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  1. very unlikely before 2020, at best in 2020, if not later. This stupid space setting takes soo much time and work.
  2. I just hope on Star Citizen and Destiny 2. Star Citizen will take far too long, there probably wont be a game even in 2020. This space setting id ridiculous, so much work goes into the space technology and everything, but thats not game content, its just a huge waste of work.
  3. I am aware of this game, but I really really have enough of these crappy youtubers, they are nothing else than cheap marketing instruments, well not cheap anymore, some take thousands of dollars for makinf paid videos. I got really enough of all this crap, the gaming industry just really sucks, because the people are all crap.
  4. I am too burnt out on people begging and stealing my money and then just doing crap with it. The gaming industry is really the worst, the people. Gaming nowadays is really the worst.
  5. Ok, i am apparently again the only one who finds it weird to give a guild system with no use a higher priority than giving backers access to their store credit. The development isnt anywhere where a guild system would make any sense. A working shop system though would make very much sense.
  6. The European Commision has already let that law about the arc of the cucumbers fall since some years now, because people were always referring to this. They didnt feel to hold that law up anymore for the trading companys. The law has been made, so that people make less curved cucumbers, so that they are easier to be packaged. The people benefitting from that law, the big trading companys, didnt defend them when this law was always brought up, so they have let it fall. I think its better this way, economics have become far too overhyped these times anyway, let the cucumbers be cucumbers.
  7. Why would they do it individually if you ask them instead of doing it just for everybody? Makes no sense.
  8. today every junk game is a hit. gaming sucks nowadays But they are working on Project W as well, the only new AAA MMO, besides Star Citizen.
  9. Conan exiles was a hit too, and now, a few days alter, nobody cares anymore.
  10. Why do i still have to bear with such mindless games? Well at least its not another survival trash game like conan exiles. People really do buy all kinds of electronic garbage these days. If it wouldnt be from the last company developing a AAA MMO, I even wouldnt have read the news.
  11. Whats the news of this game? When will it go into Early Access? Where can I inform myself easily about the game?
  12. I hope they will get something done soon, Smedley isnt the most capable guy in my opinion.
  13. More, much more hoping for Smed's new project, than New World actually. Hoping very very much, that Amazon games will make EverQuest Next now. But Smed isnt involved so much with EverQuest. Dave was the one.
  14. Due to the delays of Crowfall, I wanted to remind you on this great and free game.
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