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Everything posted by KRIPTIK

  1. Cheers......see you in a few hours m8.
  2. What are you guys going to craft when you get into the hunger dome?
  3. We all laughed at you when I got stuck in your poorly made socks team and had to suicide I was sure you were going to kick a kitten.
  4. @yooyoo at least you named your guild properly for your eventual exit or identity change
  5. In a thread that's started specifically started to insult us wow we're even dominating the thread lololol
  6. @jah if our group fills up with randoms because all you fanbois rush to be on our team we will jump in a fire to take the next match together. Love the conspiracy theories though. SALT!!
  7. Sorry guys I know you paid to Alpha Test but we're only allowed to field one group because everybody else will start to feel scared.
  8. You killed a three-man serrated team that was already engaged in battle that is definitely epic!
  9. LOL ya missed that. HOW did you get entitlement to DL the client with only A3 access? Maybe ACE is letting all their buddies in early.
  10. Welcome inny. Looking for a good turn out tonight for hunger dome. Make your wife's happy ahead of time
  11. We've already argue this argument before and lost they want this place to be hugs and giggles and positivity so it doesn't scare any money away. *drops mic
  12. Perhaps in group immunity from each other but not from group to group.
  13. The only situation I see being viable in the current state, concerning FF, is maybe a giant game of "red rover" where we all stand in a line and one person from each team goes in the middle to get nuked.
  14. If your going to pull something out from under someone it's best to let them see that they don't need it before your do
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