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  1. It happens from time to time. The price we pay for being involved in development is the frustration of being involved in development.
  2. All the things must have knobs. Control over the EK's is what sold me on this game. Anything that can be knobbed, should be knobbed.
  3. It's there. I don't remember how to set it, but it is there somewhere.
  4. The way they outlined their original vision, at least my interpretation of it, was that campaigns would be concurrent, and we could choose the risk/reward level campaign we wanted at any time. I think picking a campaign from a list is a poor way to present the entire game "universe", giving it a lobby shooter style feel. I like to see them weave the worlds together, like in Eve Online, so it felt like you were progressing in difficulty or transitioning into more dangerous areas by going from campaign map to campaign map, but we will have to wait and see. If they stick to the current setup, then there may be rulesets not always available because of lore, or any reason really, but there should always be at least the 3 campaign type we have now though: God's Reach, Infected, and Dregs. I hope they find clever ways to give us more variety. They could always implement transitional rulesets.
  5. "Monday we’ll identify the specific sieges we’ll be measuring!" This doesn't indicate to me that they will be telling people to go to a place at a time, just that they will decide which they will measure. My point was that they need to be clear in informing us where we need to be, and when. After taking the responses into consideration, it seems that the post implies they will do exactly what I suggested. I think I was interpreting things a bit too literally.
  6. If you told us a particular date and time to go siege a particular keep, that would be your best bet of getting the numbers you want. Enough of us can hop in to participate in testing an event, but a 4 day spread over work/school days is a pretty wide hallway, if the goal is for us to bump into each other. I would clearly identify a time/date/place during this proposed test window, to guarantee hitting a particular player count. Also, remove the level restriction during that siege window. For example, the last day of testing, at 6pm, pick a keep, remove the level restriction, and broadcast to all servers that the hunger has taken over a keep. Instruct all players to go to that keep, and take it back. Let the forums know this event is taking place ahead of time for planning. Or something along these lines.
  7. I'd take you, but I'd think you'd be better off with one of the larger, more active guilds. Happy to answer any questions you may have about the game though. You can respond to this thread, or pm me.
  8. I've always viewed the EK's as the "single player" portion of the game. Lots to play with there if they get close to what they have talked about.
  9. I haven't played with cooking because I did not know that the recipes had any useful buffs. This chart has enlightened me as to the utility. A big question I have, is can you have more than one active at a time. I do not mean stacking the same buff.
  10. Durations? Assuming the same 20 minutes I've seen so far. Thanks for the list.
  11. What kinds of systems/things do you all think we could suggest to encourage various desired states of play? As mentioned, passive gains for just being online will be exploited.
  12. As royo said, something like this sounds like an interesting idea. Thanks for bringing it up!
  13. Makes sense. I could probably work that out if I had one of those fancy mice with the joystick on the side.
  14. This blows my mind. Not in a bad way...it's just foreign to me. I can definitely see the appeal, it just seems like you could get more precise and efficient control by using wasd + mouse. There could be lots of reasons to prefer a one stop shop for control though. Bravo. By the way, I have seen mice with small joysticks/d-pad along with thumb buttons on the side. I want one.
  15. You can map a mouse button to auto-run. Works for me.
  16. So if you want to start on the runemaking tree for example, just put 5 pips into runemaking basics, and it unlocks the runemaking skill tree, which you can start training immediately. I think you have spent a lot of time and points for no good reason. At least you are well rounded, and have plenty of options!
  17. As soon as you train the requisite skill, say necromancy, you can move on to that second tier tree. My basic crafting is only 34%, and I am 15% into the necromancy tree.
  18. I have two crafting stations in my lodge, and one vendor stall attached outside.
  19. What's the name of your EK? Where can we find Nyurt's Turtle Emporium?
  20. If the price is the same, they may just let you swap packs.
  21. Which pack do you have? They may let you pay the difference for a lateral upgrade. They are pretty good about that sort of thing. I don't know exactly what we are comparing though, and it would help to understand which pack you have and which one you are referencing. I think they added craftable storage for the EKs, so this shouldn't be as much of an issue. I don't know if they universally tied to your main account storage, or keep their own tables, but if they are each unique storage locations, then that extra storage space shouldn't be as much of an issue. I totally get it though. Extra storage is a huge deal.
  22. Having been through an MMO with an unplanned wipe post-launch, I have to agree. A post-launch wipe would be devastating.
  23. My second post was addressing the general consensus about rewards, in that we need something, anything, right now, even temporary stuff; and your post sounds like a good idea for a permanent scoring system. I was broadly thinking of something independent of the score system for campaigns in my op. The big focus seems to be on guilds and divine favor, and I'm saying that there should be some reason for solos and small guilds to go fight over stuff, because they are never going to beat out large guilds in anything. So if I'm generating something trivial that allows me to focus on action, then I'd be happy. Not to take away from farmers who want all the things now. Good for them, and I hope their guilds can protect them. We are going to see large alliances control whole map areas. If a large alliance is gate camping and has a map locked down, I want a reason to go in there and disrupt things besides just testing the durability of my gear. The game should absolutely reward players who can organize and execute effectively towards divine favor goals, and for the rest of us, a couple of lumps of coal in my stocking would be fine. I am not talking about a participation trophy here, but some value generated for my involvement that helps sustain my involvement. We aren't all able to gank 3 people as a solo and take what we want. Frankly, I'm terrible, and even with the best meta build, an average-skilled player would probably beat me in a 1v1, but that doesn't mean I don't want to go jump into a fight. It just means that at some point, I have to think about how I'm going to replace the tools I'm using for war, without becoming a stealth farmer, running back and forth from nodes to a bank, just to make sure I can be viable after my gear starts breaking.
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