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  1. I thought there was a pullback to pre-alpha testers only. Good to know on a personal level, but what about the folks who can't actively test?
  2. Okay, so I'm not in an active testing group yet. Without being able to see anything outside a video or a wall of text (preferred), I really don't know what's going on or how to help, though I desperately want to. I have thought of dozens of suggestions and conflicts to point out, but everything we add now outside of basic structure and mechanics diverts from the core being workable. So, other than brain vomit in the suggestion thread, backing or getting the word out, what can we do to help this nightmare creation become a living nightmare?
  3. Is there some reason they don't just place volume restrictions instead of prioritizing based on expense? The whole point is to accommodate the needs of the development team, not the playerbase. While consideration should clearly be given to those who spent more, if a commitment was made to 3 groups, then restrict the number of users allowed to login, and first come first served within those three groups. I realize this topic is pretty well put to rest, but saw some passionate points of view here, and hope my suggestion helps in the future. No, I didn't read every post, and yes I am aware of the nature of reality. Splork.
  4. Has anyone come up with something like this we can play with to get a better feel for how the system works? Not suggesting the devs spend any time on this, just wondering if there is something already out threre.
  5. CROWFALL COLLECTOR'S EDITION 2015 Contributor Level Package (contents at bottom, unless logic fails me) Access to Alpha 2 and all subsequent tests 2 Guest Trial Passes for CROWFALL Crowfall Game DVD Collector's Edition CROWFALL Artbook The Music of CROWFALL CD A Murder of Crows, behind the scenesCROWFALL footage Collector's Edition CROWFALL comic book 21 Tabletop Miniatures of Crowfall Archetypes 3 Months VIP Subscription Digital Exclusive Item (To be announced) 2015 CONTRIBUTOR BUNDLE Access to Beta 2 and all subsequent tests Digital copy of Crowfall (retail $50) Allows you to post on the Crowfall forums! Thanks in the credits as a 2015 Patron 2015 Early Backer Avatar Frame 2015 Early Backer Forum Badge All 2015 Badges and Frames up to Early Backer level
  6. I think they may be the same thing and they need to update the webs.
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