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  1. Naytaliak here. Played from launch till a few months after the CU. Was an imperial in EOYE, REIGN and I can't recall if AXIS was Starsider or somewhere else :/ so long ago! -Nayt
  2. Cool - I remember you guys back in the day on Starsider. I was an Imperial in....I think the guild at that time was called REIGN (oi, 13 years ago). May have been called Eye of the Empire (EYOE). My character name was Naytaliak and some of my fondest memories of that game was fighting you guys in Libertas and other big name rebel cities. One of my buddies at the time, Nezo and I used to run a faction shop and we had stored up about 40-50 imperial bases that we burned through in about 4 months during the infamous Operation Siege (maybe not so infamous lol). I'm having a tough time remembering screen names, but if you remember those big fights we had post your old SWG name and I'll try my best Looking forward to this game! -Nayt edit - I'm pretty sure I remember fighting Driztt ;p
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