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  1. Tyvm they nerfed my soundtrack so throw on some tunes. It's long and not very good quality source vid (iPhone). That's why I didn't do any more.
  2. SB had different servers also there just spinning it differently to avoid the SB2.0 cry's
  3. GW "The more you tell people about your game the easier they find something to not like" Ek won't be focused on until next year.
  4. I went around unplugging all my detectors lololol
  5. I willing to bet you're still going to argue with yourself about it in the shower. But I had fun let's move onto the next topic advance fingerpainting skill tree enumerators.
  6. I love how you all act like you already played it lol fill me in on how horrible dying will be please.......
  7. A single life is worth NOTHING to a pvper. For instance if a PVPer figures out that once you burn all your stamina it starts to take your health if you can kill himself that way as soon as he's captured hell just kill himself. Keep the gear!
  8. Scratch the whole system here is an alternative. In SB the attacker could choose a takeover bane where they take your city OR a destruction bane where they tear all gud asserts to the ground and leave nothing but an empty field. Maybe we can roll the resource syphon into this system. For example: Guild A gets baned by Guild B. Guild B chooses a destruction bane because they would not be able to hold the captured city. During the bane it is VERY obvious that Guild B is going to win easy. Guild A offers to pay a portion of their city income (items/resources,exc...) to Guild B in order to not be destroyed. Guild B agrees and goes home with their prize. The agreement should have a time limit dial so the two parties can negotiate.
  9. Maybe we can do a "rent a room" system where they just sleep over sometimes.
  10. Your an ok guy.......but the prisoner system AND this idea both suck in my opinion. Carry on~
  11. I enabled 2fa in case they gift it
  12. When I saw skarthy's punch bowl cut in half shoulders I was like damn that's a good idea.
  13. BEHOLD THE MASTER YODA OF EVA FOAM: http://youtu.be/d67ETuMiIiI
  14. Which one is them. They have any other pictures of themselves?
  15. Too late I settled for beer and cheating cosplayers. Also they made me work overtime today at work. That's just how life is. Night.
  16. I'm getting racial hate spam on all my FB posts now that's cool too happy birthday to me gud night
  17. A supporter of mal started a thread on The D about supporting her that's when I personally noticed a big jump but I expected that. You do realize they have like 6X the population of this place right
  18. So what your saying is.......success in this contest depends on linking your real identity to this community for scrutiny and attack.?
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