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  1. I never been on there b4 it was like jumping into a toilet idk where they landed look it up VN.
  2. Honestly is really just a bunch of stuff that's uninteresting to my type of gamer so naa I'm gud.
  3. You posted a straight photoshop rip [bad one at that] and damn well knew it got added to the gallery so shhhhhhh about form
  4. I'm honestly competing with botters now and your calling ME out. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE!
  5. You don't speak for me. I didn't choose this contest medium! Is this a custard costume making contest or a popularity contest?
  6. have someone make a big sticker and then cut out the holes yourself
  7. don't pull up in a Spider rent a ford focus
  8. take the empty case to an airbrush artist or a bodyshop
  9. that must be the D-bag that reported me for sending a friend invite. What? Friend invites are now threatening to you lololololololololololololololol
  10. I'm inviting all the suggested friends we run in a circle together apparently. maybe it's CF related if I see someone liked something on the CF FB and I send them a friend req is that stalking them>?
  11. I don't think the OP realizes that your character keeps progressing as far as the skill tree is concerned after the campaigns end. But they do and therefore all of your VAP benefits will also be beneficial after the campaign. But they do and therefore all of your VIP benefits will also be beneficial after the campaign
  12. FB is going to ban me for inviting ppl I don't know personally. It's an account set up for a game personality Kriptik doesn't know anyone personally. WTF
  13. THIS I have had several family members tell me they cant find my picture and this is why. They were finally redirected by myself and I'm not crying just a bug report lets say. Theres too much bug in the report!
  14. Looking for a few votes REMEMBER you can vote for more than 1 so if you already voted for your buddy you can still support me too . Please and thank you. LINK
  15. Another shameless plug please vote https://www.facebook.com/CrowfallGame/photos/a.1054879854525331.1073741835.814300301916622/1056611854352131/?type=3
  16. https://m.facebook.com/CrowfallGame/photos/a.1054879854525331.1073741835.814300301916622/1056611854352131/?type=3&source=48
  17. yea I had a share comment get 9 likes. its like a dagger in my heart!
  18. PLEASE go vote for me here is the direct link for ease of use: https://t.co/PsY6x8xqIC
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