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  1. If I have already consumed a pledge package that contains a digital copy of the game, and want to consume another which also contains a digital copy, is the second digital copy applied to my account and therefore wasted, or will the second copy be giftable? Thank you!
  2. If it's not order v chaos v balance server ruleset launch (which isnt really unbelievable), then they are putting gods into the game as world bosses or something. If anyone else came up with this theory first and it is correct, they read it here first and time travelled back to beat me. gods in game would be unbelievable
  3. So new 3 faction server(ruleset) rollout, right? Order, Chaos, Balance...I wasn't going to sift through 7 pages. Can anyone confirm this?
  4. Also, when I click on this (the statue), I want to be turned into this (the statue) for an hour.
  5. I bought it, and now I want "Warden" next to my ACE Development Partner & Investor titles.
  6. They are adding branches to the tree, not painting the leaves.
  7. How many 21 Jump Street references do you get per hour?
  8. You could hold F to deploy spirit thrall to gather, and you must defend it. Especially on large nodes or points of interest could be a better method than just standing in front of a node swinging a spirit tool. You could interact with the thrall to gain access to the thrall's inventory to grab the resources. In this way you could have your thrall (say lumberjack for example) harvest trees, and you decide when it stops by accessing its inventory. It could go from tree to tree without stopping, or stone node to stone node etc. A crafted thrall could have various durations or bonuses. Your crafted runes could be equiped to the thrall instead of you. Or just f to deploy thrall, defend it, get resources when finished. As simple or as complicated as you want, without throwing out the crafting plans. If you want something besides hold F to swing rune anyways.
  9. We can have and likely will have many types of campaigns, including very short, small-scale campaign servers, the opposite, and everything in-between. Before launch is exactly when we want to experiment with ALL types of campaign servers, however absurd they may sound to some. By testing all these rulesets will we be able to figure out what works, and what doesn't. What works can be moved forward after launch, and evolve or not from there. We absolutely can cater to ALL players. Those who want a MOBA, a survival sandbox, a long-term campaign that is goal oriented, A permanent, persistant Throne Waaagh! (live Eve-Online)....we can do it. We can do all of it, and we should.
  10. I'm sure I'm not the only one who was GREATLY influenced to support this company because of this feature, and I would like to see information on it served a little better, and in an official capacity, so a sticky at the top of this forum with some basic information regarding testing seems a good way to facilitate this. Sorry about the double post. I never know if people understand what I'm talking about. A sticky in the testing area for EK's as well, obviously, but here for sure.
  11. Basically to outline what they already said in the news article. The particulars of EK testing. In a sticky. Here, in the EK section of the forum. Seems pretty logical to me. Could just be a copy paste job even. I should have said "Wanted" instead of needed, really. Just makes sense to me that people looking for info on EK testing may come here to find it.
  12. Or maybe didn't say <i>exactly</i> that it had started....maybe I just wanted to believe so hard that I created a memory of reading that it had started it...
  13. Yeah, that's what had me confused. They said it was go, but it's clearly not.
  14. So there is EK testing going on now, but it's not available to us yet?
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