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  1. Sup guys : old buddy from DAoC (Merlin) Conquest ;-) At that time it was very fun to be on that alliance and lead by Itzlegend.
  2. Hello everyone, I’m new to the Crowfall community. Usually I’m not a heavy poster but I will try to be less shy. Allow me to introduce myself briefly. I’m 40 years old, father of 2, leaving in France in Europe and I have been playing MMO since Ultima Online. Played very hardcore and then a little less due to real life responsibilities. With a bunch a friends we are back into playing Everquest for fun. Basically it’s a project called 1999 and for those of you who knew Everquest we are playing the basic game with the extension Kunark. When you are still playing the game after 2 month you ask yourself what is keeping you in that old game? There are few answers; we can regroup theses answers into 2 categories friends and the fun. The category “fun” might sound crazy but to be honest: - It is fun to fear the losing experience potential when you die (you lose something - a bunch of experience - pay your mistakes) - It is fun to pass a hell level – after the 30th level every 5 level you need a lot more experience to move up to the next (milestones or tiers) - It is fun to feel the consequence of your mistakes (waiting for healer or any caster to get their mana back after a bad pull – sometime it can take 10 to 12 minutes real time) - It is fun to be lost, there is no map, you have to /loc, or to use the wiki (you feel like an adventurer or the need to go to the library) - It is fun to be inclined to group, because alone the game will break you or it will take you forever to level up (team work / interactions of skill or position) - It is fun to be able to craft / loot stuff that is really useful and camp mobs for some time (dedication / hard) - Some stuff can decay, it feets the crowfall's model and it "normal" to prepare somehow for battle (craft or so) - It is fun to choice few spells and to be able to switch them (adaptability – but it takes time, memorizing a spell can take few seconds) It is hard and it is fun because it is rewarding. Please forgive me for any misspelling. Elandrael aka Jean-Michel
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