I found my people now in a safe place where we can be free to sing our hymns and verbally beat each others heads in if we wish (but we only really do it to you nubs). Now I can be patient.
  4. That makes me think of a customizable ring around each castle that can be populated with defenses (moats, spikes, exc...) It should be easy enough to map it to the structure so it conforms as the building upgrades and changes shape. Also as the structure is upgraded the band gets thicker providing more safety. Sorry just trying to get all the ideas out of my head, even the bad ones
  5. I'm just not sure the non-sbers know how GOOD the game can be with our hard headed, stubborn, grieving butts helping to drive the vision. I hope some SB'ers will back me up but the combat in Shadowbane, the 1st time I really got in DEEP, was so exhilarating my heart was pounding out of my chest! And to some extent it was always that exciting not just the 1st time. To capture that "!" again would be pure magic. Anything less is a disappointment.
  6. Call it what you want. I don't judge. "It's not for everyone".
  7. RECAP: People(adults) are eager and excited to finally play a game that caters to their mature hardcore gamer mentality. For example killing someone whilst grieving them and then taking EXTREME joy in their tears (in game, forum, email, text, fax, or otherwise)! Said people have had games pulled out from under them before that have promised to be a "hardcore" experience and went vanilla despite. These people may be very intelligent and may notice ANY small indication that a developer is slipping into the mainstream. As a disclaimer these people alternately may be paranoid and/or delusional and imagining things. Some of these people are articulate enough to voice their concerns and actually give a poorly made socks about the project vision. This angers the "White Knight's" in the community and they (foolishly?) keep spamming the same cut/paste answers to the concerns. Rejecting any non-conforming ideas as trolling or being a whine butt. Post count/Backer rate/PPL Online/HYPE all go down. Dudes people were coming to the site JUST to see what would be said next. THOSE ARE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE. The people that stop and watch the clean up after a car accident! Did I miss any?
  8. Agreed the individual properties (i.e. hardness, load capacity, hp, exc) will have to be dialed in to equal the equivalent of busting through the 1000hp wall in your example. After that is achieved it should actually be harder to raid because each "attackable" sized piece of wall will have a fresh "1000 hp" and all the defenders have to do is keep inching you around the walls so its a fresh spot every time
  9. How, if indeed they made separate development and political sections to post in, would it degrade the development? I just don't understand why you left My little pony online????
  10. Great then why aren't you there instead muffin?
  11. You use the word OFFICIAL like its some secret spell that's supposed to protect you from all the bad things in life. It's a forum that is(will be) connected directly to a hardcore PvP game. Get some skin!
  12. All to often in RTW it was a better strat to abandon the walls sometimes and focus on a more effective choke point INSIDE the castle(the streets usually). Don't think all the action HAS to happen outside.
  13. Lots of ideas today. Maybe a Guard Captain disp. that can detect damage to the keep on minimap.
  14. what if after you put in the time to destroy your ramp it downgrades to a ruined version of a ramp that restricts passage to 1 player at a time this still allows a tactical advantage but lets travel happen.
  15. This is assuming that a wall is 1 vox thick what if its 7 vox thick?
  16. Great update guys and girls. Looking at those screenies I get the feeling that all that ROME: Total war I played has prepared me well for the coming chaos.
  17. Thought it was just because I was on a cell phone but I'm home now and on both IE and chrome. -MasterCard transaction = error at last step -paypal = error at step 1 Ty in advance for any help sorry if this has already been answered I did look a little.
  18. This is the only place I can post for now so I'll put it here. I played Rift for a short time and this video (not rift but wow video) makes me think of that time and raiding lolz. please feel free to share your own. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEPx6nbbwz8
  19. I was immediately drawn to the games pedigree as I was a fanatical Shadowbane fan (eventually after several server migrations I became to be known as Siren). I was also an emulator EARLY test team member and it pains me to watch both projects struggle. As soon as I heard of Crowfall I ingested every bit of info I could find. Several homages to my beloved SB (The All-Father/The Shadow realm/exc...) made me knee-jerk grab for my wallet.
  20. I'm a 36 year old Shadowbane Beta member that finally found this game and became a backer immediately. I plan on upgrading my pledge slowly to avoid girlfriend aggro but I just wanted to say hello to everyone and its good to be home
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