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  1. Would this be sort of in campaign or in eternal kingdom?
  2. - Forum/Profile Name: CharlestheRammer - Preferred "Crow" Name: Undecided. - Guild Affiliation: None but looking. Can't find one that really interests me. - If you will or will not be actively participating in Campaign Worlds & PVP: Definitely intend on being involved in pvp. That's the point of the game right? - General Alignment: Order.
  3. I think asking for more power, player created quests and dungeon masters is asking for a little bit to much. Those things would sort of entirely change the nature of the game and require a ton of tools and balances that aren't really in the scope of their planned design for Crowfall (at least as I see what you mean to mean...). There are a few games that allow dungeon masters to be players (Sword Coast Legends for an example). A more reasonable request might be something a little simpler like: A server with an RP tag and a notice message that you are indeed about to enter a server that has an role playing tag and community. Or maybe really small changes to game mechanics, like one where in order to swear fealty to another guild in a guild vs guild or dreg setting you would have to be within a certain proximity of the other leader so that it encourages a more physical or role play'ee act of swearing that loyalty. Or perhaps global chat is just disabled so that if players want to communicate they would have to do so a little more realistically and talk only when they are in speaking range- which could consequently lead to Player Messengers, and scouts and a greater and more immersive feeling of being alone in the woods or reclusively in a cave full of monsters. - Though to be honest, I think Artcraft is disinterested in servicing the role playing community and even "anything" would be to much. It does bother me a lot when the greatest guild/kingdom in a sandboxy MMO is just called something like "Trolls For Goals" or "Bees?". Although if your looking an endless world with player admins that is exclusively meant for role players in Crowfall thennn, go to a role player's eternal kingdom!
  4. I am sure that guilds will be able to show their colors for things like the Dregs. Your ability to choose your colors will probably just depend on what campaign your in. While it would be nice for very large guilds to show off their size and identify themselves differently on the battlefield it could also cause confusion especially in campaigns like the God War campaign where there is like 12 factions already and then if you add bigger guilds -as well as- puny guilds with different colors then there will be overlap. Its a nice idea to represent your guild with colors in other campaigns other than the Dregs but I think that would hurt gameplay.
  5. Profile feed? Eh... what do I do?

    1. CharlestheRammer


      Looking for a guild, preferable a role playing one or an RP-PVP and...

      Not one that claims to be a casual and heavy RP/PVP/PVE multi-game 6,000 member super guild.


      A guild where I can have a liege that is ambitious in pvp and wants to actually compete in the world of Crowfall politics and warfare.

  6. Liked! Excellent thoughts. I had not thought about my character's bodily preference but that ought to be a big part of things.
  7. Second thoughts!!! I read the FAQ reveal more closely. Class tied to body? Centurion graveyard not a good place to look for elven spellweaver vessel?! Well... I think that being forced to be a different class because you lost your vessel and a centurion one is all you found could make things a bit difficult for roleplay considering you could be forced to play someone that fights in an entirely different way, a body that is not even the same species as you and... yeah that sounds a little tough. Though it all depends on if there is a scarcity of vessels or if you can just find a human or centaur or elf vessel anywhere. ?_? I am going to remain optimistic that class remains a choice of how I want to play and not just decided by scarcity.
  8. I feel like this solves a lot of potential issues for RP-PVPers. While in other games if you want to be in a battle and role play without deleting the character or paying for a re-customization and name-change then you would have to either come out of it alive (which is hard for everyone to do- especially multiple times) OR you would have to say (most usually) that your the protagonist of the game (Example: The soul shriven 'Vestige' from ESO). At first when I saw this I thought: **** now this is going to be weird- I don't like it!! But then I thought, well if I intend to be a combatant... now there is some real consequence that my character can suffer. For combatant characters and RP PVPers this will be really good. You really don't have to roleplaying retreating after the battle has happened or the classic -temporary- injury that goes away completely or leaves only scars. I'm embracing it!
  9. I am a little bit concerned with how they make the choice a real choice. While they say that you should be able to choose what you want to wear based off of your opponent that is hardly realistic as you can't really know who your going to fight until you see them and its likely going to be pretty hard for you to spontaneously change armor between each opponent. I hope they find a way to balance it and make sure that when people are making a choice for their armor its a real choice not just... an educated guess based off of the opponent you haven't met yet. It will truly be impossible to decide whether I want protection from slashing or crushing... before I see my opponent and I could be facing two very different opponents or more. I doubt there will be giant homogenous warbands of rapier wielding squirrels out there though I suppose its not impossible- but would I even know to expect that even if there were was a opponent(s) that only used piercing and how could I prepare for it if their first action is going to be to attack? Can I change armor mid combat? It would be cool if different armors gave different advatnages particularly in different settings. They mentioned that an armor might grant advantages to stealth or equipment slots which could pose some really big choices for a player that might want to bring multiple weapons or potions to pvp. It would be neat though if they did something like make plate armor over all better protecting but give it a mobility and inventory space disadvantage that way I would be making a choice based off what style I want to play and the setting rather than the opponent whom I could not possible predict. If that was the case I personally would probably never wear plate when I am not attacking / defending a fort, instead I would choose lighter armor so those bow wielding centaurs can't ride circles around me all day and then ride away into the sunset when they get hurt. If different armors simply give different types of protection I'd be a little worried that there might be an Elder Scrolls Online effect where everyone wears cloth because it gives protection to magic damage and everyone uses magic damage and destruction staffs... thus everyone needs protection from magic and any other armor is just un-useful in non-pvp. But at the same time I am certain that Crowfall will do a better job class balancing than ESO did.
  10. Speechless! Jamadin, you said it! Though also having survivability and being a self-healing tank is fun, too.
  11. Considering buying the game only gives us one character slot (Unless I am mistaken!) and many of us would like to play with friends who are commonly not ALL the same archetype as we are... wouldn't this kind of hurt a lot of community togetherness? Considering that there are now 13 archetypes and you think one or two are over powered and theres 4 worlds to play on... most likely I would say that if only one archetype is banned then it most likely won't be the one you don't want to see in battle. I certainly do not want to see myself getting locked out of a campaign that my friend has already locked into. So I must say that I am quite in disfavor with this...
  12. Dodge Tank. I am really interested in the Templar. Unlike tanks I have played in other games it looks a lot more interesting with much of your ability supposedly linked on avoiding damage as oppose to merely being able to take more of it. It seems like it would provide a lot of fun gameplay.
  13. Use the term "skill points". EXP has a stigma that makes people assume a relation to "levels" or "rank" which Crowfall won't have. Skill points implies points for skills. While "EXP" tends to lend a hand to the implication that there will be a general increase all attributes. And if Crowfall is not going to have general attribute increases then "EXP" is probably a bad term to use. Skill points or just "progress" would be much preferable. If you know what your talking about when you say "EXP" but mean progress to acquire skill (skill points?), and other people know what you mean THEN it really shouldn't be an issue (I'll give you that concession).
  14. I would up to join if your open to taking new members. Any plans to start a site for Crowfall soon?
  15. What makes Flames of Exile unique? There are a few guilds out there that seem to have the same sort of unspecific appeal... except this one is a little more casual (which is not a bad thing at all).
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