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  1. Welcome Brothers/Sisters of the Watch! Let us shed light into the darkness together!
  2. Yeah it has been crazy. Things are better now. Thanks
  3. Glad to be back! I look Forward to continued participation in the community here, on the guild site, and the forums as a whole!
  4. Zaphrel

    Druid Armor

    This is what I expect. I love the idea of druid wearing natural looking armor(s) and Leather could be more refined for a Ranger but for a Druid more like animal pelts and stuff.
  5. Thanks! Yeah I had a rough few months, few deaths close to me and lots of heartache for all kinds of stuff. But im back!
  6. Sorry I was gone for so long, Had a very close friend pass away. Im back though!
  7. Ex Machina is an amazing, ceribral movie (no pun intended). There is a reason it got 91% by rotten tomatoes
  8. This is a thematic crafting profession for druid (IMO). So as a player that will main a druid, im gunning for this! As we all know there is a hunger mechanic, thus food will be needed and I suspect so will good cooks. It will likely be harder to do for winter as food will become scarse. It might even be the most challenging profession!
  9. This is great! I was looking to have a friendjoin in but he missed the kickstarter! Now I can get him into the game at the same time as me!! One more reason to love this Company and this game!!!!
  10. Really happy to see the druid as a class so Im for sure going for it! I love support roles and druid are my go to for D&D!
  11. I submitted an application for Lantern Watch! I look forward to hearing from you all soon and joining the ranks!
  12. Im very interested in The Lantern Watch! Sounds like the ideal guild for me!
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