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  1. I thought we were supposed to be trying to break the game....
  2. Simokon


    It is way cheaper than a castle in RL!
  3. I want it to take, two vanilla WoW paladins long!
  4. Forming friendly rivalries is always fun to do in a new game.
  5. Not a lot of details on crafting right now but I sure hope it does not have a labor like system.
  6. I hear if he likes more than 10 of your posts you get an achievement.
  7. Thanks for the Q&A, some good if mostly already talked about information!
  8. So buying KS packages from the guy in a tench coat on the corner is a bad idea?
  9. Well they want to do tournaments so that seems seems pretty competitive to me.
  10. I am sure campaigns can be started as needed with the waxing and waning of population.
  11. Well here is something to think about when it comes to gold farmers, Combat logging. If the farmer is under attack or being chased I am sure they will just log out, wait some time or load up another character and continue on with their farming.
  12. Freedom to place your structures is great, however to much freedom could lead to some problems.
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