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  1. Hi there, I have a ton of unconsumed KS rewards sitting in my backers page. The "Consumable" checkmarks are grayed out, but will let me redeem them for store credit. Will I have to transfer them and re-buy them to redeem them, or are they not consumable yet, and I should hold on to them?
  2. I "consumed" my reserve guild and character name rewards a while back, but never actually chose a name to reserve. Is this available or has it not yet come?
  3. I have been an early bird amber patron, and decided to look at the new bundles page. Upgrading to sapphire would apparently be cheaper than if I had bought early bird sapphire. We're talking about a difference of over 100 dollars. Is this intentional?
  4. We're getting relaunched soon, but this is still the place to apply in the meantime if you are interested!
  5. I know, just wondering if it would count as a "game download" after making the new account, which saves money indeed!
  6. Does the physical special edition copy of Crowfall from Kickstarter allow you to make/use multiple accounts from the same disc? Thank you!
  7. Does the physical special edition copy of Crowfall from Kickstarter allow you to make/use multiple accounts from the same disc? Thank you!
  8. Fights amongst ourselves should be very rare and only will happen in the event of a dispute. Just thought I would list the correct protocol in case such fights did happen. Thank you for your consideration!
  9. Thank you for the support! However, this guild simply won't exist if we don't get some members soon! Come on, people!
  10. Bumping this up. Any mercs out there looking to make their fortune?
  11. Welcome to the Sellswords of the Bleak Isles: Crowfall's first unique mercenary/KOS hybrid guild! Our mission: As mercenaries, we offer services, protection, and even bounty hunting in exchange for goods, money, and items. As a KOS group, we band together to kill undefended players on sight. We're no-good, lousy raiders. And we're proud of it. Politics: Although we are lone wolves in a sense, alliances with other guilds are not unheard of. For the right price, of course! Anyone who approaches our gates who does not intend on negotiations is to be killed on sight. Other rules: Disputes between guild members may be settled in any way as long as both parties are in agreement. If a member of the guild decides to gank one of our own just to get ahold of their shiny new blade which was achieved through mercenary work, we just might have a problem. Also, no killing ME unless I agree to a duel. Why trust me?: That's totally up to you. I'm as new to this as you are, and I really don't know how viable a mercenary playstyle will be in the overall scheme of things. I'm basing this on what we know so far. Although I will be leading this guild formally, I fully encourage and expect player leadership. As long as you step up to the plate and contribute, you're fine by me! Expect to be rewarded in full for exemplary work or advice. -Darkfyre
  12. Yes, your argument makes total sense, @rs_navlaan. I'm speaking to those who feel the need to throw snide remarks our way simply because of the game's target audience and perceived difficulty. Full loot PVP will take some adjustment, but that's for ANY player who is new to the scene. Saying Kingsisle Karebears "can't handle it" is where it goes wrong. Cheers! @elemutation Yes, I agree that this could come off as perhaps even hypocritical, but I am just trying to fight fire with fire by demonstrating a new perspective. Just saying that we are seasoned, we are experienced, and we are ready to forge alliances together, regardless of past ties to other games. I'm fighting a ram with another ram, I did not mean offense to either side in any way,
  13. To those calling Wizard101 players casual or childish, I suggest that you give Castle Darkmoor a try. The amount of teamwork, time, and dedication required is up there with perhaps even Dark Souls. Most KI players who came over to Crowfall are serious, maxed out players who have passed difficult trials and bosses, forged friendships along the way, grinded endlessly for unique items, and are looking for something new. We are serious, and we are ready! We look forward to seeing you in what this new realm has to offer!
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