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  2. EK's don't fit into the game in their current state. That's probably why they won't be worked on until next year once they have a better clue how to implement them. At its heart this is a PvP-centric game that was marketed to hardcore pvp groups (play to crush not play dollhouse). If combat sucks we will all leave and you can have artcraft make you a feudal merchant simulator game. Until that point it will continue to be a pvp oriented game no matter how many wizkids shed tears about no development on the one micro-feature that they are interested in. I agree with the OP about a sense of accomplishment and ownership seemingly missing from the CW's. I will also assert that the "hand-holding zone" known as the EK AND the embargo vault create an atmosphere of no accountability for your actions in game. For instance what is to stop a guild from embargoing every single item and resource and not building a keep. Now you cannot be hurt in any way and are free to grief the entire CW free of repercussions.
  3. @thedoctor well said. @Artcraft cmon guys and gals just call a spade a spade and own it. Treating the community at large like 12yr olds probably is t going to work. @Vikingnail how do I say this without provoking your protectors..........oh your almost frantic defense of every single thing pann says is way past annoying. Wow dude.
  4. I asked this in all seriousness's. What communities have you managed before?
  5. Gone is the era where things are explained before backers notice them I guess.
  6. @OP hate the idea. If your not good enough to not suck the 1st life. NO ONE SHOULD BE IN CHARGE OF HANDHOLDING for the bad players. Death is THE penalty in this game. Why would any hardcore pvpers want to soften that up? ..........oh wait......NVM I forgot I was on official with the cheerleaders and the wizkids. Maybe in your Barbie castle you can duel other crap players and have downed states so the carebears don't cry when they lose.
  7. What is your question? Will the devs protect you when your all alone? I will enjoy your tears immensely once the persistant game begins. It's like all you gamers are afraid you might actually have to interact with "pvpers". Oh heavens no!
  8. Female to Male ratio 1:21.3 [sausage fest confirmed]. It's like Alaska.
  9. Don't let the inherent need to show progress win over maintaining a professional look and feel at all times to the public at large.
  10. Well said Jihan! Also, if every adversary is a(n) uncle Bob to you that probably means you need to step up your guild meta.
  11. Max player restrictions on a per CW bases will force large guilds to divide their forces over multiple CW's. Also with the passive skill lvling people with no life aren't rewarded as much as in other games. Valid concerns though. I vote we call our alliance "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen"
  12. WOW your soo smart......not really. It's obvious to me that It was a pure and simple marketing change that will sway opinion when a 1st time visitor swoops in and sees "all these 7.3 billion super nice and helpful backers" And of coarse 100% toxicity free.
  13. Mass speculation and nervousness makes me laugh. Caravans that can travel between CW's. IMO the EK's are being changed in some impactful way. Hopefully it's to dissuade hand holding and let there be real consequences to in game actions. /dropsMIC
  14. That catch phrase was coined to make it seem more new player friendly. But those who have played a real open-world pvp mmo know damn well that that's a farce. For example take a knight with default gear in the hunger dome and pit him against a knight in full purple's. They add damage/hp/def/exc... And that's just gear. It's like you just regurgitate quotes and never really think about what your about to say.
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