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  1. My reward is listed as "Guild Hall - Company Garrison", and it shows that description on the actual item in game. The company garrison has the tower above the main structure, but the noble does not.
  2. The smaller one is the noble guild hall, a variant you can toggle to during placement. I can link a screen to that too if you like.
  3. Caveat; this is on Live. My rewards don't show on test unless they are ported over.
  4. Let me screen shot this for you...Have an update, and I don't know which toon it's on, so it will be a minute.
  5. I may have unpacked it from the guild bundle reward, I believe. If yours was a solo purchase, then I'm not sure, but I imported it the same way I imported my other rewards.
  6. And yes, it's huge. The scale is all wrong on that old thread.
  7. It doesn't fit on a shire because of environmental objects, and I don't have an empty hamlet to try to place it on, but I think a hamlet might work. Anything bigger than a shire should work as well.
  8. I have a "purchased" guild hall. You can toggle the variation for the "Noble" guild hall while placing the original, if that's the one you are referring to.
  9. Plenty of opportunity for RL PvP too, if this isn't hardcore enough.
  10. We have the dolls for every race, npc and monster. Why not let us craft all of them as dummies? Could tie into necromancy for anything other than a straw dummy.
  11. I forwarded this post to support. It will be addressed.
  12. " resources, building materials, and mounts" Sounds like anything other than equipment.
  13. It's happened to me a few times over the years. I've never had to wait more than a few minutes to get it resolved.
  14. Be great if attaching a grassland parcel to a parcel with slots increased the slot value of the adjoining parcel...even by 1 xs or s slot. Some civ-style adjacency bonus so that grasslands weren't totally worthless in your EK. They break up the scenery, but that's all they do at this point, other than be a material for something useful.
  15. Lots of smaller guilds might be interested in getting in on a federation to support underdogs in larger scale conflicts. Mine has no chance of controlling anything larger than a campfire, but we can be a thorn in the side of someone dominating to the point that nobody else has a chance. Actually, that may be our whole goal. Just use guerrilla tactics and generally harass whoever the unstoppable force is in any given campaign.
  16. What are we talking here; a ronin anti-zerg zerg, griefer-beater and chasers, etc...?
  17. I think I saw some out on test. They are probably in the campaign somewhere on Live. Can't recall seeing any in God's Reach, though there may be some in The Infected. You'll have to do some running around.
  18. The next update (6.100) on the test server should be on live soon. It has much that you are looking for.
  19. Welcome. It's great to meet you! I hope you enjoy the game, meet some great people, and that you get an opportunity to contribute to its active development.
  20. They could do without the double jump. Give that to the Wood Elf. Doesn't make much sense that a burrowing critter would be doing acrobatics anyways. Really, the only one it makes sense for is the one with wings (Fae). Unless they come up with some spectral race that has good mitigation and can float a bit like the Fae, I'd be fine leaving double jump with the Fae alone.
  21. Maybe awards points towards the destruction of the leading guilds and their assets?
  22. An adaptive synch monitor will make low fps much less noticeable. I'd start with a monitor upgrade before anything else.
  23. Seems reasonable. Since everything but your GPU is last generation, I'm surprised you are doing that well. Unless you are willing to buy newer hardware, I'd set everything but your resolution to minimum. You may get some extra performance that way. Otherwise, you will have to wait until they optimize things a bit more. Even with current gen hardware though, you probably wont do much better. I have a Ryzen 1600x, 16GB 2666 DDR4 RAM, 512SSD, and a 1080ti, and I am not doing much better than you are right now @1920 x 1080 resolution with everything else turned off or all the way down.
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