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  1. I can think of several: You are a hit man and you get enough pvp at work. You are a serial killer and you get your pvp kicks in your other hobby. You are a hippie and you value all forms of life, even digital. Interacting with people makes you have violent diarrhea. I could go on on on.
  2. Maybe i should get a job at Buzzfeed...
  3. I was using 50k as a hyperbolic example of total game size, i fully expect there to be a significantly greater number than that. Trying to show that even with that small a number of players there would still be choices in campaigns.
  4. I was just curious, and wanted to get a gauge on the community here. What are your motivations to PvP? What Kind of PvP do you like best? Most memorable PvP event? For me, 1. I like the unpredictability and "danger". Each encounter is dynamic and different. I can get a different experience each time. 2. I like a mix of engagements, but small node/resource battles are the best. A conquerable objective and a small force to fight are the most fun for me. 3. The most fun I have had in PvP was in WAR. The sub-40 BG's and open world objectives were the most fun I have had in a PvP environment. The best event was a whole Saturday I spent defending a keep from an attack. It lasted over 4 hours before we were finally defeated. Then the next 3 hours were spent trying to take a different keep. Before this my main PvP experience had been WoW bg's and TM/SS, so it is probably just rose colored nostalgia, but it has sure stuck with me.
  5. You are correct I didn't consider 24/7 i was basing it off of concurrent. Even if you bumped it up by a factor of 10, you would still have enough for at least 5 campaigns. and that is using the low ball 100,000 players. Then it all depends on the win conditions as to how long these campaigns will go, to see how fast new ones pop. I do agree that they will have their work cut out for them to balance everything.
  6. I think that there is confusion as to the aspect of pvp in this game. I might be wrong, but sieges will be a small part of the game. They will be there, but most of the action will be caravan raids and resource hunting. These will happen all the time. Guilds will organize to move resources to their embargoes, or to harvest a newly spawned resource. I could be way off base but that is where i see this going. The major sieges will be few and far between, mainly because of the resource cost they will entail.
  7. From the FAQ "These Campaigns aren’t just “instances”, though -- they are fully populated, continent-sized, seamless zone MMO servers with as many people as the server architecture will support." That is up to interpretation, and we shall see what they come up with in terms of pop balance and world size.
  8. I was just throwing some numbers out to give an idea of how it could look. I haven't did much research on how many people can be on a server, i used ESO as a basis. Cyrodiil faction locks at 225 so 675 max per campaign. Now that is concurrent, you could essentially have unlimited people selecting a campaign, but that would create Q's and that's not good either. I just guessed. I went with 100,000 to purposely keep it low. Just to show that even with a lower number of players there will be a possibility to have multiple campaigns going. Even with the super low number of 50,000 there was still enough to have more than one campaign. Now to have the right balance in number of campaigns and have them feel populated and run smooth that is where ACE will earn their money.
  9. Well let's look hypethetically at some numbers. Purely estimate shot in the dark. 100,000 active players, 75% in campaigns, 1200 per campaign, 5 rings. That's 12.5 campaigns per ring. Looking at that, it could be very feasible to maintain several different campaign starts. Heck even, 50,000 players, 50% in, 2000 per, 5 rings. is still 2.5 per ring.
  10. Considering that ESO end game is supposed to be campaign pvp, they only have 5 open (2: 30 day, 1 non-vet, 1: 7 day, 1: 14 day). And with that only 1 is realatively active. They have a decent population, and if they can only maintain that many, then either we will see smaller campaigns here or I am seriously underestimating the demand for Crowfall. Let's say that ESO being a AAA mmo, atleast budget wise, can only maintain that population. I don't see a large amout of campaigns being open here, considering the niche market. The payer base will be more dedicated, but there are significantly fewer here than there. Each campaign can have 225 per faction at one time, that's a total of 675 max. Only 1 has regular caps. Now they are not dedicated to servicing the pvp community, and alot have fled from there. But it gives an idea at what to look for.
  11. I don't think there should be much worry about EQNext. They have gone through a huge shake up, and by the looks of it, they have lost a lot of talent that was driving the innovation. I would be surprised if it even gets released, or if it does, it won't even remotely resemble what they had envisioned. Sad, it looked like it could have been fun.
  12. I have been MMO homeless for about 3 years, bouncing between most of them, never feeling right. I missed the boat on the early generation of pvp games. And never really thought I would like a pvp only game. I then realized my usual gameplay was pvp and resource farming. I saw the kickstarter video and was intrigued by the artstyle. The thing that got me was when I created an account and started looking over the forums. The amount of contact the devs have with the players is amazing. I have been in alphas and betas where devs haven't had this much contact. The candid and honest open answers they have given to even tough questions is very refreshing. This has given me hope that they will make a very compelling game. It might not be for me, i will wait to pass judgement, but if they can deliver 1/2 of what they have laid out, i have a good feeling we might have something special here.
  13. Drop em into a pit with windows and sit back...
  14. The awesome customized gear would be great if there wasn't player looting. Nothing like working to get your look just right with everything you want, only to see someone else wearing it after killing you and doing a /spit on your corpse. Progression and customization needs to be in your skills and archetype. Gear should serve a purpose, not be the what makes your character. Now if that level of customization comes cheap, it kinda defeats the purpose as well, because anyone can do it and you are not unique. You also run into the problem of power creep, it becomes less about strategy and skill and more about having better equipment.
  15. They had mentioned that blocking will use stamina. https://youtu.be/AY0R00owAVM?t=5m31s I assume that stamina will be your active defense pool, along with running and maybe double jumping. I can see each archetype having a different active defense. this will add some nice flavor.
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