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  1. Having been through an MMO with an unplanned wipe post-launch, I have to agree. A post-launch wipe would be devastating.
  2. My second post was addressing the general consensus about rewards, in that we need something, anything, right now, even temporary stuff; and your post sounds like a good idea for a permanent scoring system. I was broadly thinking of something independent of the score system for campaigns in my op. The big focus seems to be on guilds and divine favor, and I'm saying that there should be some reason for solos and small guilds to go fight over stuff, because they are never going to beat out large guilds in anything. So if I'm generating something trivial that allows me to focus on action, then I'd be happy. Not to take away from farmers who want all the things now. Good for them, and I hope their guilds can protect them. We are going to see large alliances control whole map areas. If a large alliance is gate camping and has a map locked down, I want a reason to go in there and disrupt things besides just testing the durability of my gear. The game should absolutely reward players who can organize and execute effectively towards divine favor goals, and for the rest of us, a couple of lumps of coal in my stocking would be fine. I am not talking about a participation trophy here, but some value generated for my involvement that helps sustain my involvement. We aren't all able to gank 3 people as a solo and take what we want. Frankly, I'm terrible, and even with the best meta build, an average-skilled player would probably beat me in a 1v1, but that doesn't mean I don't want to go jump into a fight. It just means that at some point, I have to think about how I'm going to replace the tools I'm using for war, without becoming a stealth farmer, running back and forth from nodes to a bank, just to make sure I can be viable after my gear starts breaking.
  3. This may be a fundamental engine coding issue, and may not have an easy solution. It also may not, and it's a good idea.
  4. During testing, temporary rewards would be acceptable. Temporary badges, mount skins, statues to display, etc.
  5. If the dev team is reluctant to start handing out permanent rewards, then temporary badges or a temporary trophy of some kind would be nice. A temporary victor statue to display in the EK, a temporary mount skin...anything really. I get not wanting to upset the game balance or give crazy rewards during testing, but as the OP stated, something would be nice.
  6. There should be each tier of campaign active at all times post-launch.
  7. Some of the campaigns will be God versus God, or Faction (Sun, Moon, Earth) versus Faction. If they choose those campaigns, then their "team" will contain veteran players, so they will be on equal footing as far as team composition, provided they use that faction chat to find allies. I see your point though. Mine is that Crowfall can use campaigns to gate new players together. There's no reason that campaigns can't have maximum or minimum passive skill point totals associated with entry, just like what we see now does not allow vessels below a certain threshold in level to enter. Just saying that there is stuff they can do, and I think we will see some exploration of this type of thing as they tighten things up and allow for more testers active.
  8. Actually, if you take the time, look at the trees, and photojob an example of how what you suggest could be done, it would go a long way.
  9. This isn't a terrible idea. How could it be implemented to not affect the tree in place? I don't think they are going to make a modification to the existing skill tree at this point. If you can think of something not on the tree that this could be applied to, or some way to introduce the systems you are talking about without causing a great disturbance in the force, then I'd be interested in hearing it. Maybe a baby tree for cosmetics? I don't mean a full fourth category, but a mini-category which applies what you discussed to something that doesn't affect game mechanics. Something everyone can train concurrently, and apart from the main skill tree.
  10. You've been doing this FOREVER James.  Will you ever stop liking every post?  Here's a better question.  What criteria do you use to like?  Highly rated threads? Posts with no reactions?  Do you just go through the forum recent activity and like everything?  HOW DOES THIS WORK?!?

  11. If there is a real concern over perceived racism, bigotry, prejudice, etc. at play here, please email your concerns to support@crowfall.com. Please include your position, an explanation of your position, any relevant references,etc. Be as thorough as possible. Sometimes it's hard to understand what is construed as racism if it is explained poorly. We all have bias based on ignorance, so be enlightening. All serious concerns will be given merit and addressed, but ANY concern about this sort of thing will be investigated. Nobody is intentionally trying to offend here, but if the offense is real (and it seems to be to the OP), it will be addressed.
  12. They are up to Beta Group 8.2, so it should be literally any day now. https://crowfall.com/en-US/beta
  13. Gotcha. If you bought a backer pack, you can play right now. For the free beta test, I'm not sure what wave they are on. If I can find out, I'll report back here.
  14. Resources correlating with PvP involvement. Campaign rewards (in addition to whatever reward system they have planned) of some amount of resources based on PvP participation (kills, damage/healing dealt, etc) or for satisfying card objectives or what have you. I'd be way more willing to take risks with my gear if I knew my involvement would end up netting me some amount of resources I could use to craft replacements. Even a trivial amount, as long as I know it's waiting for me at the end of the campaign, would keep me more engaged and focused on PvP. Just a thought. I'm not married to it.
  15. Recording got really nice looking (image quality) around 4 minutes in.
  16. The option to enable movement with UI open needs to be set to on by default. I have heard the complaint about UI closing when you move by everyone I have brought aboard. I get that if your UI is open and you come under attack, you don't want that stuff distracting you, but it is wonky. Only a pro would leave it this way, and that handful of people does not represent the larger community.
  17. I always read the bug reports, but never remember them anyways. The more people bring up these topics, the more they are circulated around the community, preventing others from having the same issues, and arming people with the information needed to address the issues when they come up in the forums, especially from new players. Don't be reluctant to ask questions first, then do the research. You never know what topics might come up in conversation.
  18. I'm thinking they will auto-remap fixed assets like fences when placing structures, or maybe allow us to move them around like other assets. They will need to do something though. It may be that the shire was never intended for a large asset like the hall, and instead focused on housing. My lodge fits, but it's not pretty.
  19. My KS Amber rewards list under the "Consumed Rewards" link does list it as just "Company Garrison", but in the individual rewards section under the "Rewards" link, it says "Guild Hall - Company Garrison". Hope this helps narrow it down a bit. Good luck.
  20. I'm not sure what else might be at play here. Perhaps there is another company garrison in a different tier than the guild hall version. I'm sure support could sort it out for you, as you probably are aware.
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