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Everything posted by protonix

  1. Miss you, Cool. <3

  2. Thank you for such a thoughtful and lasting gesture. That's just awesome.
  3. He would have enjoyed catching up with you, pal.
  4. Oh c'mon. I was the only centaur prelate in Shadowbane. Everyone else was a stupid dorf.
  5. That's why I love my guild. Even more so now given our loss. So thanks, pal. <3
  6. omgooses! I'm glad that I logged into the forums, thank you for alerting me, I'll have to check this out! This actually has me a little excited and hopeful!
  7. It's very likely that we could have played together on Test - I spent many, many hours on there! Although I was almost exclusively playing a Horse Prelate at that time.
  8. Herog, man i hadn't heard that name in a long time.
  9. Hey, my first toon was an elf bw channy too!
  10. The difference between my choosing the $500 over the $1000, was that I preferred the title Baron over whatever the 1k KS title was. Duke maybe.
  11. Yeah, it'd be way inefficient to spend 5 minutes opening a sub forum, on a forum page that's already being moderated.
  12. Hey, Detroit is on the rebound! Man, I'm old enough that I played the original Sim City more than any of the others.
  13. Sad. Thank you for checking, I appreciate your help!
  14. Well yeah I got that, that's why I liked her. That and the hot cyb0rz.
  15. No poorly made socks how's he doin? I wish I kept her pics. That was before the cloud.
  16. Huh. I wonder if that was before or after he knocked up Lorrae.
  17. Ok but really, is Eonwe around? Maybe your guild forums?
  18. C'mon, I can't be the only one that's wondering if Melissa roleplays...
  19. Well, obviously they're waiting for my enlightened responses. I didn't participate in the other threads on this matter so they're just giving credit where its due and allowing me the opportunity to formulate the appropriate responses. Duh.
  20. protonix


    Sucked hooligan. Bring on the next one. The next year I mean.
  21. Yo. I always wondered. Was Deli hot?
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