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  1. You dont develop 3 years in Pre Alpha and 5 month Alpha and 4 month Beta.
  2. Only that everbody knows, really everybody who knows something about sopftware development, what Alpha and what Beta is, and Pre alpha, and i wrote it above and i will write it again for you blind fools, Star citizen is in alpha and its faar from feature complete or anything. GO AND LOOK YOURSELF. And what you claim it yourself to be it doesnt matter, When I am constructing or cooking something and say that the appetizer is the main meal, that doesnt have to be right. Do you think the people at CIG are XXX and dont know which development phase their game is in? They are working on Alpha 3
  3. Yes And i say you cant even tell one thing that isnt true what i say, but you state half of it wouldnt, so i guess you are totally wrong.
  4. And people say I would be trolling. All he did was giving very productive feedback, and all you lot are doing is to chew it through and talking such crap which is non productive, you all are trolling him totally. He is very constructive and everything, but you fanboys are just trolling him out of the forums, and attack what he writes every time, until he really got enough of you. Cant you just accept different opinions? Even if they are obviously right?
  5. I am kind of respectful, but when someone tells me I am a fool and I would give false statements, somwhere enough is enough. Everybody who kows a bit about development knows to differentiate Alpha and Beta and Pre Alpha at the very least in broad terms. And if someone is that stupid, and then even tells me I am a fool and i woudl be wrong and lying, thats enough. Every idiot can go take a look at Star Citizen and that Alpha 3.0 is coming out next. They have missions and Chat too, Crowfall got chat too, but its not feature complete, really not.
  6. You are wrong obviously. I wont waste time on you. I mentioned for example star Citizen which sint feature complete and is in Alpha 3 soon, so spare my time please, go somewhere else. no interest into you. It is the one and only major task of Alpha to make the game feature complete. And Beta to make everything work like intended and complete the game.
  7. You are totally wrong. If you are feature complete you are in Beta, not Alpha. You got no idea what you are talking about. I was in several open development projects already. This is by no way this whole new innovative thing ACE and you are telling us it would be, its already totally normal and known. There were so many games in open development and early access and everything long before Crowfall. This is nothing new. The only fool making wrong statements is really you. So dont bother me. Star Citizen is a long long way from being feature complete, much more than Crowfall, and
  8. If the game is any good at release, it will sell and people will come. Many people mention this game already, and are looking forward to it, but if it wont fulfill peoples expectations, its gonna fail. People also have different expectations, but it must be interesting and fun somehow. Many people wait for when the game is gonna release. To see if its good or not.
  9. very unlikely before 2020, at best in 2020, if not later. This stupid space setting takes soo much time and work.
  10. I just hope on Star Citizen and Destiny 2. Star Citizen will take far too long, there probably wont be a game even in 2020. This space setting id ridiculous, so much work goes into the space technology and everything, but thats not game content, its just a huge waste of work.
  11. I am aware of this game, but I really really have enough of these crappy youtubers, they are nothing else than cheap marketing instruments, well not cheap anymore, some take thousands of dollars for makinf paid videos. I got really enough of all this crap, the gaming industry just really sucks, because the people are all crap.
  12. I am too burnt out on people begging and stealing my money and then just doing crap with it. The gaming industry is really the worst, the people. Gaming nowadays is really the worst.
  13. If there was something like 10 games out there that would be interesting, I would play them instead of backing unfinished games. But almost no new MMOs are being made anymore. EverQuest Next was the last one. All that comes now are Indie MMOs and cash grabs. And almost not a single one of them got potential to ever become really good. If they would all work on one game, maybe something good could come out, but with 20 indie studios making 20 small MMOs, not a single one is going to get anything done.
  14. They wanted to release the full game by Dec. 2016. If they would still be in Pre Alpha it would be a desaster. If you cant get a game project after 2 and a half year out of Pre Alpha you failed and should shut down the game and get a different job. This wouldnt even be Beta Hell, its Pre Alpha Hell, and games never come out of that, games like that die before they are known.
  15. If you develop a small easy peasy online game, and after 2 and a half year you are still in pre alpha, you should just shut it down and get a different job. Pre-Alpha is a bit more than a tech demo. If you think this is still Pre-Alpha, you understand nothing about game development. This is alpha and soon it will or should be beta, or the game will never soft launch before 2019. I cant write anymore than that, without getting silenced again by ACE, so dont ask things that are apparently clear.
  16. The game isnt in Pre-Alpha, its Alpha and soon Beta. And you cant excuse everything with that its Alpha. Honestly the parcels were made in 5 minutes, and they look like it. All the trees already look really terrible for itself, they are nothing else than standard Unity Engine trees I bet. And the parcels look like a total unexperienced person went into Unity Engine and made them. Even I could make better landscapes in Unity Engine probably. And dont think they will make new parcels or so, this is the final design. The parcels really look terrible and boring, totally amat
  17. They mentioned that you wont be able to place a stronghold where ever you want. This was known already. You guys got no idea what you are talking about. It was clear that in the beginning of testing of course you wouldnt be able to place strongholds where ever you want. Also think of how that would turn out, everybody can place a construction side where he wants? What are conditions to be able to place one and which kind of stronghold? How does this get coordinated in a faction or guild based campaign world? How does caravans work and rebuilding a keep from resources? So for exa
  18. The people are fun, thats why I play this game, and GW 2 got much to offer, but in the end its an old school MMORPG still and outdated by now. The future are games like Star Citizen or EverQuest Next, innovative MMO games. Or even just a well made PvP MMO, small like Crowfall, or bigger like Chronicles of Elyria. And in all honesty, that ACE still got nothing to offer or show, is really a very bad sign, doesnt give you any confidence into them.
  19. 1 player with 20 alt accounts will hurt his faction much more than help. This is ridiculous
  20. The most important thing player/tester-wise will be who gets access to the first campaign testing. First day till Alpha 2, after that till Beta 1 I would guess.
  21. GW2 is still the best PvP MMO for me. TESO had very interesting enrichment of the gameworld and POIs, with towns and interesting places. TESO WvW was really innovative.
  22. Small campaign world testing was announced to start soon about a year ago. It gets damn time if you ever wanna try to release a game. First campaign testing would have needed to start first half of last year. Strongholds will be placed by the developers, and the campaign world wont be made by automated processing, like its intended later, they will be made by hand for now. Also of course they wont start with the dregs or something, you guys got no idea of game development...
  23. Character customization is clearly most important things for games, gameplay and such are just for noobs. As long as character creation gives me everything i want all is good
  24. Great stuff, this game development really takes milestones like easy cake, incredible stuuff man, yeeaay
  25. I want my good old Nintendo days back where playing with a controller was so relaxing and enjoying. Gamecube controller was the best contoller in the world of all times, and is still. I dont got a controller yet, but I think I gonna get a controller soon, because I wanna play more relaxed. But most games I play use text chat often, like Moba, and I dont know how controller or if controller work for them. But when Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 comes I think I gonna get a controller because mouse and keyboard are ok I heard for Star Citizen, but I really enjoy playing with controller much more b
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