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  1. I saw somewhere on the forums a while ago a post that mentioned tracking as a discipline of some kind. Coming from eve im interested. It was a very important aspect of territory control Although arguably poorly implemented at first (it has been much improved, scanning drone formations and preset search patterns). I was really curious if the system had been designed or if anyone knows what plans are in place for it. I wanted to gather some oppinions on tracking for a couple of reasons. If you seek to control an area officially or unofficially knowing people are there is huge. To a degree tracking player movement after the fact can come in two varieties and I was wondering if anyone shared a similar oppinion to mine or whether a different oppinion dominated. In my oppinion in order to make tracking fun there ought to be a degree of learned skill involved other than just guessing peoples behaviors, i was hoping that there might be an interesting way to make tracking something that would be a regular task for a select group of people. In order to keep it interesting for the regulars there ought to be a metagame that evolves between those who want to track and those who dont want to be seen. This is just an oppinion and one that is rather ignorant at that considering the state of the game worlds design. Of course the dream situation for me is one in which a guild controls an area, lets assume someone can steal something or sneak into an area to try to scout enemy positions, a guilds scout should be able to catch their trail but not if they are good enough at making it confusing. This way if outright blind battles against a free for all keep or base of operations would be suicide without scouting info then there is an interesting and meaningful mechanic to counter it, it also provides another means for the solo player to sell information if he can mark a trail or an opportunity for espionage if it can be duped. I have my ideas about how this could work (including several mechanical reasons why people might want/need to avoid other players) however I wanted to see if this was even something that anyone cared about before unloading an essay into the "suggestion box". Give me some oppinions I am desperately hoping there is interest out there for this kind of thing.
  2. I'm extremely interested in the tracking discipline does anyone know if there is more info out on how tracking players/caravans will work? Also vessel crafting, definitely 100% in on that, even though there doesn't seem to be a lot of information floating around yet.
  3. Arbitrarily delegating finite ammo to just ranged sounds rather silly, a swordsman who doesnt maintain his equipment should also take a stat hit on his weapons such that he is forced after some time to repair them or suffer a significant disadvantage. The trade off for a ranger is buying better arrows and crappy arrows so perhaps for a skirmish where the ranger doesnt expect to recover his arrows for repair he uses inferior arrows to distract his opponent, it would be about ensuring that any journey you make must be prepared for. Stat hits are the way to go for incremental decision value decay.
  4. I am desperately hoping the pack animals are larger animals that can follow you around, leading them in caravans and individually for trade and wealth movement, I enjoy the notion of varied pack animals and love the art for the pack pig. I came here to suggest a PACK YAK, this would be similar to the pack pig except a YAK, please make this a thing I would buy it, also might I suggest looking to the Himalayas for art inspiration. Anyone has any other suggestions for witty pack animals please post them, I enjoy the idea too much for some reason.
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