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  1. I see a lot of good points on all sides here. I thought it crazy to limit the zone to guilded people, assuming at first it meant to the exclusion of solo players. After reading everything from everyone, I see that the complaint is the Earth faction. I suggested that they remove Earth as the default faction in the starter area, as it stacks in the zones where you choose a faction from familiarity, if nothing else. A few of the posters here have brought up a good point. A stacked, unorganized Earth faction does kind of counter large, organized guilds. If those players do ever organize, it has the potential to become a big mess, but anyone can sit in the Earth faction and try to recruit for their own guild in faction chat. Propaganda should be a part of this game, and I don't think it unreasonable to utilize the system this way. Just look at that massive pool of players to recruit from. We are never all going to be happy, and I am enjoying watching how things are developing organically based on the rulesets. Not sure there is a good solution to balance it all, but kind of like the idea of a giant, sloppy Earth faction running around. It's as if they provide the large, dynamic PvE faction to keep things interesting for the serious folks.
  2. I have the impression that they will play with some of the rulesets you suggested. Hopefully we will see many different styles of campaign running concurrently.
  3. I don't know what an edgelord is, but not being critical in any way, if that's your meaning. Your post seems to cut off somewhat abruptly, and you didn't seem to mention the active campaign, so I thought you had progressed to a certain point in the game and had not seen the campaign. No offense intended, I assure you. Just trying to ascertain if you had tried the campaign and factored in what's happening there into your analysis.
  4. I hadn't thought of trashing my stuff rather than let it be looted. Thanks for the tip.
  5. The bonuses are good enough that it is in every player's best interests to clan up, and heavily favors smaller groups. In this game, I would see this as a positive. For sure an in game guild system, even if it is via text commands.
  6. Dungeons & Dragons Online has an interesting system. While not directly relatable as it is xp/reknown generated towards guild level involved, small guilds get HUGE bonuses, that slowly drop off as player count increases. A chart for this can be seen here "https://ddowiki.com/page/Guild_Renown". Again, while mechanically quite different, the theory is good, and some of it could be applied here in some fashion.
  7. You haven't jumped into the campaign yet, I take it...
  8. Seems to be a bit of confusion in placing things. I was confused initially as well. Using the word "tokens" makes people think they are looking for a physical item. Using the word "capacity" may help alleviate some confusion. This sort of suggestion may have been made before, so sorry if this is a repeat.
  9. If I recall, some of the campaign rulesets will be faction v faction and god v god. Guild v guild wont necessarily be the majority of our gameplay. Sure, large alliances may dominate one faction or god team, but when rock rules, scissors and paper can team up. Not much we can do about the zerg on a GvG map. Some day, they may figure out the tech the same way Eve Online did, but for now, seems to me the only way to combat the zerg is to modify the campaign teams as above stated.
  10. goqua

    SVR Lag

    I've yet to see any spikes like this on the west server.
  11. Like a quickplay option, log in the last character played in their previous campaign or server. I like it.
  12. Nice. I thought that was going to go the other way at first when you jumped in the middle of them.
  13. In eve-online, you didn't need any extensive skill-ups for a small group of noobs to completely wreck someone with years of training and a ship that has 100x their damage output. I was hoping to see something similar in this game.
  14. I'm glad it's at a playable point. I haven't logged in for a long time, and the performance wasn't there yet. Been having fun so far in beta. It may not get 144 fps, but it's definitely playable.
  15. If I see you in game, I'll happily take you out to get some levels under your belt.
  16. Do your counts tend towards one resource type, or does it just depend on where you are harvesting>?
  17. The real question is, Caldera, or Mountain Citadel. I can only make one...
  18. Wow. Although, I hadn't considered that you are accounting for every available harvested resource. My initial thinking was that you were focused on just one type, like stone or ore higher in quality than slag or cobblestone. If I was skinning, chopping, bashing, and picking away at everything available, then it sounds much more doable.
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